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North America » United States » Michigan » Detroit June 21st 2007

INTRO Here I am starting my preparation for the trip I have been looking forward to for years now. About two months ago I decided to trade in the 8-5 office job and daily commute for the adventure of a lifetime- a solo backpacking trip throughout Mexico and Central America!! So here I am ready to embark on a trip that many say will change my outlook on life forever!! Over the course of this solo trip throughout Mexico/Central America I'll do my best to document my thoughts and observations as best as possible!! Why travel solo you might ask? *challenge- I'll soley rely on myself as a support system and be accountable for my own decisions *language skills- By going solo I will not have the comfort of speaking my native tongue with a ... read more

North America » United States » Michigan » Detroit April 9th 2007

In the mall, I saw a souvenir shop of T-shirts that had these on: "Be good to me. I have friends in Detroit." "I'm tough. I vacationed in Detroit." These struck me. What's with Detroit? ... ummm, aside from the fact that Eminem is a Detroit native. Well, a city of angst? Stevie Wonder also came from Detroit, but he's classy. Detroit must be a city full of variety and history. So here goes my impression of Downtown Detroit, plus a thrilling experience while walking downtown. Read on. GM Renaissance Center The General Motors Renaissance Center (also known as RenCen) is the most prominent structure along Jefferson Avenue downtown. It is always the cityscape backdrop in the news especially on the Fox Weather Report that I tune into every morning. I mentioned before that my ... read more
With the mighty Tiger
Great Lakes
GM Wintergarden

North America » United States » Michigan » Detroit March 4th 2007

It was a pretty uneventful plane ride to Detroit. Detroit is the most beautiful airport I have ever seen. It had some interesting dynamic art installations in the tunnels between terminals. Everything looked modern and clean. Layover was about 2 hours so we grabbed some "Deep Dish" pizza, and picked up some amenities for the trip at the Duty Free -A bottle of Johnnie Walker Black and some Jaegermeister.... read more

North America » United States » Michigan » Detroit February 16th 2007

. At Greenfield Apartment Today will be my first day in the office. As soon as I got myself dressed, I ran to the apartment's courtyard and took pictures of me and our apartment here. Snow has piled up for a few inches already and my boots were sinking deep into the ice. Still, it's a good thing the snowstorm happened a day before we arrived. Yes, it was Valentine's Day. Current Location: Greenfield Road, Oak Park, MI Current Temperature: 10F Okay, okay I myself need to convert that to Celsius... that's -12C -- Cold!!! I felt terrible. I know I should not feel this bad, I've had worse in Toronto. Anyhow, I still took snaps of frozen items around me. Thanks to my "new" Canon Ixy. Time Check: 07:42am EST We need to walk to ... read more
One corner of our apartment complex
Too Cold For BBQ
The Door To Our Apartment

North America » United States » Michigan » Detroit February 14th 2007

. We left home at 5pm to get to the NAIA Airport. It was Valentine's Day - shall I expect a romantic flight? Hehe. Corny. (Hey I'm trying to cheer myself up! This trip is going to be longer than usual. I will be away from home longer than usual. And my lifestyle, well, a lot different than usual.) This picture you see was taken at DTW - Detroit Airport, Michigan. That's me, still smiling after 30 gruelling hours of travelling via 4 change planes. (Please don't ask me why we chose to fly this way. Don't get me started. Hehe!) Curious about how we managed to enjoy this 30-hour trip? Read on... Plane #1: Manila to Guam We boarded Continental at 11:10am. In 3 hours we landed at Agana, Guam. It reminded me of my ... read more
At Guam Airport - Ladies Room
At Honolulu Airport - Hawaiian Sky
At Houston Airport - "You are here"


North America » United States » Michigan » Detroit January 10th 2007

made two feasts for family/friends, here is katy and i's version of shri lankan food for aaron's bday: beef&sweet potato, veggie stir fry with shredded coconut, brown rice, and rosemary naan. who knew yoga caused sickness&delusions.... read more

North America » United States » Michigan » Detroit November 16th 2006

Welcome to the Detroit airport. First time ever flying through here. Really nice. Monorail inside the terminal going over our heads every few minutes. Little Caesar's in the food court. Nice last grab of Western food. The plane is a double-decker, so first time for that as well. Hope there aren't any snakes. 14 hours and we'll be in Tokyo.... read more

North America » United States » Michigan » Detroit August 24th 2006

We crossed the Canadian border between Detroit and Windsor over the Ambassador bridge.... read more

North America » United States » Michigan » Detroit August 6th 2006

This weekend we spent in Detroit. We'd heard before, that this is one of the world's most bizarre cities in that the whole downtown is more or less evacuated and everyone lives outside, and this was also more or less true. We could stay at a dorm at Wayne State university, which is perhaps a couple of kilometers from the city centre, and here there were some activities, but we realised that they all depended on the university. Friday evening, we went around in a car with our acquaintances here, Mark (who's actually from West Virginia and still NOT a hillbilly, he pointed out), Susan and Eric. We got to see all the empty spaces around town and Susan could tell us what had been there, and it did feel a bit like Lodz in Poland ... read more
Empty city 2
Marx in Soho

North America » United States » Michigan » Detroit May 17th 2006

We are all off to China today Oh my, what a very long way Our bags are all set Our shots we did get I just hope we’ll know what to say! ... read more

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