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Boston: Today we arrived in Boston at 7:15 a.m. and as we left at 4:00 p.m. we tried to cram in as many sights as possible, one way to do this was to catch the hop on hop off trolley bus, which took us to a number of historic sights such as the U.S.S. Constitution, Bull and Finch Pub Boston Common America’s first public park dating back to 1634, and Boston’s north end home to little Italy, one of the oldest Italian neighbourhoods in America. From there we went to Fenway Park home of the Boston Red Sox, this is one of the baseball parks where Babe Ruth played, the game is so popular here that every home game since May 15 2003 has been sold out. In 2008 the Red Sox sold out its 456th ... read more
Outside Fenway Park
Cheers Pub
Boston Tea Party

Day 1 Departure time- 3:42 pm It was a long stressful morning; running around and making any final preparations. Packing the RV was a pain in the butt, and the heat certainly didn't help. Once everyone was ready to go we went for one last swim in the pool, then headed out to the driveway for a family picture in front of the RV we'll be spending the next month in. After that we all climbed in, and our trip had officially begun. ... read more

North America » United States » Massachusetts » Boston July 5th 2014

We approached Boston, and the captain did an excellent job of keeping guests comfortable; because, we never were inconvenienced in any way by Hurricane Arthur. I decided to postpone my work-out until after breakfast since the Rotterdam Dining Room would close at 8 AM when disembarkation of departing passengers was scheduled to begin. We spotted Sara and Charles in line just behind us, and asked to be seated with them. It was nice to have a chance to say goodbye to our Penguin Spotters teammates. And we agreed to continue to use the team name on future cruises, including our return leg to Montreal. Charles thought that perhaps in Southern Waters when they cruise with HAL to Antarctica, perhaps they should modify the name to Polar Bear Spotters. I did get my workout in the gym, ... read more

The days until we leave are down to the single digits, and we can't wait to start this very exciting journey! Everyone's making lists, packing, and doing any final research on all of the place we'll be visiting. It's hard to believe we've been planning this trip for over a year, and now it's actually here. It seems like just yesterday we drew a map of the US and started jotting down the places we wanted to go...all on a used restaurant napkin.... read more

North America » United States » Massachusetts » Boston June 30th 2014

After a day full of (stressful) packing, due to my somewhat excessive procrastination - maybe, in retrospect, starting the night before wasn't my best idea - I made it to the airport just before 5 to meet up with my fellow Dialoguers! While I only had met two of them ahead of time, this kind of experience pushes people together very well and I met a whole range of students going to Bosnia. Most are female, and there's a definite skew towards International Affairs or PolySci majors (unsurprising given the political nature of this trip), with a surprising plethora of first-years. After grabbing a snack, we headed over to the boarding area, where I met a few more who caught up with the group at the gate. I'm now posting this from onboard my Lufthansa flight, ... read more


May 26th- boarded the plane in Hong Kong to take the long flight home to the USA... Kicked off that weekend by attending the Toots for Tuft Charity Golf Tournament. Such a great time to raise money for my dear, sweet friend who is so missed, Marc Jackson. It was so nice to see Marc's family who are AMAZING! and to catch up with my co- workers and friends. The dynamic foursome was my sister Debbie, my friend Kristen and my co- worker and friend Meg. We were the only all girl foursome- Girl Power which is why we won last place- team to improve for next year- LOL. I was lucky that night and walked away with Milan Lucic's autographed hockey stick :) .. The trip was so much fun spending time with my family ... read more
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My step-father Ned drove us to Lynn, Massachusetts on Saturday, where we picked up my eldest "little brother" (a year younger than me) from the sheltered living situation where he resides due to mental illness. He was in the military and is eligible for this great program due to his service. We all had lunch at a nearby waterfront restaurant, where we were joined by David, one of my step-brothers. Later that afternoon, we traveled north-west to Rockport, Massachusetts on Cape Ann, to spent a few days with an old friend from my Paris days, Susan. Those of you followed the recent Mexico blogs, might remember that we got together for the first time in 35 years in Puerto Vallarta this winter. Susan's family has a long history in the area, and her two daughters now ... read more
Boston skyline from Lynn, MA
Bill and Craig
Lunch with Craig

North America » United States » Massachusetts » Braintree April 23rd 2014

Dear Family and Friends, Although you haven't heard from me for a long time (Italy, winter, 2013), I have done some traveling. I visited Russia on a river cruise from Moscow to St. Petersburg last Aug. and part of Sept. The journey continued with visits to lovely Estonia, and cold rainy Finland. To be truthful I chose not to blog because I was suspicious of e-mailing anything in and out of Russia. Hmmm, no trust in Putin and his minions- what a concept. I loved Estonia and will some day write a blog about the brave people who stood up to Russia by singing. Yes, you read that right. Google: singing revolution in Estonia and read a fantastic story. I traveled on this journey with my oldest friend Pat Crowley Mitchell who lives in CT. We ... read more

North America » United States » Massachusetts » Boston April 21st 2014

Okay so since our last update we have been very busy! We have flown to Washington DC, caught a train to Boston and then to New York City. Washington DC is a large, sprawling city with a centre that Canberra clearly modelled itself on. The National Mall is a massive public space that is dotted with imposing memorials to key presidential and public figures and wars on one end and the Capitol building on the other with the White House jutting out at an angle. Depending on your perspective we have been blessed or cursed by timing our trip to coincide with the annual cherry blossom festival. The large memorial parklands and ornamental lake are swarming with locals and tourists here to view the lovely blossoms on the thousands of cherry trees gifted by Japan over ... read more
National Mall
George Washington estate

North America » United States » Massachusetts » Scituate February 2nd 2014

Jan 9th, left somewhat sunny but warm ( average 58- 64 degrees F) for my home, Boston. The main reason for going home was to surpise my wonderful, amazing and beautiful niece, Brooke for her 18th Birthday. I am also honored to be Brooke's godmother so I wanted to make sure I was there for one of her big birthdays- Welcome to being an Adult Brooke. I was in Boston from Jan 9- 25th, unfortunately just like most trips home didn't have much R and R time it was mixed with having to log in or travel into Boston to work in our US office :( ... The first week home, the weather was actually warm for New England in Jan - ( 30 to 40 degrees F).. Was nice being able to spend time with ... read more
Main Street
Main Street
Birthday Girl

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