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North America » United States » Maine » Rangeley August 11th 2012

Maine has been great. We have enjoyed the terrain so far and we are looking forward to our next few days on the trail! Thanks for all the comments and support, we are having a wonderful experience. We started preparing right after Easter when we got the dehydrator from my brother. Due to my diet restrictions we decided to make all of our own meals, dehydrate them and have my mom mail drop them for us. Thanks Mom! (also for the weekly Prayer Stars and Trail Thoughts). We would also like to thank Rosemary for the amazing Gluten Free cookies that we get along the trail....keep 'em coming Rosie! Depending on how long we hike each day and how intense the terrain is we figured we are burning around 8,000 calories a day. I am eating ... read more

North America » United States » Maine » Rockland August 7th 2012

When I initially planned my advance north along the Maine coastline, the distance between stops made the Camden/Rockland area a logical stopover point. I learned that my cousin’s wife grew up in nearby Union ME and that they usually visited sometime during July and/or August. I penciled in my dates but, when I learned Rockland would be hosting “The 65th Maine Lobster Festival” during my “tentative” visit, the dates became etched in ink! It turned out the arrival of a new grandchild in Alabama altered their Maine visitation plans for 2012, but who needs to have your cousin watching as a seafarin’ neophyte learns how to disassemble a whole lobster anyway! It also turned out that the campground I selected was very close to Union and was one they knew well. The spot I was given ... read more
A View For My Conservative Friends
And A View For My Liberal Friends
Automated Fog Bell Striking Machines

North America » United States » Maine » Kennebunk July 31st 2012

I selected Biddeford as a home port for my first stop in Maine largely because of its proximity to the storied Maine coastline, its location between Portsmouth NH and Portland ME and its nearness to a high-profile neighbor - Kennebunkport. Tuesday, July 24, 2012 was thickly overcast from the outset, but rain was held in check until I was about two miles from the RV park. A light rain was a mere inconvenience during set-up. Shamrock RV Park appears to have been a “three-room” house that has experienced multiple additions as the “family” grew. I was directly across from a picturesque, peaceful pond that can be viewed from very few RV windows because, it appears, there was no master plan way back when. Be that as it may, I wasn’t there to enjoy the park facility ... read more
And Finely Crafted Period Furniture
A Teaser For The Historic Walking Tour
Did I Say Formidable?

North America » United States » Maine » Lubec July 7th 2012

Background Much as I enjoy traveling with my wife, the idea of taking a vacation by myself, a vacation where I can move at my own pace and focus on my hobby of photography has always seemed very attractive. I did a short photography workshop in Chincoteague, Virginia last November and enjoyed the experience. When Frank Van Riper made a presentation to the North Bethesda Camera Club, he also described the workshops he conducts in Lubec, Maine. The idea appealed to me, so, after a little bit of soul searching, I decided to sign up as a sixtieth birthday present to myself. I’m glad that I did. I like doing photo workshops because, on top of learning things and getting new ideas, I hav... read more
Welcome to Lubec
Wandering Around Lubec
Lubec Fireworks

North America » United States » Maine » Bar Harbor June 29th 2012

We arrived at Bar Harbor on Friday. After having the lobsters @ Trenton Bridge, we headed to Seawall and Bass Harbor. The hard shell lobster @ Trenton Bridge was amazing. They use the boiling seawater to cook the lobsters. So their lobsters are more tasty than others. We also tried the soft shell lobsters @ Thurston. However, we felt that the hard shell was much much better than the soft shell. Well, it was also more expensive than the soft though. We can't compare the soft @ Thurston with the one @ Trenton Bridge, cuz we only had hard shell @ Trenton Bridge. But overall, the lobsters @ Thurston were more pricy than that @ Trenton Bridge. Heard of blue lobster before? You can find it @ Down East. But it is not for sale. We ... read more
Bass harbor head light
a lake @ Southwest Harbor
a lake @ Southwest Harbor


North America » United States » Maine » Boothbay Harbor June 18th 2012

Today was another amazing drive to another beautiful sight in Maine. Our travels today took us to Boothbay Harbor. It was overcast this morning and quite cool (63 degrees) with an onshore breeze. It was cool enough for Sally and I to put on our jackets. We had a great time looking around the shops and of course had to have lobster for lunch. No dinner tonight though!! While in Boothbay Harbor we talked to a woman who suggested that we might want to go out to Pemaquid point and check out the light house. Pemaquid light house is a functioning light house that is maintained by the coast guard. Sally and I were able to climb to the top of the lighthouse although going up was much easier than coming down. The view was fantastic. ... read more
Boothbay Harbor
Boothbay Harbor
Boothbay Harbor

North America » United States » Maine » Bar Harbor June 17th 2012

Today Sally and I took a drive thru Acadia National Park. The entrance to the park is right outside of Bar Harbor. The drive around the park was unbelievable!! Don't know how else to describe it. Because it's a national park I was able to use my senior park pass. You can purchase it at age 62 at any national park or any National Park office for $10. With the pass, you never have to pay again to enter a national park. Anyway, the drive thru Acadia was amazing. The road winds partway along the coast and then goes thru deep green forests. We drove to the top of cadillac mountain where we were able to see Bar Harbor and a panaramic view of Frenchman's bay. There were two cruise ships anchored in the harbor today ... read more
Acadia National Park
Acadia National Park
Bar Harbor and Frenchman's Bay

North America » United States » Maine » Bar Harbor June 16th 2012

Hello from Bar Harbor, Maine. Sally and I drove up to Bar Harbor this morning. It's about a 2 1/2 hour drive from where we're camping. Didn't want to have to drive back tonight so we're staying in Bar Harbor overnight. Arrived at about noon and checked into our hotel. Found out that we have beat the high season by about a week. The hotel manager said that they were full starting next week for most of the 2012 summer season. Left at 2:00 pm for a 2 hour cruise of Frenchmans Bay on a 150 foot long four mast schooner, the Margaret Todd. Myself and two much younger gentleman helped raise one of the sails on the Margaret Todd after we left the dock. (Not a pretty picture)!! That was a lot harder than I ... read more
Sailing on the Margaret Todd
Helping raise the sail
Sally and I on the Margaret Todd

North America » United States » Maine » Camden June 15th 2012

Today Sally and I drove over to Camden, Maine for the afternoon. The drive took about an hour and it was over winding back country roads. Maine is a beautiful state. Very green and picturesque. Sally and I are amazed every day with what we have seen and can't imagine how it could get any better. We ate lunch at a little restaurant right on the bay in Camden. For those of you even close to our age, the tv show, Payton Place was filmed in Camden. The tv series, Murder She Wrote, although filmed in California, had its opening scenery shots taken in Christmas Cove, Maine which is close by to Camden. Parts of Steven Kings movie, Thinner were also filmed in Camden. We took a drive up to Camden Hills state park where they ... read more
Downtown Camden

North America » United States » Maine » Bar Harbor June 15th 2012

Or as the locals might say, “Bump-ah to Bump-ah in Bah Hah-bah”. Despite gaining an hour during our journey from Nova Scotia overnight, we seemed pressed for time this morning. We hustled up to the Lido for a quick breakfast. Continental service starts at 6:30, but hot breakfasts aren’t available until 7:00. We had an 8:00 AM meeting time in the Showroom for our excursion, but needed to clear immigration first, starting at 7:30 AM. Actually it was closer to 8:00 AM before the immigration folks from Homeland Security were onboard. There were more than one disgruntled passengers waiting in line, into and through the casino and to the Explorer’s Lounge where lines were separated into the U.S./Canadian line and Other Non-U.S. citizens. We finally got up to the immigration agents, who were asking everyone where ... read more

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