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North America » United States » Maine » Houlton October 4th 2012

Our night at Elm River Camp Ground was exceptional. I drove on the grass and Pennelope was immediately level. The restrooms were right behind me and the internet was fast and my computer accessed it with no problem. The restrooms proved to be exceptional, which is VERY rare. I had coffee and a shower then took Oscar for his walk. Pictures . We walked along the river and enjoyed the autumn colors and that distinct smell. We walked the “extra mile”, it was just so nice out, the sun was shinning again! I had sausage, oatmeal walnut pancakes and coffee for breakfast, wow am I stuffed. The last blog got published and I sent a few e mails then it was time to leave. I decided to make the 16 hr trip in 3 days and ... read more
gorgeous maple
Photo 4
Pennelope's spot

North America » United States » Maine » Bar Harbor September 30th 2012

Acadia was the first National park east of the Mississippi and is the most visited National Park. I am very happy that we came here during the shoulder season when it was far from its summer hustle, bustle, and crowds. The campground we were at is was a large campground and was perhaps a quarter full. We did the normal touristy stuff. We walked the streets of Bar Harbor while we decided where to eat, we drove the scenic road of Acadia and stopped to see the different sites and exhibits, we took pictures from the top of Cadillac Mountain and I bought some fabric to commemorate our visit. Additionally we made a side trip into Ellsworth to shop at the LL Bean outlet. I lucked out and was able to buy a pair of jeans ... read more
George at the top of Cadillac Mountain
View from the top of Cadillac Mountain
Another beautiful view

North America » United States » Maine » Hancock September 27th 2012

Hi, All -- Here are some photos taken from the top of Cadillac Mountain in Acadia National Park, the highest point on the Atlantic Coast of the US and the first place touched by the sun each day in our country. On this trip we've been on the top three times to watch the sunset. In past trips, we've also watched the sun come up and seen the stars late at night. As sunset draws near, we've found that you have to find a spot where you can see the horizon -- so you can see the sun go down -- and then stick to that spot with a degree of firmness. And if you look around, you see determined looking people standing in little bunches on rocks with horizon views with their camera on the ... read more
looking for a spot

North America » United States » Maine » Hancock September 26th 2012

Hi, Friends -- I thought I'd begin our fall trip blogs with photos of Acadia National Park on the coast of northern Maine. We've been here for a full week which is quite a long time for us as we usually only stay in a particular place for a couple of days. But then we did get married here on Saturday which took up a little time. We've seen gorgeous, sunny days; rainy days like today; cold periods, in the 30's one night; and lots of wind. When we were on the top of Cadillac Mountain last night for the third night straight, it was blowing around 30 miles an hour with gusts a good bit higher. And we've loved every bit of it. When we got too cold, we head back to our cosy camper ... read more
More Thunder Hole area
Thunder Hole again

North America » United States » Maine » Bar Harbor September 25th 2012

I woke this morning early after a fairly good night’s sleep, made coffee and put a warm fleece on to have my coffee outside. Marg and Oscar were still sleeping so I didn’t want to make too much noise. It was beautiful out, the sun had just risen so there was that magic light everywhere. We had a busy morning planned so I showered, got dressed and started moving things to our new site which was just the next one down. Marg and Oscar got up and helped and in no time we were moved and settled. Marg made us oatmeal for breakfast and we sat outside eating it enjoying the view. We left at 8:30 for a wagon ride near Jordon Pond which was about 45 min away. Oscar wasn’t too happy with the horses ... read more
rocks and moss
bridge with several keystones
moss on the rocks


North America » United States » Maine » Bar Harbor September 24th 2012

Sunrise and Sunset It’s still dark but we’re going. Yes, sunrise on Cadillac Mt. Apparently when one is in Acadia you must do sunrise on the mt. We just dressed and were on the road by 5:45 A. M. The sky was getting brighter as we traveled along, would we make it! When we reached the summit the parking lot was almost full, it must be the thing to do. I took a picture of the people waiting to witness this every day event but somehow it felt special. There was a reverence about the crowd, an anticipation, of something special. And special it was. Many pictures. At 6:30am it was all over and we all went back to our everyday lives. We drove home to have a hearty oatmeal and walnut pancake breakfast then it ... read more
Photo 3
Photo 4
it's here

North America » United States » Maine » Bar Harbor September 23rd 2012

Acadia It seems 7 am is the wake up time. There was a decent breeze and the air smelled of fresh salt water. The tide is out so rocks are exposed with seaweed draping over them. A contrast of mustard yellow and black. After some morning chores Oscar was content to just lay in bed so I took my chair, coffee and binoculars and resumed my pose of last night. No peace this morning though. I was watching a sea gull walking over the rocks in search of breakfast. He was very protective of his territory and I witnessed one very violent encounter. Then he resumed his food hunt and went into a tidal pool, looking around. He seemed to be doing a little dance then looking down in the water. It finally dawned on me ... read more
digging seagull
mussel shell in mouth

North America » United States » Maine » Wells September 22nd 2012

Unity, Maine I woke to the sound of pitter patter on the roof and knew it was a good day to travel. I am told this is typical Maine weather, can be socked in for days. They promise clearing this afternoon, rain tonight and sunny Sunday afternoon. We’ll see. I showered, dressed, walked Oscar and broke camp and was able to leave at 8:45. As we traveled north on 95 there was a sign that said, “Look for moose on roadway”. If there is a moose on the road, don’t think you’d miss it. I am heading north to Unity to go to the Common Ground Fair. It is billed as the organic gardener’s heaven and all newest and latest technologies will be available. Thought it might be like a small county fair and I could ... read more
Hobbit chicken house
the crowds

North America » United States » Maine » Wells September 21st 2012

Moody Beach, Maine It’s 8 pm and I’m exhausted! Oscar is already buried somewhere in the blankets. We started out slowly, the weather was overcast and in the 40’s so who wants to go to the beach and freeze. We did the big loop in the campground, leisurely had breakfast , then secured Pennelope and took off for the visitors center that I had spotted yesterday. They had a couple of nature walks that I couldn’t pass up but first Oscar had to have a run on the beach. We went to Wells Beach that allows dogs this time of year and we found it very inviting. Parking was easy (picture). I got between the lines and only took 2 place. We walked for over an hour than I got a cup of coffee and my ... read more
Photo 3
Photo 4
different rocks

North America » United States » Maine » Portland September 19th 2012

Trying not to reflect too heavily as we get ready to make the last crossing of our cruise. Nostalgia is best saved for winter evenings when I'm finally going through the 10,000 photos. Portland has been a perfectly delightful place to linger and meet some of the most amazing folks, while waiting for fair west winds and pancake seas. Do I hear the old salts guffawing? Yeah, I know. Pancakes are for breakfast but not for describing the Gulf of Maine. What a wonderful experience to meet Debbie and John Howe. Their passion and expertise for global concerns and solar solutions at Howe Engineering has been very useful. On top of that, Debbie, as a competition Speed Walker, has treated me to my first offfical lesson and a new skill to add to the repertoire of ... read more
John and Debbie
Portland landscape
Cruisers Noshing

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