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North America » United States » Louisiana » New Orleans April 8th 2014

So, we've done country, blues and soul. Now it's time for Jazz. New Orleans (or as they pronounce it N'Awlins) - home of Satchmo (Louis Armstrong), Mardi Gras and the French Quarter (Vieux Carre). It's an early start as our train leaves Memphis at 6-50 am, and we're slightly concerned as our taxi turns up 10 mins late. Shouldn't have worried; the train is running one and a half hours late! It's the Chicago to New Orleans overnighter and no one has any idea how or why it was running late......till the one of the attendants spilled the beans - it left Chicago late and they didn't know why! We have lower level coach seats which is pretty comfortable for a 9 hour journey - loads of leg room, reclining seats and power points. No Wi-Fi ... read more
India House Hostel - NO
A Neptune Monsoon drink at Port of Call
A nicer French Quater Street

North America » United States » Louisiana » New Orleans February 17th 2014

Fort Walton Beach and New Orleans January was a lazy month. We stayed at the Marina Bay Resort in Fort Walton Beach, read books, watched TV, went to the movies, made some new friends in the couple in the unit next door and enjoyed dinners , bbq’s and a trip to Funiac Springs with them. We rode around the immediate area and did one long ride- the Timpoochee trail to Panama City Beach- beautiful – long low dunes, with lagoons just behind the dunes. Combine this with Florida weather and you can understand the rows of condominiums that line the trail. The cycle track was great, but judging by the number of bikes to rent, would be impossible crowded in summer- there are advantages to being here in winter. All the resorts offer “snow ... read more
Ice on the picnic area, Fort Walton Beach
first bus breakdown, Mobile
Gulf Intra coastal waterway

North America » United States » Louisiana » New Orleans January 22nd 2014

Jan. 21. We left San Antonio late morning and headed east on I10. I waved hello to Houston, but we didn't stop. Houston has a very impressive road system and we were very glad that we drove through it at 1:00 PM and not at rush hour. As we were expecting a long and boring ride on I10, we put an audio book, The Goldfinch, on and listened to it all the way. We crossed the border into Louisiana and got our first Mardi Gras beads at the LA Welcome Center. After about 6 hours on the road, we stopped for the night at the Comfort Inn & Suites in Lafayette. We have stayed in several Comfort Inns this trip and they have all been very nice & comfortable. The girl at the front desk recommended ... read more
On the Road to New Orleans
On the Road to New Orleans
New Orleans

North America » United States » Louisiana » New Orleans January 15th 2014

Reflections on Our Visit toe New Orleans - Part 2 On the Saturday morning, after waiting for over an hour for the bus, we asked for a lift into town from the owner of the RV Park. We had a lovely breakfast of light and fluffy pancakes and eggs Benedict at Stanley’s on Jackson Square. (The restaurant was packed and we had to wait about 15 minutes for a table. Most of the restaurants and bars in New Orleans seem to be thriving again.) Jackson Square earns it name for one of three bronze statues of Andrew Jackson located in the centre of the square. It is also the location of an open-air artist colony, where artists display their work on the outside of the iron fence. We had arranged a guided tour of the areas ... read more
New Orleans card 2 001
New Orleans card 2 023
New Orleans card 2 026

North America » United States » Louisiana » New Orleans January 1st 2014

Step back in time to the days of Mark Twain as you board the Steamboat Natchez in New Orleans, Louisiana (NOLA). Visiting New Orleans in early March was breezy and somewhat chilly, but an enjoyable cruise and interesting education about the river. During our stroll in the French Quarter earlier in the day, we could hear the lively musical dance of the steam calliope. Historically, the Greek mythology tells us that Calliope (Kalliope) was the oldest daughter of Zeus and Mnemosyne. As the eldest of the Muses, she was a goddesses of music, song and dance. In artwork representations, Calliope is typically shown holding a tablet or a scroll representing poetry, but in some of the older artwork, she is shown holding a lyre as representation of music and song. That’s the history lesson, so now ... read more
Steamboat Natchez
steamboat natchez


North America » United States » Louisiana » New Orleans December 20th 2013

I am still trying to come to terms with our experience in New Orleans. The birthplace of jazz was the city on this road trip for which I had the most enthusiasm and highest expectations. And it was in New Orleans that I experienced the most disappointment. New Orleans is a city with many faces. It is proud to call itself the ‘birthplace of jazz’ and rightfully so. Yet, for the most part, the jazz played in the many clubs on Bourbon Street and Frenchman Street is ‘party jazz’. There is nothing wrong with this; I prefer jazz more serious and was disappointed. There was only one ‘proper’ jazz club that I could fine, Snug Harbor on Frenchman Street, where the jazz was played for listening and not as background music for a party. New Orleans ... read more
New Orleans photo card 1 005
New Orleans photo card 1 008
New Orleans photo card 1 012

North America » United States » Louisiana » New Orleans December 15th 2013

Louisiana: Lafayette to New Iberia Coming from Houston, Texas on Interstate Route 10, we travelled the affectionately named Creole Nature Trail. Again, we were advised by the visitor centre attendant that it was a much more scenic and pleasant road than the interstate. We turned off 10 at Sulphur and headed south on 27 toward the Gulf and Holly Beach. We passed along the edge of the Sabine National Wildlife Refuge which is comprised of 125,000 acres of protected marshland, 61 miles of levees and is the largest coastal marsh refuge on the Gulf of Mexico. The Creole Nature Trail winds through more than 180 miles of bayous, marshland and shores along the Gulf. It passes through miles of fertile prairies and lush marshes. The brochure boasted that there was a good chance that we would ... read more
Lafayette and New Iberia Louisiana 007
Lafayette and New Iberia Louisiana 012
Lafayette and New Iberia Louisiana 017

Day 6 – July 2nd Our Last morning in N’awlins. We had breakfast around the big dining room table and chatted with other guests and the lady in charge of the breakfast room – what a Sweetie she is! She told us there will be a celebrity staying with them next week, but she didn’t know who it was. Then she went on to tell us about last year when Jennifer Gardner stayed there. Jennifer Gardner is one of my favorites. I loved watching her in the TV series Alias. I asked which room she was in and as it turns out, she stayed is the same room we were in. We slept in Jennifer Gardner’s bed! We had two things left on our NOLA “to do” list so we got right ... read more
My Gal Sal
My Gal Sal
The Weeping Angel

Day 4 on our adventure started a bit unusual for us. We slept until almost 9:00 a.m. We couldn’t believe it! We tossed on some shorts and hurried down the grand staircase as to not miss our breakfast. A few other late sleepers soon graced the dinning room, and as everyone’s coffee kicked in, the conversation began to flow. Two of our fellow travelers were from California, and the other two were from, of all places, Pennsylvania! After we all discussed the interesting New Orleans jellies, Mayhaw and Voodoo Pepper, we moved onto some of the articles in the morning paper. Soon we were swapping travel stories and adventures. The two from PA are off to explore the west. Nothing will elicit travel advice like the mention of a cross-country road trip! An hour flew by ... read more

Day 5, Monday July 1st: Another sunny day in the Big Easy. As we travel we always enjoy meeting new people and hearing their stories. This morning we met an extraordinary woman who shared her story about life after Katrina. We all watched the storm from our homes and have in our own ways donated time, money, and prayers for the rebuilding of the damage the storm brought. The part that we can never understand or fix is how communities and families lives changed because of the storm. The losses that most of us could never imagine and how the people of this area have had to begin anew are astonishing. Our day got off to a curious start with a trip to the St. Louis Cemetery#2. We took the streetcar as close as we could, ... read more
More tombs
Hmm, what the heck?

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