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North America » United States » Kentucky » Calvert City April 12th 2014

I didn't do anything. I didn't go to Graceland. I didn't go to any Museums. I didn't take any pictures. I didn't eat anywhere cool. I just took a nice slow drive through the Tennessee countryside. It was a nice day.... read more

North America » United States » Kentucky » Louisville March 5th 2014

The time has come folks. This will be the last post that I will write on this site. My life is no longer the constant travel and wanderlust that it once was, and as such doesn't really have a place on a travelblog website. Alas! All things must come to pass, and this blog is no different. However, all is not lost! I have started a new blog on! This new blog will have a different feel - not so much about travel anymore as it is about my birthday goals that you all have come to know and love. So jet on over to: and subscribe to my new blog! I'd love to have you check it out! And for those of you who just loved my travel blog here, and want to ... read more

North America » United States » Kentucky » Lexington November 11th 2013

So we're hot on the trail (so to speak) to get our "free" t-shirt for getting to 7 of the bourbon distilleries in the area before we finish our "stint" at Today we went to Four Roses first and took their tour. It was interesting, but not as good a tour as Maker's Mark. I think the bourbon might have been a little better...of course, we have "tastes" at the end... Then to Wild Turkey (nearly across the road from Four Roses). We had a ride on the turkeys, but no tasting here. Off to the Woodford Reserve distillery. It was a really beautiful facility, but they were doing some renovations and we wanted to be sure to catch Town Branch in Lexington before they closed, so no tasting here either. Downtown Lexington for the ... read more
Town Branch Distillery/Brewery
Happy Hour!!!

North America » United States » Kentucky » Campbellsville November 5th 2013

Our good friends, Bob & Becky, who we met at our first job out on the road (in Anaheim, CA) stopped on their way to the Florida Keys for a few days. Was so good to see them again!!! It's been a couple of years, but we try to keep in touch and get together when we're in at least somewhat close proximity!! Sunday we spent most of the day watching football...they are avid Packer fans, being from Appleton, WI :) Yesterday we went to the Maker's Mark Bourbon Distillery about 40 miles north of here. The tour was very informative and we all enjoyed our "taste" at the end of the tour. Of course, the gift shop is the last stop, so we just "had" to make our purchases to take home with us. We ... read more
Having a "taste"

North America » United States » Kentucky » Lexington October 31st 2013

Since inclement weather was in the forecast for Thursday, October 24, 2013, I picked up the water and sewer hoses, retracted the stabilizer jacks and connected the Pilgrim to my truck on Wednesday afternoon during a break in the weather. I have done this in the past when I am on a level camping site to expedite the tear-down process on departure day whether because of the weather or because of a long driving day. The forecast was on the mark with Thursday morning revealing a steady, heavy drizzle. About the only remaining task was to pick up the electric cord. The drive east on US 36 from Rockville IN began in a light drizzle but quickly changed to snow and sleet and then back again. Just west of Indianapolis IN, I headed south on the ... read more
Like I Said, Well-Attended
A “Scenic” View Of A Dairy Farm
Some Of The Obstructive Trees Were Desperately Holding Onto Their Foliage


North America » United States » Kentucky » Corbin October 29th 2013

Drove down to Cumberland Falls today. A nice fall day, but nut much sun. About 67 and partly cloudy. The falls is pretty cool...about 68 feet wide in a normal year. Less when the river's lower and of course, wider when the spring and fall rains are keeping the river running higher. They call it the Niagara of the South. I have to say that in comparison Rock Creek Falls is still pretty cool in the grand scheme of things!!! (and about 2 miles from the old homestead as the crow flies :) We've been doing our working thing at to get out and about on our "weekends". Last week we drove to Lexington to the Kick Ass Brew Fest. It was in a great venue called The Grand Reserve. Looked like an old railroad ... read more

North America » United States » Kentucky » Lexington October 1st 2013

Now, the hunt for a bargain is something of legend in the Cirillo house, so after much research, we were able to find a hotel in the downtown within our price range, that offered a free a continental breakfast and wifi. On a side note, I feel that outside the New York area whenever we order eggs they are always wet and buttery, but when they are free how much can one really complain? While we were fueling up for a long day ahead of us the hotel had the news on the TV, which was following the controversial "government shut down." Today was the deadline for the government to shutdown and my father an I were a little nervous about what the effects of this would have on our vacation. Surely our elected officials would ... read more
Wild Turkey
Four Roses

North America » United States » Kentucky » Campbellsville September 30th 2013

We've been working 2 weeks at Amazon...begin our 10 hour days this week (Tues-Fri)...wish us luck :) We took in the Amazon company picnic Saturday evening at the Green River Lake State Park. It's about 2 miles from our campground. Came back to the Stables and had a few beers with the rest of the "gang" here. This morning (ok, it was noon, but when you're working overnights, that's a pretty early start!!! :) I went for a hike on one of the many "horse" trails here. Had to watch my step, but I was the only one was perfect (it's a little warm today, but so many trees, the trails are all in the shade) and it was so quiet!! Made it down to the lake and just had to sit for a while ... read more
Green River Lake

North America » United States » Kentucky » Lexington September 30th 2013

All Bourbon is whiskey, but not all whiskey is Bourbon. A phrase that my father and I heard quite frequently in Kentucky. So what are the legal requirements for a whiskey to be labeled a bourbon? Courtesy of Wikipedia: The Federal Standards of Identity for Distilled Spirits (27 C.F.R. 5) state that bourbon made for U.S. consumption must be: Produced in the United States; made from a grain mixture that is at least 51% corn; aged in new, charred-oak barrels; distilled to no more than 160 (U.S.) url= read more

North America » United States » Kentucky » Lexington September 29th 2013

Ahhhh road trips! Whenever I travel, I always hope for the best, but something always manages to go wrong. This trip was no different. First stop was to the bank to pick up some spending cash, and as luck would have it the atm "runs" out of money...GREAT! Not to be discouraged we set out anyway, charged some Dunkin Doughnuts and we were off. The drive down to Lexington was a long one, approximately 11 hours, but a scenic one. The trees were starting to turn and the mountains of West Virginia were breathtaking. (Sorry no pictures as I was driving) We just don't have that kind of beauty around here. Now, I know what you are thinking. Eleven hours in a car with my father must be some sort of cruel and unusual punishment, but ... read more

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