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North America » United States » Illinois » Chicago August 6th 2006

This is a test entry to see if I can put photos in here.... read more
test image2

North America » United States » Illinois » Chicago August 3rd 2006

So, we finally arrived in the windy city. I know I promised a separate entry on the train trip, but that has to be when I've written something by hand first, to sort out the bits and pieces :-) Yes, the city is windy, but with temperatures around 100 degrees Fahrenheit, which is around 40 Celsius (104 is 40 and we had that today), it's a bit hard to appreciate the hot wind :-) Luckily, our hostel is air conditioned, as is most of this country, including the public transport in this town. I'm so relieved not to drive a car anymore! It was great fun, but to have to park in the cities and to be worried in the back of your head that something would happen to it was a bit of a strain. ... read more
Congress and Michigan
Skyscrapers of Chicago

North America » United States » Illinois » Chicago July 30th 2006

Hello. Yes, I'm still alive. This will be the end of this edition of the travelblog. As it turns out, my pictures from my first few days on the Croatia coast cannot be salvaged so this is officially the last time I will be updating both the writing and the pics. Don't cry. Travel update It's been a wild ride, that's for damn sure. After returning to Vancouver, I got a chance to briefly catch up there for 8 days, with both friends and work. I remembered instantly why I want to stay there forever. But after those brief 8 days, I moved to Chicago a week ago. After a week of work, the weekend has arrived so I've finally dumped my final pics before I mail the camera back to my friend in Montreal. I'll ... read more
cookin up a storm!
washed away
chillin on the beach

North America » United States » Illinois » Chicago July 25th 2006

What an experiance, spent a good 6 hours at Kiddieland, I got a taste of what the real Chicago is like, away from Highland Park. Was an eye opener. Had fun, the kids loved it! Loved the free soad fountains - only in America!... read more

North America » United States » Illinois » Chicago July 24th 2006

The Cities we would most like to live: *1. Chicago, IL, USA (still #1) *2. Buenos Aires, Argentina *3. Prague, Czech Republic Places we will not likely return: *1. Egypt (a clear frontrunner for us) *2. For Chris - China (at least Beijing); For Justin - Russia *3. Romania, particularly Bucharest (and don't confuse it with Budapest) Best Food: * Vietnam Best Dining Experience * Argentina Best Beer: * New Zealand, special mention to Montieth's Our biggest regrets: *1. missing Lauren DuRocher graduate from Boston College *2. not bringing a laptop computer with us - would have made this blogging thing much easier, and wi-fi is available nearly everywhere *3. Giving our money to Bank of America because they are the worst company in the world. We ar... read more


North America » United States » Illinois » Chicago July 21st 2006

In South American and the Caribbean, we learned that * countries here really like to fly enormous flags * Chile's Kunstmann beer from Valdivia is by far the best beer we had, especially the Miel of honey kind * Argentina really likes salt. The waitress thought we were strange when we didn't want salt for our pizza * unlike Europe, South America was very committed to cold beer, frequently serving it in a wine cooler or in a cozy * cheese thrown on the grill is awesome...kidney and tripe, not so much * with all that beef, you would think there would be leather for sale, but no * on the way to Uraguay from Argentina, there is security know, metal detectors and stuff,...but not on the return trip in the other direction * Ciudad ... read more

North America » United States » Illinois » Chicago July 16th 2006

Arrived in Chicago yesterday (Sunday) after an 8 hour bus journey with high hopes about the city. Had to get the tube to near to our hostel and walk three blocks in intense heat with all our stuff. It was not worth it, the hostel is the worst we have ever been to. The first room was dirty and a single and when claire went to complain they were really rude and tried to make it out that we were at fault for complaining. We finally got a room and this was simply minging and its not cheap to stay here either. In addition, the facilities are poor for the number of people staying at the place it just seems to be a last resort bunk when the rest of the places are booked up. Chicago ... read more
Chicago (again)
Chicago Beach

North America » United States » Illinois » Chicago July 16th 2006

Vores meget lækre bil er nu afleveret til udlejningsfirmaet. Den har tjent os godt, vi har næsten kørt 3.000 miles (lidt over 5.000 km). Vi er alle enige om at det ville være fedt at have sådan en bil der hjemme. På forunderlig vis lykkedes det os at få pakket alt vores grej ned så det kunne komme ombord på flyveren. Det var ikke en triviel opgave da vi har købt en masse tøj og Cowboyboots. Efter et par timers flyvning lander vi i Chicago som er stinkende varm og med høj luftfugtighed, det er næste ikke til at trække vejret. Vi har på turen været igennem områder hvor det har været meget varmt (40 grader) men luften har været tør, så det har været nemmere at klare end den fugtige luft i Chicago. Vi havde ... read more
Højde skala med Sears Tower som det højeste
På 103 etage i Sears Tower
Solnedgang bag ved Chicago Skyline

North America » United States » Illinois » Chicago July 13th 2006

After a very bussy check-in at Schiphol Airport - the que was literally from the door till the desks!! - I got on board of the United Airlines flight to Chicago. Luckily I was picked out of the que by a member of United Airlines and was lead to the businessclass desk to check in... The que appeared to be for Delta Airlines!! A good start of the trip till so far! The flight was good. After 9 hours we landed on Chicago O'Hare and after a thourough questioning of the customs I managed to get out and to meet Dan..... the friend I had made over the internet and whom would host me for the next 10 days in Chicago. The weather was HOT!! Around 40+ degrees... How we ever were gonna run the half ... read more
Downtown Chicago
Finish 10 KM
Parking Garage Chicago

North America » United States » Illinois » Chicago July 12th 2006

I remember having a journal in Australia and I remember writing an entry with the title 'Hello, Good-Bye' reminiscing of the friends and relationships I made travelling. It is amazing how you meet people and become so close and then to leave them behind. My mom always said you will have 2 best friends your whole life; those friends that stay with you no matter what. I guess in my instance and for other travellers it is different because you are constantly meeting people. But there comes a time where you don't want to leave anymore and you don't want to make new friends again, you just want to pause for a just a moment and remain stable for just a moment. At that moment you are safe with people and surroundings you know. In Australia, ... read more
Joe Sailing
DJ Phil
A night out after work

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