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March 5th 2012
Published: March 7th 2012EDIT THIS ENTRY

1. The difference between modern day slavery and back in the day is that today people are not physically forced to work. There is no chain involved or beatings, but there is mistreatings of others and the workers have to take it because jobs are scarce.

2. President Lincoln tryed to stop the trafficing of slaves and this movement is stoping sex trafficing.

3. The Polaris project is a group of people that are trying to make people aware about sex trafficing. I think this is a good thing to do but I think sex trafficing is something most teens are aware of but they dont know they can do anything.

4. I think it is because it's hurting the participants and making them do something against their will.

5. Teaching is kinda a way of modern day slavery. Even though they are doing it because they want to, i think they dont get paid enough for what they do and sometimes have to work in real bad conditions.


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