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January 30th 2011
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Thursday's gameThursday's gameThursday's game

Sara's first hit
It’s another beautiful weekend at Boot Key Harbor. Let’s catch up.

We are so enjoying having bicycles here. The mile walk to the stores was inconvenient at best. With the bikes we don't mind going to the store every other day. We can also do a little sightseeing as well as bike to restaurants.

Thursday morning Kerry and Sara were sufficiently un-crippled to play softball. This time they were put on opposing teams, Sara at second base, Kerry at third. Trevor, Thaddeus and I made up 75% of the spectators in the bleachers. One of us is pretty noisy, yelling encouragement (and mild insults.) I won’t say which one of us, but I will say that I am not allowed to attend golf tournaments. Anyway, being as competitive as they are, both Sara and Kerry managed to get the other out. They had a good time until the end, when the one grumpy player got all bent out of shape over a call at first base and said some ugly things. That ended things on an awkward note, but everyone managed to walk off the field without visible injury or any lasting ill will. We followed the game with
Kerr's first hitKerr's first hitKerr's first hit

at Thursday's game
a nice lunch at Annette’s.

Friday night was 25 cent wing night at the Hurricane Grille. Good wings, lots of noise, and tasty margaritas. Unfortunately, Thaddeus got a call later that night that his grandfather passed, and they had to make arrangements for him to leave early and fly to Birmingham.

Saturday morning Sara and Trevor took Thaddeus to the airport in a rental car and were back by late afternoon. Saturday afternoon Kerry and I took a ride in the dinghy out to the Atlantic Ocean, then back into the channel into the mangroves. What a pleasant, peaceful ride it was. The sun was shining, but not too hot, and there was the slightest of breezes. Later, we did laundry and Kerry and Trevor went for pizza. Fresh, hot pizza, clean laundry and showers made for a pleasant evening.

Today is Sunday. Kerry and Sara will play softball this afternoon while Trevor does his thing on the internet and I lead the cheering squad from the bleachers. Just another lovely day in paradise.

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Sara making a playSara making a play
Sara making a play

at second base
Avocado saladAvocado salad
Avocado salad

all that was left of a big bowl of it
another Boot Key sunsetanother Boot Key sunset
another Boot Key sunset

the mooring balls are filling up. Lots more boats than when we arrived
Channel marker postChannel marker post
Channel marker post

salt and tides have had their effect
Snowy EgretSnowy Egret
Snowy Egret

in the mangroves
Another egretAnother egret
Another egret

hunkered down and waiting for passing fish
Hanging out to dryHanging out to dry
Hanging out to dry

cormorants on channel markers in the Atlantic

They are so interesting
Mangrove rootsMangrove roots
Mangrove roots

Low tide and mussels exposed
Portuguese Man-O-WarPortuguese Man-O-War
Portuguese Man-O-War

near the mangroves

30th January 2011
another Boot Key sunset

how we wish we were there..
41 degrees and rain today. Warm sun, sand and good company. Love you
30th January 2011

Thanks for the blog. We look forward to them as we are living vicariously through these adventures with you. We're just waiting for the next arctic blast. You picked a good winter to be gone.
31st January 2011

Sounding like a super nice place to stay....enjoy. Miss ya!
2nd February 2011

love the pics, even the mangroves look pretty. miss you

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