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North America » United States » Connecticut » Middletown December 2nd 2013

Hello all, It’s been a tough start this season. I have bursitis in my hip, a broken toe and Jim was diagnosed with Carpal Tunnel in both hands. I had a cortisone shot in my hip, which helped a little – Jim was given a cortisone shot in one hand (to see if it was going to work) and hand braces to wear at night. The cortisone shot worked so well that on his follow-up a week later, he got the shot in the other hand. Something went wrong and his whole hand was achy and painful. We went back to the MD a few days later and Jim was given a Prednisone pak. He’s been taking it a few days now and starting to feel a little better. We were supposed to start on our ... read more

North America » United States » Connecticut » New Milford October 29th 2013

The #1 question I've been asked by friends and family when I tell them I'm traveling to India for 6 months: Why India? It's always been a question that kind of stumped me. Why India? I usually stumble and mutter a reply that fails to convince myself, let alone whoever I'm talking to, that I really want to go to India at all. Failing to think of anything that's drawing me to India itself, I resort to an old SAT tactic: process of elimination. "Oh, India is one of the few regions of the world we haven't been to. We've both been to Europe a bunch, lived in New Zealand and visited Australia. Meg's been to China and I've lived in Africa. So the next place for us to visit is either India or South America. ... read more

North America » United States » Connecticut » Trumbull September 23rd 2013

Not sure I could travel independently in Greece. Signage is mostly in Greek and very difficult to understand. Whoever coined the phrase "It's all Greek to me" was on the money. There are five symbols for "I", four for "O" and plus all the other symbols of the Greek alphabet. Most everyone in the tourist industry speaks English but not everyone is in tourism. Greek men always seen to be speaking loudly even when conversing on a plane. Not sure if it's cultural or a sign of economic stress. Many buildings have been abandoned half done and the unemployment rate for men between 16 and 40 is 60%, or so I was told. That can't be sustained without civil unrest. Our tour in Santorini was changed because strikes and demonstrations were happening on one side of ... read more

North America » United States » Connecticut » Clinton September 1st 2013

As indicated on my profile page, I am a new blogger. I plan to make weekly (at least) entries about my trip through Western Europe. For those following my blog who are not familiar with the trip, here is a little summary. My best friend and I have been planning this trip for two years and saving for about the same. Initially our young, excitable and inexperienced minds led us to believe we could travel ALL of Europe, Western and Eastern and still have enough time and resources to end our trip in Australia. What a blow it was to learn how OUTRAGEOUS an idea that was. Upon finalizing a more realistic goal we decided to venture to the following countries: Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, France, Denmark, England, Ireland, Scotland, Bosnia, Greece, Italy and Spain. ... read more

North America » United States » Connecticut » Niantic August 10th 2013

Awe...this is the life. What a perfect day for the beach and that is just what we did!! This morning we had our first Dunkin' Donuts of our trip (and according to my husband -- not the last). Then we made up a picnic basket and headed to the beach. We chose to go to McCook Beach and it's the beach to go to!! Swimming Sunning Building sand castles/turtles Digging deep sand holes Crabbing More swimming More sunning That pretty much sums up the day. Just as we were getting ready to pack up and head out, we heard something. Something chiming. ICE CREAM TRUCK!!! Emma has actually never been to one and promptly picked out a Bubble Gum Snow Cone. We get back to our spot on the beach and it promptly falls onto the ... read more
The gang


North America » United States » Connecticut » Niantic August 9th 2013

Our first day has been great! We knew it was going to be a bit cooler and wet so we did some activities to accommodate (need to keep warm/sunny days for the beach!!). We headed to the USS Nautilus Sub and Museum. It's free and it's neat. We spent the beginning of the time reading items and looking through artifacts. Then all of a sudden we saw a bunch of men in dress whites. Hmm?? We got kicked out of an area that had a podium set up. Not sure what ceremony was going on, but... We then headed to the actual sub. Jacob complains about his room being small and after touring the sub has decided it's not sooooo bad. I'm definitely not made to be a navy gal. An added bonus -- none of ... read more
Nice Hat!!!
MMM Ice Cream
Toes in the Atlantic

North America » United States » Connecticut » Niantic August 8th 2013

Well, all the planning is done and we're ready to enjoy this vacation. We drove from Bismarck to Minneapolis last night and stayed with my sister. We decided that Jacob has the Saville bladder and that the kids stayed up too late. As we stood in the line to get past security, I had the fear that I needed the kids' birth certificates...luckily, I was wrong. Things were going smoothly...until we heard the dreaded beep in the scanner. Michael set off the alarm! At the same time that he was trying to get that figured out (duh! metal belt buckle!!), the security guard asked me if "this is your backpack?" Yup, it was Jacob's. There is a suspicious bottle shaped item --- yup...half a bottle of water. After a thorough manual search, we were free to ... read more
Between the clouds
Smile Jacob
It's Cold in here!

North America » United States » Connecticut » Groton July 31st 2013

Just outside the gate of the Groton Submarine Base in Groton Connecticut is the permanent berth of the USS Nautilus and the location of the Submarine Force Museum. The keel of the USS Nautilus was laid on June 14, 1952 at the Electric Boat Division of General Dynamics, Groton, Connecticut by President Harry S. Truman. On January 21, 1954 Mrs. Dwight D. Eisenhower broke the traditional bottle of champagne across Nautilus' bow. On the morning of January 17, 1955 the Nautilus was the first US submarine to set sail under nuclear power. The Nautilus departed Pearl Harbor Hawaii on July 23, 1958 under Top Secret orders to conduct the first crossing of the north pole by a ship. With 116 men aboard, the USS Nautilus reached the geographic North Pole on August 3, 1958. In the ... read more
USS Nautilus
Submarine Force Library and Museum
Submarine Force Library and Museum

North America » United States » Connecticut July 27th 2013

We finallymade to first destination, Farmongton, CT. It was a long day, but really relaxing. First we had to make it out of NJ. That always seems to be our first goal when we ride. It is particularly difficult when you are going to New England. We had a ice relaxing ride from Trenton to Somerville where we picked up 287. A couple of years ago, on one of our first multiday trips, we did 287. It was terrifying There are times that 287 becomes a five lane highway. Well, I am happy to say that we are definitely feeling more seasoned. We did 287 today, and it wasnt bad. Our travels were, however, greatly extended when we decided to get off of rt. 84 because of heavy (think parking lot)traffic. We took an alternate route ... read more

North America » United States » Connecticut » Niantic July 19th 2013

Well, the airplane tickets have been bought. Creating the blog and before we know it August 8th will be upon us. This is my third trip to Connecticut and the kids' second. Since Michael has grandparents that lived there, that was where summer vacations were spent in his youth. We were in CT in 1996 for the first time as a couple. We were newly married and drove out there with his parents and two younger siblings, who were still in high school at the time. Lots of rain that time and we went in June -- brr was the water cold!! Last time we set foot on CT soil was August 2002. At that time, Michael's entire family met in Connecticut -- back to their roots. As they are spread out across the nation, it ... read more

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