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June 4 – Homeandaway - Today I went to Woodland Park to visit a fellow travel blogger Bob known as Homeandaway on the travelblog site. I drove out of Denver on I-25 and the view of the Front Range of the Rockies was splendid. It was partly cloudy and the patchwork view of light and dark areas made the view even better. This is easily one of the most accessible as well as splendid views of the foothills of the Rockies and the Front Range in Colorado. I did have problems with the people behind me because when the speed limit says 75MPH I drive no more than 75MP. When it says 65, I drive 65, when it says 55, I drive 55 and when it says 45 or 30 , I do not exceed those ... read more
Bob with Thai Ice Tea
Thai Tea
Texas Chili

North America » United States » Colorado » Woodland Park April 17th 2013

My last blog was posted from Helsinki just before boarding my flight to London. Because I wanted this to be my last blog for the trip, I forecasted that my subsequent flights home would be uneventful. I admitted to some concern that forecasting the future may result in jinxing the future as fate has a way of wanting to prove us prognosticators wrong. Well, the overnight in London went ok...I didn't spend the evening in London, but relaxed at the hotel instead. And getting out of the tub after a wonderful foot soaking bath in the morning was a bit of a challenge which took about 20 minutes to find a way out. And the wheelchair support at the airport left much to be desired. But the BIG JINX was upon arrival in Dallas/Fort Worth, I ... read more

I thought my next blog promised to David and Merry Jo about the glories of traveling around Colorado would inspire fellow TBers to visit. However, three days after returning from the wedding, fire broke out in Waldo Canyon, located between our home in Woodland Park and Colorado Springs. It quickly got out of control. In three days it has grown to cover almost 5000 acres and has closed down US 24, the only direct route between the two cities. Firefighting resources were quickly brought in from all over Western United States, as the fire was declared the top priority in the country. The fire is now within four miles of Woodland Park, but was being managed by the firefighters. However, late this afternoon a thunderstorm (more of a windstorm) blew the fires from Rampart Range down ... read more
Fire as seen from the street in front of our house
The firestorm on Rampart Range
Waldo Canyon Fire with close air support

North America » United States » Colorado » Woodland Park August 18th 2005

When our family moved from Brussels, Belgium to Falls Church, Virginia in November 1995, the plan was to retire in ten years after having built up enough equity in our home to be able to pay cash for a home in a lower cost area. From 1995 to 2005 we visited all 50 states to find the perfect place to retire. We didn't consider anywhere that was hot and humid; i.e., anywhere east of the Rocky Mountains. We finally decided on Woodland Park, Colorado, as it met most of our criteria: good climate, beautiful scenery, friendly people, centrally located, plenty of activities and places to visit nearby. I retired on August 3, 2005. As we were packing our household goods to move, our cat Prissy, who we got in 1984 just after moving to Brussels, and ... read more
Herd of mule deer feeding outside our kitchen window
Our home in winter
Bonnie with our house in background

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