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Tidligt op og hurtig morgenmad. Vi bor på en højslette i det sydlige Colorado – Mesa Verde. Vi har brugt dagen på at gå i fodsporene på de oprindelige beboere i dette område. De byggede huse i grotter der er naturligt skabt at vand. Grotterne ligger meget højt oppe i bjergene og vi har klatret i den tynde luft. Vi har faktisk lavet en slags klatre-limbo-parkour-tour. Det var endnu en sjov – og ikke museums agtig måde – at se lidt gammel historie på. Vi havde købt billetter til 2 guidede toure og tog en enkelt på egen hånd. Husene i grotterne er bygget af sandsten i omkring år 1200 og for at komme frem til ”byerne”, som hænger på bjergsiderne, skal man klatre på stiger udenpå bjergene, kravle gennem små gange i klipperne og balancere ... read more
Venter på afgang ned
Mere Cliff Palace
Der var mange trapper

Vi må indrømme at det kniber lidt med løbeturene herovre. Det betyder dog ikke nødvendigvis at vi ikke får pulsen op. Vi startede dagen med et adrenalinkick. Vi kørte ud af Ouray i sydlig retning. Det vi ikke lige havde taget højde for var, at vi på denne tur, for alvor, skulle op at klatre i Rocky Mountains. Jeg har sjældent kørt på så smalle og snoede bjergveje OG SÅ I ET MOTORHOME. Jeg må indrømme at jeg tænkte undervejs at det var bedst hvis jeg ikke lod mig mærke med at jeg var nervøs – for ungernes skyld. Jeg må også erkende, at jeg er glad for at Peter, først bagefter, indrømmede at han havde en smule svedige hænder indimellem. Mest på det første stykke af turen. Det var nemlig her vi kørte yderst, når ... read more
Passe på
Husk at dreje
Meget scenic

The One about Disappointment at Mesa Verde Sorry to set the tone for today so early, but it’s been that kind of day. It rained last night. I mean real rain!! I even turned on the wipers to clean the windshield. In that odd light, I saw a hole in my windshield. Take a look at any picture I have posted of Moya and look how big my windshield is. It is not only a hole, there is a crack as well. It’s not all the way thru, but the way she vibrates, I hope it just stays as it is until I can find someone to throw resin in it. GROWL. Despite that annoyance, I slept well, was up and gone from Ruins Road before 8:00. During my shower I noticed 3 red ant bites ... read more
Shiprock from the Distance
Shiprock getting closer
The road thru this part of NM looks like the moon

May 30 – Mesa Verde National Park to Denver – I woke up early this morning and so got an early start. I went by the gas station in the park to top off my tank and sure enough as I had been told about the card reader, “sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t”. This was one of those times it didn’t although I tried 2 different cards from 2 different banks. So I just headed out down the switchbacks and out of the park, then headed East to Durango. In Durango I topped off my tank and then went to the MacDonalds to have my breakfast of a Sausage, egg, Mcmuffin and a Sr Coffee. I checked out a few things on the internet and found a couple of motels in Pagosa Springs using ... read more
Treasure Falls South of Wolf Creek Pass

May 29 - Mesa Verde National Park – I arrived at Mesa Verde National Park yesterday evening and so most of the useful and helpful information about the park is posted in my previous blog for May 28. I have also added some more information to it. Most of the added information is near the end of the blog. So if you want to read that information go to my previous blog and then come back here for today’s blog. It was a bit brisk in the park last night. I had chosen a good campsite though and it was quiet with considerate campers nearby. I drove from the campsite to the camp store and got some coffee and got on the internet a bit to check in on things. Then I drove back towards the ... read more
The ladder to get out of the canyon


May 28 - Tuesday – Ouray to Mesa Verde National Park - This morning I headed south towards Mesa Verde National Park. So I came over 3 passes before breakfast, Red Mountain Pass 11,075 ft, Molas Pass 10,910, and Coal Bank Pass 10,640. Only thing was I didn't get any breakfast ! I got to the MacDonalds in Durango at 10:40 and they quit serving breakfast at 10:30 sharp. So I just got me a senior coffee for 54 cents and logged onto the internet at one of the 2 tables that had electrical connections. I always bring in my map, notebook etc. with me to lay on a table immediately when I get in to save it while I make my order. Of course I take my laptop bag with my laptop with me to ... read more

Wednesday 15/08/12 – We rolled out of bed, into some clothes and then into the car for the trip to the airport. The sun was just coming up which made the trip out of the city more interesting. After waving goodbye to Andrew, we headed into our first (of many) brushes with the American airport security system. We had to go through the usual metal detectors and ticket checks before having to remove our shoes and walk through their full-body X-ray machines. We booked our flight from Denver to New York via Dallas Texas as it was $150 pp cheaper. The first of our flights went fine but the flight from Dallas to New York turned into a bit of a production. A lightning storm was sitting over the city which meant that the plane went ... read more
Grand Central Station
New York Library
Yankees vs Rangers

If you are at all interested in American Indian cultures and/or archeology, you must put this National Park on your “bucket list”. There are over 4,500 archeological sites within the park with 600 of them being cliff dwellings. Sunday, May 6th 62 degrees at 10:00 with blue skies. 25054 is our starting mileage. As we left our camp site, we saw about 7 does in the underbrush/trees in back of the bathrooms. Up, up, up we climbed to the top of the next mesa at about 8,000 feet. Our first overlook was a view of the valley below and a glimpse of the old roadbed along knife edge. The park was a popular place in the early 1900’s for drivers of the new automobiles who wanted to challenge the steep grades of this park. Only the ... read more
512-43 Montezuma Valley Overlook
512-44 Knife Edge
512-45 Silver jewelry at museum

At first glance, the Southwestern deserts seem like the worst place on the continent to settle: hot in summer, cold in winter, and incredibly dry. In reality, several ancient tribes set up remarkably sophisticated civilizations here. They developed the large scale social organizations needed to build large scale irrigation works, plus remarkable stone settlements. Their remains now cover the region, haunting reminders of ancient humanity. The dry environment ensures that all is remarkably well preserved. I plan to see many of these sites over the next month. Cortez sits near one of the most famous. Mesa Verde A long low sandstone mesa rises south and west of town. It’s covered in pine trees. From a d... read more
San Juan Mountains
Cliff Palace kiva
Cliff Palance dwelling

So, 3 amazing places in 1 blog; after leaving Colorado Springs we drove for a long time and ended up being right at the centre of a storm that we had to cook our tea in, but we had shelter and it was good to have something to watch over tea; better than TV. We made it to the Sand Dunes early evening; when driving through to find a campsite we came across Rangers clearing the roads of mud damage from the storm! We did the usual set up camp, early night with an early rise next morning; well we wanted to avoid walking on the dunes in the midday sun. It was great fun walking on the dunes (well coming down was!); it was a tough 800ft climb to the top but the views were ... read more
Great Sand Dunes National Park
Sunset through the on coming storm
Mary in The Dunes

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