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North America » United States » Colorado » Denver March 3rd 2013

2 more days till we go! Linda is here to watch Callaway and take care of the house - time for a crash course on the car, my phone, Callaway stuff and house stuff!... read more

North America » United States » Colorado » Denver February 23rd 2013

We leave for our 10th anniversary trip on March 5th! Its coming up so fast - time to start thinking about packing. How to pack for that long is the current question...current thoughts - lots of neutrals and accessories to change things up!... read more

North America » United States » Colorado » Denver October 28th 2012

It's 6:45. My bags are mostly packed and I will be in Denver before dinnertime, but my adventure will begin shortly...right after I am done with this post actually. Mark is going to drive me to Boise and drop me off at the airport, then he will come back and pick me up later in the week. A few days ago I was a bit concern about the weather, but it seems to be only raining and hopefully it is too warm in Ladd Canyon for it to be able to be snowing through there. I am excited about the hotel I am staying at; it is right down town Denver. I've never gone to Denver, so this will be an entirely new experience for me, I can't wait to post pictures and write about everything ... read more

North America » United States » Colorado » Denver August 25th 2012

Sadly we departed Colorado this morning. We really enjoyed this trip as a vacation and Drew's first view of what college life will be like. We also enjoyed catching up with good friends. Until next time................ read more

North America » United States » Colorado » Denver August 24th 2012

We started the day off by riding bikes around the neighborhood and then headed off to downtown Denver. We walked the 16th Street Mall area touring the shops (sports ones especially) and stopped in to see the State Capitol building. It looks a lot like the PA Capitol in Harrisburg both outside and inside with the use of gold, paintings, murals, and sculptures. The view from the Capitol building includes the City of Denver main building which is also a grand building. We topped off the night with a trip to our friend's community pool where Sean and Drew splashed with boogie boards and Sean made his first "dive" into a pool.... read more
Colorado State Capitol
Inside the Capitol
Capitol Dome


North America » United States » Colorado » Denver August 14th 2012

Thursday 09/08/12 – Last night was the hottest night of the trip so far. We slept in our underwear with the tent doors open exposed to the rest of the campground; we were both beyond caring though. We headed west traversing a complicated system of highways. We eventually made it onto the Extraterrestrial Highway (yes that is its official name) and headed out into the desert towards the UFO hotspot of Rachel, Nevada which is a town on the edge of the secret US air force base Area 51. As we neared Area 51 our communication systems started to behave strangely with our voices dropping in and out (aliens?). Then we could see a thick plume of smoke coming from Area 51 (alien spaceship crash landed?). We made it to Rachel and organised a room at ... read more
A strangely warped photo (my only explanation: Aliens!)
The Little A'le'Inn
Princess Leia at The Little A'le'Inn

North America » United States » Colorado » Denver August 12th 2012

Luckily we had an uneventful flight and landed in Denver today. We started off at Shepler's to get some new boots and hats for our adventure.... read more
Sean Sporting his new hat

North America » United States » Colorado » Denver August 12th 2012

So I got the call Monday confriming that I had a job in Incheon, South Korea! Every since then it's been a whirlwind of activity getting all the paperwork filled out and sent out. The first day I called Mom about 10 times giving her updates on what was going on, things I need to get, and is this really happening. This past week I've been getting my apartment packed up, meeting up with friends, and closing things down here in Colorado and getting prepared for my year abroad. It'll be weird living in a foreign country but I'm looking forward to learning about their culture and traveling in that part of the world! Wish me luck!... read more

North America » United States » Colorado » Denver August 10th 2012

We'll be hitting the road for Colorado tomorrow. Looking forward to heading west for another great adventure.... read more

North America » United States » Colorado » Denver July 4th 2012

Bad start with phone alarms going off at 6am (NYC time and forgot to change timezone !!) I did the breaky run as everyone was really feeling tired after all the action so far (was it 4 of 5 trips I had to make downstairs?) Cereal, Bananas, Muffins, OJ & AJ, Hot Chocolate, Toast & Marmalade, Milk, Yoghurts. Being 4th July we had sourced an outlet shopping sale at Castle Rock about 40km south of Denver on the way to Colorado Springs. The road we travelled on was the Interstate # 25 and the weather today was a lot clearer and we could actually just see the Rocky Mountains although there was little snow on the peaks after the heat wave conditions the USA has had for the last 2 weeks. We arrived in Castle Rock ... read more
My new Mints !!
Elise's Jewellery Receipt. $6.44 in total saving $74.03 !!
Elise admiring a hard day's work

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