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I have used miles (or paper upgrades) to upgrade to First and Business Class on several airlines, mostly United, Virgin America, US Scare, Hawaiian, and Alaska, but also many foreign airlines, like China Airlines, British Airways, Singapore Airlines, Ethiopian Airlines, and Thai Airways. Some are worth it, some are not. But here are some things that just might blow your socks off! Showers I hear that Emirates Airlines has hot showers and lie flat beds. But the shower limit is 5 minutes! A Bidet ANA has warm water bidets in first class. I would rather have more expensive champagne than warm water on my butt! img= A Seat and a Bed The first class cabin on Lufthansa has both a seat and a bed, all in the upper deck of the 747, with a capacity of ... read more

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The emotion associated with leaving people and the place that you have lived for the past 20 years is of course huge, but this blog is not about that personal side of events, but rather about what comes from motorcycling to clear ones head for what lies ahead in life. This blog is about a 2500 mile motorcycle trip and what happens on the way. Its about the sheer joy of motorcycling through the ups and downs that occur on any long trip and the people that share that trip with you. The trip today is all about route 8 east which I joined from route 67 having left Poway (where I live for now) by what I would call the back route - that is away from the coast. It strange to be traveling the ... read more

North America » United States » California » San Francisco February 17th 2014

What truly makes a holiday.... I've always lived by a motto when I travel... Tourists see sights.... Travellers experience culture Nothing upsets me more than seeing people pile off a bus to take photos of a landmark before jumping back on and heading to the next stop. How are they experiencing the country... the culture... the essence that makes a place hum and tick, when they never socialise with anyone other than their own group and never experience the local way of life. In my mind, this is the difference between a tourist and a traveller. Apon arriving in San Francisco and finding parking, hostel and all the mundane things, I met one of my roommates and hit it off. Ross, from Detroit, was a fellow traveller that's been working around the world for the last ... read more

Well, I never did this when I was a "road warrior" but times have changed. Check out this article. Your colleagues who stay in the office probably have the idea that business travelers live pretty high on the hog, eating and drinking in swanky restaurants and putting it all on the company tab. But a new report from Certify, a firm that tracks business travel spending, puts the lie to that notion. The report lists the specific vendors that road warriors tend to include the most on expense reports from business trips, and the three that top the list are hardly five-star establishments — they’re more like the kind of places someone might rush into at the airport on the way to a flight. Starbucks tops the list, followed by McDonald’s and Subway. Rounding out the ... read more

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There has been a few random changes of plan which have actually worked out really well and led me to go to San Diego for a month to do a work for my accommodation job in a hostel. This was due to the huge fee to change the date of my flight from LA to Lima as when I originally booked it I thought I would be in California for longer. For the cost to change the ticket I was going to be able to stay in LA and work for my accommodation and spend the same sort of money so I thought why not. Accept I didn't stay in LA as the place I was staying didn't have any jobs, plus their were a few creepy characters who I was happy to leave behind. So ... read more
Venice beach


North America » United States » California » Redding February 10th 2014

Hallo zusammen Weihnachten scheint schon eine Ewigkeit her zu sein und das Wetter hier in Redding hat so richtig gedreht! Es regnet! Und zwar im Schweizer-Stil! Also Dauerregen... seit drei Tagen und das sollte noch ein paar Tage so bleiben. Die Locals sind erleichtert, denn ab Mitte Dezember war es tagsüber zwischen 15 und 25 Grad warm und sonnig. Soooo schön!!! Im Sommertenue Mountainbiken und draussen herumhängen, den Frühlingsduft der blühenden Bäume einatmen, mmmhhh, dagegen hatte ich gar nichts!! Nachts war es aber jeweils kalt, wie immer die grossen Temperaturunterschiede zwischen Tag und Nacht. Ja, letztes Wochenende erlebte ich ein paar Schreckensstunden! Am Freitag Abend als ich das gemütliche Barnes & Noble nach etwa 1,5 Stunden verliess, war mein Velo einfach nicht mehr da! Das Schloss sauber durchtrennt hing verloren am Geländer und das war einer ... read more

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5th & 6thFebruary San Francisco Arrived San Francisco early morning, and passed under Golden Gate Bridge just after 5.15 am. Before disembarkation for our trips we had to pass through immigration (AGAIN). Our allotted time was 07.45 am. An hour and a half later we passed through the immigration channel. You can imagine the frustration in the queue which literally stretched the length of the ship at one stage. No one was leaving the ship until everyone had been seen!! And there’s always one (or in this case three) that held up proceedings!! This stop is also a changeover port and some 1400 passengers will disembark over the next two days. There will also be some changes in the crew including the captain. It will be interesting to see how the dynamics change with new passengers ... read more

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And The Challenges Of International Driving Now I'm not going to sugar coat this.... driving on the right side of the road is exhausting!! Not so much physically but mentally it drains you. It should be said that I really enjoy long distance driving. The open road, music cranked, nothing but possibilities in front. But when having to constantly think for hours on end it can get a bit much. You see, it's not just the constant reminder you need to give yourself to stay right... it's the little things too. The fact that because you're in a left hand drive you continuously hit the door as you automatically go to change gears... that you find yourself glancing up and to the left only to find the rear view mirror is not where you're use to ... read more

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I ran across a rather interesting article today about travel burnout. I have not fallen victim to that awful disease, yet. In my days of business travel, I often wished I was already home, and hated flight delays and cancellations. Here they are, 15 signs of travel burnout, along with some comments by me. 1. If you over plan everything. Yes, one of the great joys of traveling is to meet the unexpected, to explore, and to discover. Likewise, planning too many things takes away from spontaneity, and reduces the chances of some great experiences. This does not mean going crazy with irrational behavior or dangerous impulsiveness, particularly in risky situations. 2. If you can't laugh off frustrations. Things like flight delays, bad meals or service, dirty hotel rooms, and obnoxious neighbors are going to happen. ... read more

I seem to be stealing my themes from various websites. But they are generally thought provoking, even when I do not always agree with them. But I like this list from Lonely Planet (for a change). 1. Women should not travel alone. Of course, it depends on the risk or danger level. Some women would not be comfortable in the Middle East, or with some of the latest problems in India. But countries like Japan, Australia, and much of Europe are very safe for solo women. Who knows? they might meet their future spouse. 2. Don't eat the street food. How better to greet the culture as well as find a delicious and inexpensive meal or snack. But pick and choose carefully. I always find the longest line, or the cleanest vendor. The coffee in Laos ... read more

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