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North America » United States » California » Carlsbad April 10th 2014

As always, it has been too long. Which in this case is a good thing, as it means I've been busy! It has now been exactly three months since I arrived in California, so let me catch you up to speed... I moved in, furnished my room, had a job interview at SEA LIFE, joined a gym, landed a seasonal job at SEA LIFE, decided to learn Spanish, started working, started working out, started to hang out with people from work outside of work, got bumped up to a part-time (read: permanent) position at SEA LIFE, started running again, continued practicing my Spanish, planned lots of social gatherings with co-workers, and most recently, applied for and landed an educator position at SEA LIFE. Basically my days are spent alternating between work, exercise, beer, and sleep- and ... read more
My daily routine
Meditation garden

North America » United States » California » Los Angeles April 10th 2014

Well here we are in the mighty US of A...... Left home on Tuesday afternoon to check in to the Holiday Inn at Melbourne Airport. After our arrival we decided to head in to the restaurant at HI but after deciding that we didn't wan't to remortgage the house to pay for Gman's steak it was off to Maccy D's or otherwise know as the mighty Golden Arches..recognised as a quality fast food venue. After choosing to eat off their fancy Menu (I use the term "Fancy" very loosely), we ate what consisted of a cardboard cutout of their chicken burger and then off to bed for a 4am start. After booking our early morning wake up call, we climb into bed and have a very limited amount of shut eye. Every hour I wake hoping ... read more
Our flight QF93
Our plane. Massive!
Very excited.

Nach einem langen aber durchaus gutem Flug sind wir in SFO (San Francisco) angekommen. Die Kinder waren super und haben so gut es ging mitgemacht, vorallem auch bei der Einreise, noch bevor wir unsere Koffer in Empfang nehmen konnten (2h in einer sich nicht bewegender Schlange). Danach ging es aber flott weiter mit transfer zum Hotel und einchecken. Nun, 2 Nächte später und viel Schlaf (ein einen kurzen Tag in SFO), warten wir auf den Abholservice, um uns zum Camper-Vermieter zu bringen. In der Zwischenzeit (Samstag) sind wir nun auf unserem ersten RV Platz für die Nacht (nach einer schweisstreibenden Fahrt durch SFO). Die Fahrt war ziemlich abenteuerlich durch SFO und mit einem Zwischenhalt in einem riiiiiiiiesigen Supermarkt hatten wir uns mit dem Nötigsten eingedeckt. Um ehrlich zu sein, der Camping-Platz hier ist nicht berauschend, mehr ... read more

Most peoples' main association with Yosemite National Park seems to be that that's where Yogi the Bear came from. Not true: he came from Yellowstone National Park or to be more precise: "Jellystone". On the other hand what Yosemite does have is actual bears. When I think of Yosemite I think of the magnificent photos of Ansel Adams the famous American photographer of the mid-20th century whose black and white pictures taken around the park are hyper-real, textural and intense - of skies, forests and most especially giant granite cliffs, waterfalls, lakes and mountains. Maria Chiara and I had one evening, one day and one morning in the park and we had a wonderful experience. After a long drive coming from the south (where we had inevitably lingered slightly too long at a vineyard tasting) we ... read more
El Capitan
A bear repellent rock
Vernal Falls

North America » United States » California » San Diego » Hillcrest March 30th 2014

getting ready for trip to New Zealand, First stop is Auckland, where an old friend of mine from Sarasota Memorial lives now. arrive on April 3. Staying in Auckland for 4 days, hope to play golf and see the sites there. on to wellington, queens town, doubtful sound, dunedin and christchurch before heading back home! Enjoy my trip.... read more


Hey Everybody, I did something that I wanted to tell to you about. I finished hiking from my home in downtown Santa Barbara to Ventura county line. It's only about 20 miles as the crow flies, but it is 60 miles as I walked. I thought of doing a hike across the county when Grace and I were on the Camino de Santiago in Spain last year near Pamplona - see previous blog. I did this hike in 8 separate hikes and only one 3-day backpacking weekend. I have really enjoyed getting out and doing a systematic hike instead of randomly hiking places. Grace has gone with me on 3 of the hikes and has helped me by driving so that I don't have to double back. About 30 of the miles were from backtracking to ... read more
Infested Log
My Little Friend

North America » United States » California » Temecula March 14th 2014

The next three days were pretty uneventful. I worked all day, we had lunch, took a walk. The weather seems to have a pattern. It was overcast in the morning, cleared up with bright sunshine and blue skies by noon. In the afternoon the wind would really pick up and by dusk it would be calm again. On Wednesday night we went to Karl Strauss for dinner. it was so good. We sat outside on the heated patio. Ken had a delicious caesar salad that he ended up sharing with me-it was so good! I had a mixed green salad that was just ok. We shared a dinner: French cut pork chops (my fav), steamed green beans and broccoli. It also came with yummy mashed potatoes that I passed on. It is a micro brewery so ... read more

North America » United States » California » Orange County » Irvine March 13th 2014

"Ok, so that is 10 socks, 12 shirts, wait, did I pack this?" "What else do I need again?" "Oh, I need a camera, fanny pack, I officially am an Asian tourist..." I am going to be an Asian tourist in an Asian country. Ha! The problem was I had scribbled down everything I needed for a 2.5 week trip that I couldn't read my own writing. Penmanship isn't my forte, and my mom would have been proud if I had been a doctor, I mean I have the writing down for a doctor at least. The weather in Bali is atrocious, scattered rain/thunderstorms with high humidity for the entire duration I am there...YUP! You read that right, the island where I am staying where is known for its beaches and resorts has a forecast ... read more

North America » United States » California » Temecula March 10th 2014

The day started early...5:30 am. I am working remotely this week and Atlanta is 3 hours ahead thanks to the hour change. Ken made lattes and oatmeal before he left for deep sea fishing. He and Larry are hoping to have better luck by going out on a boat. I had researched and found a place in Oceanside Harbor near where they were yesterday: Helgren's Sportfishing. Henna stopped over and asked if I wanted a salad for lunch...sure! I took a break and took a short walk around the park. It is another pretty day here in Southern California. Back to work. At noon I went over to her RV and we carried our lunch outside to enjoy the weather. I'm going to miss them. They are leaving to go back to Tucson tomorrow. After lunch ... read more

North America » United States » California » Carlsbad March 9th 2014

We were all up by 7 am drinking lattes by the fireplace. Ken made oatmeal for everyone. We sat around discussing what to do today-another gorgeous day. I found a place to visit-The Flower Fields at Carlsbad Ranch-(50 acres of color in bloom on a hillside overlooking the Pacific Ocean. For over sixty years, the rolling hills of Carlsbad have been a spectacular and coordinated display of natural color and beauty. The nearly fifty acres of Giant Tecolote Ranunculus flowers that make up The Flower Fields at Carlsbad Ranch are in a full bloom for approximately six to eight weeks each year - from early March through early May - literally bringing the famous fields back to life. This annual burst of color, which has become part of the area's local heritage, is also one of ... read more

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