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North America » United States » California July 23rd 2014

Tis' the night before my road-trip up the west coast of 'Merica. I'm from Texas, and I'm not uber creative, so I took the opening to a famous poem). This morning, my best friends' mom called me, to check-in, to see how life was. "I'm apathetic," I told her. As a teacher, I have several weeks off in the summer, and for once, I'm not teaching summer school. And, instead of enjoying the time off, I'm bored. :/ Teachers loathe August, look forward to Christmas/Spring/Summer break like a fly towards smelly cheese; yet when I have this time-off, I'm bored! . Not phased by my whining, she fired back with: "If you had one week left on earth, what would you do?" was her question swatted back at me. "Drive to Portland?" I answered nonchalantly. The ... read more

If you travel, a little or a lot, chances are you have had some issues packing the right amount for your trip. My problem is that I usually pack too much on International trips. But since most of my "extras" are disposable, I donate them to needy people, particular in Third World countries. For long weekend trips, or trips of about 5-7 days, I am the "master". Anything longer, and I bring too much! There are some obvious rules or guidelines to follow, to pack optimally, and still enjoy your trip. I also believe that packing lighter is good, and that you can buy whatever you forgot. The hotel will have what you need? Generally this is true. But once in a while, they don't have a hair dryer or little shampoo bottles. Hair dryers are ... read more

North America » United States » California July 20th 2014

Bienvenu chers amis, mais surtout chère famille car ce blog est surtout fait pour vous !! Nous tenterons chaque jours durant ces 2 semaines de bonheur au coeur du continent américain de vous faire profiter de chaque moment que nous vivons. Sur ce bon voyage ;-)... read more

North America » United States » California July 20th 2014

Nous voilà donc arrivé en Californie après 11 douloureuses heures d'avion. J'ai pu trouver le sommeil et sombrer dans les bars de Morphée mais Edouard n'a malheureusement pas réussi à effectuer cet exploit ! Arrivé à 4h du matin soit 18h à San Francisco, nous sommes ensuite sortie de l'aéroport pour prendre un "Hotel Shuttle" qui correspond à une sorte de taxi en covoiturage (cela explique son coût réduit). Après une bonne vingtaine de minutes de voiture ... OUF ! Enfin arrivé devant l'hôtel. Une belle chambre nous attendait muni d'un grand écran plasma, bref je ne vous fait pas de dessin il ne nous à fallu que 2 épisodes de la série friends en anglais (of course) pour nous effondrer ! Ainsi s'acheva notre premier jour (enfin notre première nuit) à San Francisco ... A ... read more

Saturday - our goodbyes to Blake and Suze, have had such a great week with them, sightseeing, shopping, restaurants, bars etc, lots of fun and laughs! Blake and Suze left by 7.00a.m. as they had a 11.00a.m. flight back home from John Wayne Airport, we left a little later around 8.15a.m. - John wanted to check out an RV to hire for our trip next year - so did that enroute to dropping car off at John Wayne. Our limousine driver was there to collect us and take us to our accom in Venice Beach. Everyone keeps telling me about all the weirdos that live in Venice, they are NOT wrong!!! We are literally 20-30 metres off the beach, fantastic position - coming up to the apartment block looks very, very dodgy but once inside great ... read more


Or how to best piss off a flight attendant. Once the friendly skies were gone, and after 9-11, the flight attendants original mission, that of patient safety and comfort, has long been forgotten, at least by American based airlines. The foreign airlines treat their passengers like gold. I was recently on both a Korean Airlines flight, and a Lufthansa flight. Both were better than anything I have flown domestically. So, does the cheap fare, and all the "nickel and diming" us give the right to complain about everything? I think not. Likewise, can't the flight attendant at least pretend to like having a job that pays him/her a salary and travel perks? So, who are the ones causing all of this animosity between passengers and flight attendants? I assure you it is not me. 1. Coffee, ... read more
Bring Cash, Lots of It!!!!
Avoid the thundering herd!

North America » United States » California July 19th 2014

Hello! I am going to try this "Travel Blog" thing that everyone has been telling me to do, but I might need a few reminders to keep updating this thing if I don't do it for a while. I am currently sitting at my gate in LAX (its exactly 7:03pm in California) and I have about three more hours until my flight to Sydney, Australia takes off. I was freaking out this morning when I woke up at 6am full of energy like a three year old. My dad made me bacon and eggs and then I went right back to sleep. When I woke up again at 10am (like a regular person) I was so ready to go! My heart was racing the whole time we were driving the two hours it takes to get ... read more

Thursday - had a little sleep in, boys did their own thing and I walked to the local shopping centre and had a mani and pedi which was a real treat, until I went to pay and they didn't take credit card, handed in watch and walked 20 minutes back to the villa to get some cash off Mark, then John drove me back to pay. Have had a bit of trouble with our passport cash card getting money transferred onto it! John was on the blower that night at 11.30p.m. trying to get things organised. Later in the arvo went around the main pool at the resort and had a cold beer at their bar, few laughs and fun, then drove down to Palm Springs for their Thursday night street market, where they close off ... read more

North America » United States » California » San Jose July 18th 2014

7/8 My flight to LAX from Lima was really long, about 8.5 hours, and I didn't sleep at all. I sat next to a cool guy who went to the USA v Belgium game and was only out of the US for 8 days. He took a zany-bar and passed out before we even took off. I watched Jurassic Park, Need for Speed, Zoolander, and Bad Words on the flight. While I was in LAX I bought Ender's Game and the sequel, since I lost my other copy in Manaus. On the flight to San Fran I chatted with my neighbors and finished Ender's Game. My neighbors were a mother and daughter in 7th grade flying home to San Fran from Melbourne, Australia. I talked to them about my trip and that I saved up for ... read more

North America » United States » California July 17th 2014

Start: Vacaville, Ziel: San Francsico, Tageskilometer: 95, Höchstgeschwindigkeit: 61.3, Gesamtkilometer:6'383.3 (4'025 Meilen). Fahren zurück zur Route da das Motel in Vaccaville etwas abseits der Route liegt. Ein kalter Wind bläst uns entgegen. Vorher, in luftigen Höhe war es so heiss und nun, da wir nur wenige Meter über dem Meeresspiegel sind, ist es relativ frisch. Zuerst fahren wir dem Pleasant Valley entlang. In Fairfield müssen wir dan den Hwy 80 überqueren. Haben mühe, den richtigen Weg zu finden und vefahren uns ein paar Mal bis wir den Veloweg entlang des Highways finden. Geht etwas auf und ab durch die kahlen Berge. Dann kommen wir um ca. 13.00 h an der Peripherie von Vallejo an. Dort müssen wir zuerst etwas essen da das Frühstück nicht sehr ergiebig war. Wollen eigentlich über den Hwy 37 nach Sausolito fahren. ... read more
Hwy 80
Yeah - we made it!

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