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Most peoples' main association with Yosemite National Park seems to be that that's where Yogi the Bear came from. Not true: he came from Yellowstone National Park or to be more precise: "Jellystone". On the other hand what Yosemite does have is actual bears. When I think of Yosemite I think of the magnificent photos of Ansel Adams the famous American photographer of the mid-20th century whose black and white pictures taken around the park are hyper-real, textural and intense - of skies, forests and most especially giant granite cliffs, waterfalls, lakes and mountains. Maria Chiara and I had one evening, one day and one morning in the park and we had a wonderful experience. After a long drive coming from the south (where we had inevitably lingered slightly too long at a vineyard tasting) we ... read more
El Capitan
A bear repellent rock
Vernal Falls

6.30am We woke up, Deer family outside the bedroom window! Went upstairs to the main house where Joe had cooked us the all American breakfast, cinnamon waffles, eggs, bacon sausage. Delicious. Have put on about 10lbs in weight, in 3 days. Baron went out on to the balcony after breakfast fed the deer some waffles. 10.00am We set off for Yosemite and it was a beautiful drive, we took the 120 hwy which had only been reopened the day before. As we got nearer to Yosemite we could see some of the fire damage. Over 250,000 acres have been burnt. It is a huge area. When we got further in the views of rocks the valleys were amazing! We got in to the National park area and took an internal bus to the visitor centre. We ... read more
Balcony Area
Baron playing with Cubby

I am being slightly lazy in that I'm going to combine today and yesterday's blog into one so I hope you can all forgive me for that. Kit has asked me to voice his displeasure at some of the comments I have been making about him, so now I have mentioned that I have another quality comment from Kit. Dad had just said to Fred that he could be the one to introduce Smooth 70s radio to Franklin House when he starts at Canford to which Kit pipes up, no Joe already listens to 80s and 90s music! Once again, Idiot! Now that is out of the way I will proceed with an account of yesterday's activities. We rose slightly later than anticipated meaning that a hike in the national park would have to be postponed ... read more

We made it to Yosemite today. Todd’s early rise enabled us to cross the park entrance gate just after 10:00 am, so we had a lot of time to drive through the scenic roads and explore the visitor center. In a word, the biggest first impression the park made was rock. Massive, unyielding, monoliths dominate the landscape in ways not even the Grand Tetons did. These glacier-formed, almost white, sloping mounts border the eastern entrance to the park on almost every turn. The well-known El Capitan and Half Dome were visible almost our entire drive from the eastern entrance into the valley. A drive that Todd and I agreed was the most harrowing we have undertaken so far. I am not exaggerating when I say that we did not experience any stretch of straight road longer ... read more
Yosemite Traffic
Welcome to Yosemite
Let the turns begin

Jadąc do parku narodowego Yosemite byliśmy przygotowani na uroczą dolinę otoczoną górami, jaką można znaleźć choćby w Polsce. Zastaliśmy jednak kolejny cud przyrody – dolinę otoczoną ze wszystkich stron skalnymi ścianami, pełną zieleni i uroczych wodospadów. Wspaniałe miejsce na spędzenie niedzieli – najpierw 3-godzinna wyprawa pod wodospad Yosemite a następnie leżakowanie nad rzeką Merced :) Z parku wyjeżdżaliśmy tzw. Tioga Road, która dostarczyła nam kolejnych spektakularnych widoków – wijąca się wśród skał i rzek, z maksymalną wysokością 3,031m (najwyższy szczyt w naszym życiu J). Po drodze udało nam się zobaczyć prawdziwego niedźwiedzia (!), który jednak nie dał się sfotografować i szybko czmychnął w las. Yosemite polecamy każdemu! /// Yosemite National Park was another great point of our trip – wonderful im... read more


Sorry for the lack of updates. We didn't have internet access whilst we were in Yosemite and have only just acquired it now we have arrived in Las Vegas. We left San Francisco on Monday and on our way out of the city, we drove down the famous winding Lombard street that has been in various films etc. Our hotel was located just outside of the Yosemite national park entrance and had a great view of the Merced river that flows through the park. The park covers over 3000 square km with numerous peaks and valleys providing spectacular views. We went rafting down the river and were able to enjoy the views whilst drifting on the water. The flow was generally slow moving, although it did get a little more lively at some points which was ... read more
Yosemite Lake
Coyote or Wolf - we didn't ask

Nach mehr as drei Wochen im Yosemite Valley gibt es so viel zu erzählen, dass es vermutlich alle außer mir selbst langweilt :). Deswegen gibts jetzt mal Kategorien: Schlafen, orientieren, essen, waschen, bewegen. Schlafen Das Camp 4 ist die Adresse um hier im Yosemite Valley billig zu übernachten. Pro Person und Nacht kann man sein ganzes Campingzeug in den Zeltplatz tragen, denn hier parken die Autos außerhalb. 2003 wurde Camp 4 in das National Register of Historic Places aufgenommen, Begründung: Its significant association with the growth and development of rock climbing in the Yosemite Valley during the 'golden years' of pioneer mountaineering Da das Camp 4 der billigste Campingplatz und eben sehr beliebt ist, darf man sich morgens sehr früh anstellen und maximal pro Person eine Woche bleiben. Taucht man in der Schlange um sechs Uhr ... read more
nach einer Vierseillängen-Tour
vom Glacier Point Richtung Half Dome
hoch zum Glacier Point

Yosemite We were originally booked into a cabin but on arrival at the park gates we received warning pamphlets about the Hantavirus outbreak that’s been on the news for a few weeks, a rare but serious disease that can be fatal.. so after checking out the cabin – which would have been awesome under normal conditions the decision was made to find other accommodation, it was getting dark, there were road works, we didn’t know our way around and most places were fully booked! We found even better accommodation at Tanya Lodge, an amazing resort with wonderful views and outdoor activities on offer. We were surrounded by trees and only a couple of miles outside the actual park. The air was so fresh and crisp; I wish I could have bottled the air! We went for ... read more
Faithful Couple
Spot Jason - bottom left
Bridalveil Falls

The Sierra Nevada is a mountain range designed for the superlative. It wins the gold medal for the largest living things in the world (Giant Sequoias), the oldest living things in the world (Bristlecone Pines), the highest mountain in the USA, some of the tallest waterfalls, and of course, the most famous National Park, Yosemite. But its discovery is linked to gold of a very different sort, in the form of the mining rush that swept the area in the mid-19thcentury, creating boom towns and then abandoning them with relentless indifference, pursuing only the wealth that the right claim could uncover. The foothills of the Sierras are full of these gold rush towns, preserved with their wooden boardwalks, false-fronted main streets and leafy avenues. Some are living, like the beautiful little town of Murphys, with its ... read more
Tuolumne Meadows, Yosemite
Out for a morning stroll
Tuolumne Meadows Scene

Took a two week adventure to California. Visted my cousins and they showed me San Francisco where they reside and the surrounding area. While in San Fran I hit up many local spots including the Tee Off which has amazing food if you ever head to the outer richmond region. Hops and Hominey is another must stop for food if your in downtown San Fran. As well we visted the California Academy of Sciences, a Giants game and much more. Then we headed north to Lake Tahoe where we spent two beautiful days on the lake, and then headed to Yosemite National Park. Unfortuantly we only had time to do the drive through, but I plan on going back and getting the full experiance!... read more
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