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North America » United States » California » San Diego April 20th 2014

Hallo zusammen. Wow, ist schon einiges passiert seit dem letzen Blog Eintrag! Zuerst einmal, es geht uns allen sehr gut, wir geniessen die Zeit hier miteinander und nehmen einen Tag nach dem Anderen. Was ist passiert? Nach SFO sind wir weiter in den Süden gezogen, nach Santa Cruz / Monterey / Watsonville. Hier hatten wir einen wunderschönen Campingplatz mit riesiger Auswahl an Kinderspielplätzen (Klettertürme, Sprungkissen, Pool, etc.) Auch zu unserer Freude hatten unsere Nachbarn auf dem Campingplatz zwei Kinder im Alter von 3 und 5, perfekt für Justin. Mit Baggern, Schaufel und sonstigem Spielzeug ausgerüstet, kamen die Kids direkt auf Justin zu. Sie haben sich von Anfang an gut verstanden. Justin redet heute noch gerne von “seinen Freunden”. Auch wir haben mit Ihnen am Abend am Campingplatz Marshmellows "S'Mores"grilliert und Geschichten ausgetauscht. Nicht zu vergessen sind ... read more

North America » United States » California » San Diego » Hillcrest April 15th 2014

What a wonderful trip. For us two weeks was good. Getting tired of hotels and eating out! Last day in Christchurch weather was very nice sunny, and warm like San Diego. Hotels we stayed at were all pretty decent hilton and sofitel were very nice and made the trip luxurious when we needed it. wine excellent. food not too bad ,nothing spectacular. Mostly the cafés pretty good for food and people watching .mostly students from all over the world working as wait staff hiking on their off time. Expensive here though eating out very expensive. Hotels average prices as on states car rental and gas r high. Save a Lititle bit of NZ money for small food , drinks in airport, most vendors chArge fee if u use credit card for purchase. Farewell to our friends ... read more
bungy jumping off the Sky Tower
meet up with our niece in Quuenstown
at the Albatross Conservatory in Otago Penisula

North America » United States » California » San Diego » Hillcrest March 30th 2014

getting ready for trip to New Zealand, First stop is Auckland, where an old friend of mine from Sarasota Memorial lives now. arrive on April 3. Staying in Auckland for 4 days, hope to play golf and see the sites there. on to wellington, queens town, doubtful sound, dunedin and christchurch before heading back home! Enjoy my trip.... read more

I am so grateful for the travel agent for messing up my flights as I have had such an awesome time in San Diego. It really is a great city and so easy to get to the beach as well, it has it all! Well, accept good public transport but this seems to be a running theme in America. I have been terrible at keeping my diary over the last 3 weeks so I'm going to have to just try and recap what I've been up to from memory. When I last wrote I was going to Balboa Park which I believe is bigger than Central Park and home to lots of museums. Brogan and I managed to get into the Photographic Art Museum for free and it was amazing. My favourite exhibition was the one ... read more
Pet walking
La Jolla
La Jolla

North America » United States » California » San Diego » La Jolla February 23rd 2014

The emotion associated with leaving people and the place that you have lived for the past 20 years is of course huge, but this blog is not about that personal side of events, but rather about what comes from motorcycling to clear ones head for what lies ahead in life. This blog is about a 2500 mile motorcycle trip and what happens on the way. Its about the sheer joy of motorcycling through the ups and downs that occur on any long trip and the people that share that trip with you. The trip today is all about route 8 east which I joined from route 67 having left Poway (where I live for now) by what I would call the back route - that is away from the coast. It strange to be traveling the ... read more


North America » United States » California » San Diego » Coronado February 11th 2014

There has been a few random changes of plan which have actually worked out really well and led me to go to San Diego for a month to do a work for my accommodation job in a hostel. This was due to the huge fee to change the date of my flight from LA to Lima as when I originally booked it I thought I would be in California for longer. For the cost to change the ticket I was going to be able to stay in LA and work for my accommodation and spend the same sort of money so I thought why not. Accept I didn't stay in LA as the place I was staying didn't have any jobs, plus their were a few creepy characters who I was happy to leave behind. So ... read more
Venice beach

North America » United States » California » San Diego January 31st 2014

Thursday, 30 January, 2014 We drove through downtown San Diego to the waterfront, specifically to the USS Midway, a retired aircraft carrier built in the 1940’s. We first visited the statues honoring Bob Hope and his many years of entertaining our troops in war zones. Next is a huge statue of the iconic photo taken in Times Square of a sailor kissing a nurse on VE Day. Then we boarded the Midway, my first step aboard a US Navy vessel. Kerry spent some time aboard ship (LSD Ashland) and it was interesting to see the size of the bunks (berths) assigned to enlisted personnel. It’s hard to see how he fit in the bunk, much less how he ever was able to turn over once in it. While the Midway seems small compared to carriers of ... read more
Bob Hope
Bob Hope and his happily receptive audience
The sailor and the nurse

North America » United States » California » San Diego December 4th 2013

Ok just had an earthquake 11pm. Called Shannon to see if I should run out into the street but she said no, but if I felt that it was necessary I could hide under the desk. But guess I will blog instead. Spent all morning at urgent care center for Jim. He has a double ear infection & was miserable. Got prescriptions, meds & steroids & seemed somewhat better later today. We had lunch at baha breeze I think it is called for tacos/buritos. Yummy. Then drove down Pacific highway to Laguna beach. (That was the beach we missed last time we were in California cuz we were at emergency room cuz Jim had a double ear infection) I think I see a pattern here. Poor Jim. Flying always messes with his ears. Laguna Beach was ... read more

North America » United States » California » San Diego December 4th 2013

Oops cut me off b4 done. Pat Shannon & Jamie have been so awesome to us the whole trip in Vegas. And now in California Pat & Shannon have been driving us everywhere! We kid around (just teasing about the earthquake comments) & we are having the best vacation ever! Thanks kids!... read more

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