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North America » United States » California » Napa Valley April 13th 2014

With a week spent in Las Vegas, it was definitely time to move on away from all the bright lights, poolside bars and ringing casinos and get back to nature... but with a twist. Westward, you climb out of the valley through the Rainbow Mountains where, would you believe it, I actually got some flurries of snow... I couldn't believe it either!! The temperature dropped from 86F (27C) down to 42F (5C) in the space of 20 miles before rising again to nearly 90F (29C) as I came down the other side. Now if I thought it was dry and barren in Vegas then this was Mars! Sand and rock, as far as the eye could see, meant that I had entered Death Valley National Park. Death Valley is like nothing I've ever seen.... to most ... read more

North America » United States » California » Napa Valley January 28th 2014

For the love of wine The breathtaking views of Napa left me speechless. During my trip to Napa Valley, I discovered great wine, yummy cheese and natural beauty. So, here you go, my favorite wineries in Napa Valley.. 1. Castello di Amorosa (Castle of love) There is something about castles that I absolutely adore. This castle was the first I’ve experienced and I absolutely loved it. The castle was aaaamazing and the wine even better. Tourist trap or not, this winery is worth visiting. The architecture was stunning. 2. Sterling Vineyards The ambiance of this vineyard is beautiful. It’s such a unique and lasting experience. Wine tasting comes in several packages and of course we chose the silver. I opted for the silver package not becaus... read more
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North America » United States » California » Napa Valley November 23rd 2013

On Tuesday and Wednesday we explored wine country with our friend Eleanor- thanks to whom we found some very interesting wineries. Suisun Valley(pronounced Susan) had some interesting wineries with very friendly and informative staff- a few we visited were Wooden Valley Winery, Ledgewood Winery and GV Cellars noted for their Zinfandels, Chardonnays and Pinot Noirs. Wednesday was our splurge day as we had booked on the Napa Valley Wine Train dressed up as it was in the former days of luxury train travel. The trip included travel through the Napa Valley passing by some of the larger well-known wineries such as Robert Mondavi, Stag's Leap and Beringer as well as a wonderful gourmet lunch. The service on board was impeccable and the views really lovely in the afternoon autumn sunlight. We continued on to three more ... read more
A little local colour
A view of the Darioush Winery
A view of the Quixote Winery- building by Hundertwasser

Warm days and cool nights can be found in northern California wine country. Acres and acres of rolling hills dotted with trees stretched out along the bi-ways that lead you to your vineyard of choice. No matter what season you will find beauty along this landscape with each season taking on a different personality and colors. Winter is the rainy season and the hills become a rich green. Summer is dry and the hills are brown and are reminiscent of the chocolate hills of Bohol. As the vines grow, the grapes mature and the green vines look more vibrant against the tan brown hills. Sonoma Valley, California is known around the world for its wines and we are living in the heart of this area. We are not prone to passing on opportunities that are presented ... read more
Growing fast
A barrel or two?
Duckhorn Vineyards

North America » United States » California » Napa Valley April 28th 2013

Before we began our Napa Valley exploration, we met up with our friends Amy and Ken Mayer. We spent some time with their kids, then we went to a lovely restaurant in downtown Walnut Creek for brunch. There are several things that can be said about Napa Valley overall. Of course it is very beautiful and scenic. There are over 450 wineries there, many of the wineries lease parts of some of the other wineries' grapes (they can claim the products as their own as long as they control the growing, and processing of the grapes, even if they are not grown on their own property), and the wines are very expensive. Also, the valley is actually a collection of a handful of towns, like St. Helena, Oakville, Calistoga, and others including the city of Napa ... read more
The Castle
Renold's winery


NAPA VALLEY WINE COUNTRY We spent a wonderful day yesterday touring the Napa Valley, tasting wine and soaking in the sights. The tremedous acreage of grapes growing and number of different Vineyards was a real treat to see. Our tour started in the trendy town of Napa itself. We ate a really nice wood-fired pizza and sipped wine at the completely redone Napa Mill Complex. Formerly a working Mill and Grain Elevator it has taken on new life as a commercial shopping and dining development. After leaving the cute town we did a tasting at one of our favorite labels, Stag's Leap Wine Cellars which was over on the Silverado Wine Trail. Crossing back toward the west we passed miles of scenic vineyards and farmland as we continued North along Hwy 29. A real highlight was ... read more
Napa 006
Napa 095
Napa 062

North America » United States » California » Napa Valley February 4th 2012

Sometimes I lost sight of the fact that I live in an area that is full of incredible day trips. It is often only when a friend comes to visit, or I am included in a group outing that I take advantage of these places that are really destinations. This is a quick blog about 2 recent wonderful trips. A very good friend came to visit me from Canada. With my work schedule, I didn't have a lot of free time to spend with him, so I picked one of my favorite places to spend an afternoon- the Monterey Bay Aquarium. It's a quick and easy drive to Monterey from San Jose. The route I always take goes through Gilroy, the garlic capital of the world and then alongside fields of artichokes and other farm produce. ... read more
Jelly Fish 2
Open Sea
2 Sea Horse

North America » United States » California » Napa Valley September 6th 2011

We're staying in a beautiful B&B called Cedar Gables Inn, which is English style, full of plush carpets, wood panels and antique furniture. Our room even has its own secret staircase that emerges into the lounge. Very cool! We started the day with a great breakfast of homemade scones, a fruit platter and their signature bread and butter souffle with bacon. Definitely needed to line the stomach before setting off. We have been out touring the valley all day on the Wine Valley Shuttle, who took us and 8 other people around to 5 different wineriers. We started at Castello di Amorosa, a huge Italian castle that was actually moved to Napa from Tuscany! We sampled 10 wines, red, white, rose and dessert and explored the castle, which has its own Catholic church and tower. Our ... read more

North America » United States » California » Napa Valley September 5th 2011

We have arrived in California! After a very smooth journey, we got to San Francisco airport, right on time. We waited for our bags, got mine and then waited for Simon's. And waited, and waited. And then realised it wasn't going to appear. As it's a rucksack we thought it might have got diverted to the odd size baggage area so spoke to the Untited Baggage desk who informed us it would be arriving at 7.51pm. We arrived at 3.06pm. They reassured us it could be sent on to Napa - tomorrow - so we just had to go without it and hope it would follow. We couldn't wait 4 hours. Due to the jet lag we were already tired and hungry. Thankfully there were no problems with getting the car. We'd booked a "Dodge Charger ... read more

North America » United States » California » Napa Valley August 8th 2011

We have landed in the wine capital of North America. Welcome to the Napa Valley. First regret, we should have stay way longer in the region. For a first, we should not have limited oursefve to the Napa Valley istself. We arrived here from the north, crossing first the Alexander and Knight Valley. These are not Napa, but they are not less beautiful than the better known south neighbour of Napa. So to the north you've got the Alexander Valley, and to the east you've got Sonoma and Petaluma. Sadly, we didn't stop in the Alexander Valley, we just crossed this beautiful place. It was pretty late after a long day on the road, and the little ones were more than ready to reach our hotel. Next regret, we didn't had the time to go to ... read more
Welcome to Napa Valley
Cabernet Sauvignon
We even found some wine!!

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