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February 21st 2012
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So I know I said I wasnt going to go to the Warner Brothers Tour today, but when I went to book last night, spots had opened up for today, so I managed to go. It was so much fun. They took us on a tour of the backlot of the studios, where we got to see lots of where Pretty Little Liars and True Blood was being shot. None of that actually meant anything to me, but we also saw some spots where outdoor scenes of Friends were shot, including where Rachel and Phoebe go running, where Ross plays rugby and where Rachel and Monica meet Jean Claude Van Dame. We also went inside the Gellars house and saw the staurcase Ross comes down to try to take Rachel to the prom, and the kitchen where Chandler had his toe cut off. But the best was yet to come. We headed to the props department, where they still have the whole Central Perk set kept in tact. It was probably the best thing I've done on the trip, being the huge Friends fan that I am. I actually got to sit on the Central Perk couch and the armchair! Also on the tour we saw the set of Mike & Molly, we saw Chuck Lorre's offices, Russell Brand's golf cart and we also went to the museum. Inside the museum they have a whole floor dedicated to Harry Potter props and costumes. Unfortunately we couldnt take photos, but it was really cool. I had fun guessing who wore which costume before looking at the description. The rest of the museum hd props and costumes from other WB movies like Matrix, Inception and Batman.

After the tour I headed back to Hollywood to take a look at the shops around Hollywood blvd. They were ok, nothing special really, except for one store that sold xmas items all year round. That was pretty cool. I chilled back at the hostel for a couple of hours before heading out to the Staples Centre to watch the Lakers vs Trail Blazers. The Lakers blew the Blazers out of the water in he first quarter. It was amazing to watch. Andrew Bynum and Pau Gasol were just too good. The second quarter was quiet, then the third quarter Kobe Bryant hit about 10 points straight. During the match I did a bit of celebrity spotting, I sw Jack Black and Jack Nicholson, and apparently Steven Spielberg and Pete Sampras were also there but I didnt see them.

Tomorrow is my last day for the trip. I dont have so much money left, so I think I'll do a celebrity house tour that is cheap, then just spend the rest of the day hanging around waiting for my airport transfer.

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