What? I'm going to Europe? WHAT?

Published: March 3rd 2006EDIT THIS ENTRY

I leave tomorrow. All week I've being saying goodbye to various people. I don't think it's really hit me yet. I'm a little bit overwhelmed with packing and making sure I have everything I need but I'm also very underwhelmed about this whole trip. I don't think I really realize the extent of it. I once went bungee jumping off a dam in Switzerland. 270 meters, one of the highest jumps you can do. Before the jump, I tried not to think about it and before I knew it I was jumping off the edge of the platform. and that was that...I didn't think it was scary or fun or exhilarating or anything really. I hope this experience doesn't mirror that one and end in bitter disappointment. Haha, that wont happen. This is gonna be awesome.

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my 11 year old puppy. being adorable.

My sexy Mazda3. And hot import models.

8th March 2006

haha, import models. i'm like, imported from two blocks away. i miss you kleebs! i won't be able to invite myself over to your place this summer :( but have fun and stay away from dodgy people. <33##

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