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So 3 days and counting! We have rented our cars. Since a car may only be rented for 28 days max, we have rented a 9 passenger van for 3 days. We will be able to fit all of us, including Belgium friends while we travel around Brussels. This van we prepaid so we even saved a little money. We have rented a Peugeot SUV for 28 days, which is what we will drive to Germany, Austria, Denmark, and on. This is a 6 passenger, diesel. We hope that we can sleep in it if it is too cold or rainy. We have plans to camp when possible. We will take sleeping bags, a tent, a cooking pot, utensils, all the things we can think of that we will need for camping. We have a friend ... read more

Well it really is always something! We were only home 2 days last week, Sat & Sun. We had inspections on Monday, babysat on Tues-Thurs, and drove to Eureka to inspect on Friday and then drove home arriving that night. We had to leave again on Monday for inspections that evening and Tues a.m. This has left little time to do much more planning. But it has given us some windshield time, I got lots of work done but then we had time to think thru some of what we need to take, starting lists of things to pack. Our German friend, Dieter, couldn’t reach me thru email. He had to copy his email onto my facebook page with info which included where we will meet and when. I’ve had to rethink how I respond as ... read more

Well we do love our maps, although I tease Dale about being in love with his maps. We have now obtained maps for driving throughout Europe, free with our AAA Plus. I do find that it is easier to see the big picture before narrowing it down to the details. We find the places we want to go to then Google map them for mileage. Google maps will show the distance in miles or km and I find it easier to plan using miles. So after Google mapping the places we want to go and finding the miles we really had planned to drive, we found that several days would mostly be spent driving. Lots of driving is not a good plan for a vacation, especially with a teenager along. We took another look at the ... read more

This is crazy, I’m leaving for Europe in only 9 days. I’ve only just started to think about this trip seriously. And I’ll be gone for 1-1/2 months, YIKES! So we had planned to mostly travel by train, a similar trip to ours 3 years ago. But this time we had planned to rent an RV for the last 2 weeks. Plans that were all well and good but were completely wrong. There will be 6 of us traveling to Germany, 2 will return to Germany and 4 of us will go onto Salzburg. Then 3 of us will go the remainder of the trip. The problem? Train tickets would cost nearly $3,000 and an RV for 2 weeks $2,500. Finding all of that info sent us back to the beginning. Avis sent me a link ... read more

We are getting our act together for our Europe trip. Finally!!! I bought airplane tickets for Dale and our grandson. They will fly out on a Tuesday arriving in Brussels on Wed a.m., the same day that our granddaughter and I fly to Brussels from Rome. I wish we could arrive in Brussels close to the same time but I doubt that it will happen that way. I haven’t even looked at tickets for our flight. Guess I should do that. Our younger granddaughter is planning to go with Dale but has decided not to go to Finland. Since her dates of return are not known yet we will get her tickets maybe next week. I did look and see that the Mozart Requiem is still being performed on Saturdays in Vienna at the St Charles ... read more


North America » United States » California » Bakersfield February 5th 2014

Just when I started planning our Europe trip, again, I was called away but fortunately for claims nearby. Finally I’m done and back to our lives as they were months ago, at least for today. We’ve been planning a trip to Europe for this summer, specifically to Poland and South Russia to visit the lands of Dale’s great-grandparents. We were planning to meet up with some friends in both Poland and South Russia during this trip. Alas, as life goes, our friends’ plans changed and they will not be in Europe during our dates. I went back to our plans and we found that we’d lost interest in Poland, it doesn’t seem to be an easy country to visit and transportation isn’t easy. As for Russia, we are not thrilled with the government, visas are expensive ... read more

North America » United States » California » Bakersfield November 25th 2013

We were successful in doing it again; we got out of Washington State before freezing nighttime weather set in. And we made our way south on I-5 before snow and ice began to accumulate in the mountain passes of southern Oregon and northern California. So, we have launched our fifth snowbird trip, dragging our dirt yacht 5th wheel trailer to southern Arizona. This will be Miss Minnie’s second winter trip with us. This time, we are going to spend four months at Palm Creek RV Resort in Casa Grande, AZ; about 45 miles south of the hustle and bustle of Phoenix. We use a laptop computer and a software program called Delorme Street Atlas with GPS to monitor our travel. Before we begin our trip, I preplan our route, our stops, our stays, etc. While we ... read more

North America » United States » California » Bakersfield October 24th 2013

I’d barely been home for a week when I got the call to go to New York. There is some program for Hurricane Sandy claims and I was asked to work as an inspector for the program. I had a choice of dates I could arrive so chose the last one possible. I chose to start on Friday; I’d fly on Thursday, arrive in the evening then attend the workshop all day Friday. Flight was booked and I got myself ready to go. Fortunately I’d never unpacked from Toronto so I didn’t have too much to do. I’d gotten a late morning flight, probably not the greatest idea but I thought that it would give me time at home and still get into New York at about 9pm. I got a room at the Extended Stay; ... read more

North America » United States » California » Bakersfield September 12th 2013

I haven’t even written about my trip to Toronto and here I am leaving tomorrow for New York. So I’ll try to keep with New York and then write my impressions of Toronto later. A few days ago I got called to go to New York, on Long Island, to work Hurricane Sandy claims. Mainly, as I understand it, we will be doing reinspections and writing some estimates. I did not work Hurricane Sandy last fall. I was working in Sacramento and just stayed with that assignment. So now I’m going to get a taste of what some of my co-workers did. I’ve already packed, pretty unusual for me; usually I’m finishing up as I dash off to the airport. But I’m packed; got a large duffle bag, a large wheeled suitcase, a wheeled carry-on, camera ... read more

I was lamenting the fact that I would not be at Stonehenge for the Solstice this year as we had planned. As I spoke I was thinking about next summer; the trip to Indonesia, perhaps the trip to Europe we didn’t make this year, but then maybe we should do something different in Europe. As we talked my husband brought up the fact that he’d still like to go to Poland to visit the area his maternal grandfather came from. And of course I’d love to visit the area in Russia where his grandmother lived; she crotched a table cloth while tending sheep at the age of about 9 years old, on a hill in Russia. I have that tablecloth packed away. I’ve started to look into where Grandpa Frantz came from and have found that ... read more

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