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North America » United States » Arkansas » Hot Springs March 28th 2014

Well, if today wasn’t wild, slap me on the ass and call me a donkey! Let’s start with the morning, which was waking up in the hotel room. Releasing emotions, I bawled like a baby. I can’t remember the reason why. It must be because of what happened in the afternoon where I changed my life forever. Where I entered into the third dimension. Where I cleansed my brain and heart and kundalini. Time, time, time. It feels there is not enough time even though the amount is perfect. So I went back to Larry’s place. I liked when I arrived because he stood outside on his doorstep only exposing his left half. He looked completely different. Part of me couldn’t even tell, “are you the same person as yesterday or a friend of Larry’s or ... read more

North America » United States » Arkansas » Hot Springs March 24th 2014

Oh, what amazing adventure it was to wander the beautiful forest of the Ouachita National Park. Upon reflection, I can feel the agony I held inside as I entered, compared to the freedom I feel as I write this. In Memphis, I had packed a "survival" dish of rice and turnip greens that would keep me alive at least for a few days. Plus, there was the bag of Bagel Chips if all else failed. On Friday, the 21st, I got to the east side of the park and drove up this dirt road with my little car and parked it next to a picnic table. Being up there, looking out at the lake, hearing only the leaves and birds, my feelings were overwhelming of how the city had taken a toll on me. My heart ... read more

North America » United States » Arkansas » Hot Springs August 13th 2013

Today was our 36th anniversary and it was a day to remember. Wayne surprised me with a card and a dozen red roses. It began to rain last night and continued to rain all day. We had our devotion together then Georganne and I had quite the experience! We had an 'old time' bath/massage experience like they had a hundred years ago! The only place you can get this experience is at the Buckstaff Bathhouse. They patterned their experience after European bathhouses in the early 1900s. (I have had bath/massage experiences in Japan, Thailand and Turkey so was eager to have this 1900s experience to compare to the others.) They don't take reservations, you just walk in. We arrived at 9:30 but were the first customers because of the rain even though they open at 8:00. ... read more

North America » United States » Arkansas » Hot Springs August 12th 2013

I made a Breakfast Casserole for breakfast which we consumed after a devotion on the balcony. It's a beautiful day but a bit muggy. Georganne and I went to the Garvan Woodland Botanical Gardens in the morning before it got too hot (at least that was the plan). The entry fee is $11 for seniors. The gardens are on 210 acres on the shores of Lake Hamilton. It's mostly wooded but has nice lakes, ponds, bridges, waterfalls, etc. While we were there they were hosting a glass display by James Hayes called Splash of Glass. It featured glass creations depicting flowers, mushrooms, onions, vines, bowls and balls. Our favorite was a koi pond with beautiful large glass balls floating on it. The sun was reflecting off of them beautifully and there was a waterfall in the ... read more
Garvan Woodland Gardens
Garvan Woodland Gardens

North America » United States » Arkansas » Hot Springs August 11th 2013

We traded our timeshare for a 'villa' at SunBay for a week. It's not the nicest one we've ever stayed in but is adequate. We invited our good friends Ken and Georganne to join us as it's a two bedroom unit. We have a peep-a-boo view of the lake from our balcony. The kitchen is a nice size and we planned some meals to cook in and save and little money. We checked in at 4:00. After unpacking Georganne and I went to the Kroger up the street and bought groceries. Upon our return we cooked a couple of pizzas and played a game of '65'. I won. We then played Mexican Train. I won again! :)... read more


North America » United States » Arkansas » Hot Springs August 15th 2012

Arrived at Lake Degray state park and lodge. The lake is as beautiful as we remembered. Spent the day in Historic Hot Spring and toured an original bath house. Very interesting. To our surprise, a beautiful golf course also! Jack played 9 holes in 98 degrees heat, I rode in cart and tried to find all the shade I could. Back to Texas tommorrow!... read more

We are on the road again, this time heading west for the Pacific Coast. We drove as far as Hot Springs, Arkansas and are camped for the night in the Gulpha Gorge Campground in the Hot Springs National Park. Kerry is thrilled to get half price camping in the national parks with his oldtimer’s pass. This is the only national park that is in a city. We have been to the Visitor Center which is in one of the old bath houses. We toured the Fordyce Bathhouse and walked along Bathhouse Row where folks have been coming to partake of the healing waters for 200 years or longer. Several of the old bathhouses are still in use and you can enjoy the baths, get a massage, or just drink the waters, which are available to fill ... read more
Fordyce Bathhouse
Stained Glass Ceiling
Men's Shower Stall

North America » United States » Arkansas » Hot Springs June 1st 2011

The roadtrip for summer 2011 has begun! I set off from Fort Worth at noon and headed to Hot Springs to spend the night. The drive was very pleasant, especially once I got out of the metroplex. I took Arkansas scenic Highway 7 to get to Hot Springs and the views were very rewarding! After arriving at the Gulpha Gorge Campground in Hot Springs National Park, I reserved my campsite, set up my tent, and set off on a hike for about 2 hours. I hiked two different trails: the Gulpha Gorge Trail (which leads from the campground to the top of the mountain) and the Goat Rock Trail. The Goat Rock Trail begins at the bottom of a rock that is in the shape of a goat's hoof! There were two overlooks on this trail ... read more
Welcome to Arkansas
Photo 14
Photo 15

North America » United States » Arkansas » Hot Springs April 1st 2011

Hot Springs, Arkansas Due to a fairly rough night, despite my best efforts at waking the group up (a few mumbled repetitions of "Guys... guys we need to get up" before falling back to an uncomfortable slumber) we ended up setting out a couple of hours past the ideal departure time. No worries though, as a quick phone call to the night's venue, Maxine's, cleared everything up in a few minutes. Adam took the helm and drove for many hours while we kept our ears open for our bands to play on the radio. Hot Springs is a surprisingly bustling town considering its population of around 40,000 people. Its big claim to fame is being the boyhood home of former president Bill Clinton. This was exciting news, as perhaps this was an environment that fostered and ... read more
Adam enjoyed it
Strip Karaoke?

North America » United States » Arkansas » Hot Springs August 27th 2010

Monday morning in Perryville, Shelby made some delicious omelets for our breakfast. Barbara and I wanted to ride and explore the area, and Leta and Shelby just wanted to hang out at camp. Perryville is located about 50 miles north of Hot Springs with Quachita National Forest and many small side roads and lakes between here and there. Our first adventure was to Sylvia Lake. Started out on a gravel road with center and side lines to a gravel road with no lines to a dirt-rock road to a one lane dirt-rock road with small pull offs on the improbable chance of meeting some other idiot on this road. Later found that we crossed Wildcat Mountain by one of the locals. After crossing the mountain we continued to Hot Springs (home of Bill Clinton). The ... read more

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