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August 16th 2012
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So, we have lots of changes! My job at Cedars-Sinai in LA ended July 31st. I have been interviewing since then. I initially accepted a position in Yuma, AZ; but then a much better offer came up.

Ken quit his job (scary! but his attitude about everything is much better; guess I'm his sugar mama now!) and I accepted a position in Tacoma, Washington. My start date is September 4th. The hospital is letting me rent an apartment there (instead of a hotel-it actually saves them money). I will work Mon-Thurs and have Friday, Saturday and Sunday to explore the area with Ken because he is coming with me! The best part is we will be together every day again. I really missed that!

We will fly home once a month back to Tucson to check on the house and hug our son and friends.

We left Tucson today. We are going to work our way all the way up the west coast. We've never been so we are so excited. We are bringing the RV. We will end up storing it up there and use it on weekends to explore. Our first stop today is Yuma. We will spend the night there, and then go to Malibu for two days, Big Sur after that and on up the coast. We don't have all of our stops written in stone. Kind of 'winging it' which feels great.

Some moments, I think, 'what are we doing'...this seems so I up for this? Then I think how blessed we are to be able to do this. We have our health. Now is the time to do it.

I will bring you along if you want; share our experiences and adventures.

Tonight we are staying in the Hilton in Yuma. It's 100 degrees so we couldn't enjoy the outdoors so we thought we would not even unhook the RV and get an early start in the morning.


16th August 2012

Exciting times for you and Ken!! Take the ferry to Orcas Island in Puget Sound ... it is gorgeous there!!
16th August 2012

Hi Ann
We will definitely do that! *I mailed the Paris info-you should get by the middle of next week.

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