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North America » United States » Arizona » Tucson May 14th 2007

This may verge on the incoherent - because of all the 3:30am bedtimes I’ve had this weekend. The pictures are entertaining though, so I’m writing anyway. Mark drove us to Tucson on Friday afternoon, to show us his old uni (he graduated last year) and introduce us to his friends. Tucson’s smaller than Phoenix and everything feels closer and more accessiblel. On Friday afternoon (in 100+ degree heat) we walked around the campus. It’s a lovely uni - massive, and so fixated on the sports arenas (their teams are all called the Wildcats - apparently outstanding at Basketball and sub-standard at American Football). We went into a café Mark’s friend works at (he seemed to know everybody we saw) and got some free ice water, then went back to the car. We had no idea what ... read more
Aaron, Mark and Cynthia.

North America » United States » Arizona » Tucson May 13th 2007

There is a small possibility that this entry will be restored - only small. Well here I am coming out of a very different/wierd/tiring weekend. We went down to Tucson on Friday afternoon with Mark to meet a few of his friends and have a couple of nights out. It took about 90 minutes to get there which seemed to pass quite quickly watching such unusual (for me at least) scenery go by. For miles and miles all you could see were cacti and mountains (and the state prison at one point - talk about high security!) When we got to Tucson, we got the full Arizona State University tour from mark. It was graduation weekend too, so there were plenty of people around. The Uni there is massive and so different to Sheffield Uni. The ... read more
The Stadium
A Cardinal

North America » United States » Arizona » Tucson May 1st 2007

Where it's 97 degrees! and where everyone likes to assure you: "but it's a DRY heat". :) We stayed with friends Kerri and Carter and their sons Josh and Chase. Echo enjoyed the pool...until Paul threw him in...and we relaxed. There were some skiddish moments, like when we saw our first rattle snake, or when Kerri told us about all the scorpions that are on the sidewalks, the rocks, and even used to pop up in the bathrooms. One day we went to the Saguaro National Forest. Saguaros are the type of cactus that predominantly grow there, and all of the cacti were in bloom. Luckily, we didn't see any snakes or other creepy crawlies, only a few bunnies and lizards. At night we'd hang out and play ping pong and pool with the boys, ... read more

North America » United States » Arizona » Tucson April 22nd 2007

Friends - As many of you know, I am a yoga nut. And this weekend I am in Tucson, getting a teaching on the Hatha Yoga Pradipika, a 500-year-old yoga text, the basis of what many of us in the West see when we see yoga. Lama Marut is a great teacher and today he shared with us the recipe for practicing yoga all day, every day. I’m passing it to you to share with your pals. Don’t feel like you need to do it all, but you might incorporate one idea, just to see if it works. -J Making Yoga Your Full-time Job: 1. Get a good night’s sleep. That’s the first priority. Seven, eight or even nine hours. Yeah, yeah, I know, you’re busy. I’ll get to that. 2. Wake up and do ... read more


North America » United States » Arizona » Tucson April 10th 2007

Life in Tucson - Part 2 - finale North America » United States » Arizona » Tucson By sabbytravelers April 10th 2007 Tucson - Part 2 As our time in this sunny city comes to an end, we wanted to share with you a few more photos that represent some of our favorite memories of the past three months. We’re not sure when it will be possible, but we definitely look forward to some future opportunity to return here. We leave Tucson on April 12 headed for Chicago. Rather than retrace a big chunk of I-40 (and old Route 66) on which we drove west in January, we have decided to head up t... read more
The Rodeo
Bull riding

North America » United States » Arizona » Tucson April 8th 2007

Easter Sunday was a special day. We got up for the Sunrise service at our church, Shepherd of the Hills. It was well attended, in fact, it was the largest gathering our church has had for the sunrise service. Pastor Eckert had a wonderful sermon about the words of Christ on Easter. We often hear the words of Christ on the Cross but not the words that Christ said to the people that came to the tomb on Sunday morning. The Angels words to Mary and others, He is Risen ,Do Not Be Afraid etc. IT was a beautiful service with the choir and harpist. In the after noon we were invited to the Ekstrands, where we had a wonderful meal and fellowship. It was truly a wonderful day of celebration on a beautiful day ... read more
Easter Sunday
The Ekstands
The Bergmeiers

North America » United States » Arizona » Tucson April 4th 2007

Hi, I am trying out a new form of transmitting pictures and information. Andrew, our grandson is doing this and put me on to it. Not to sure that it will work for me like it does for him. i am sending a couple of pictures of Scott and Berta on their visit here Spring Break. It was cool then but has warmed up considerably.... read more

North America » United States » Arizona » Tucson April 4th 2007

We are beginning to have our flowers bloom so I would like to share a couple of pictures with you, ... read more
First Rose of the Spring
Cactus Blooms

North America » United States » Arizona » Tucson April 2nd 2007

Thanks to all of you faithful blog followers! I know that it must have gotten boring but we appreciated that you shared our adventures and MISadventures with us!!! Miles gracias Yes, we are back stateside and it is great. It took awhile to get here but we made it without too much trouble. The worst was the 3 hour wait at the border getting back in to the US. Wow. Sunday is NOT a good day to go into the US. We really made good time in spite of MORE bad roads on the toll road in Mexico. We are not quite sure how that government justifies charging tolls and then does nothing with its highways! Another sign of corruption? Mmmmmm..... We were both pretty frazzled by the time we got out of Mexico. I ... read more
Hasta luego....

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