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North America » United States » Alabama » Birmingham January 30th 2009

Thats right! Only 9 more days until we leave for India. I am so excited that I cant sleep now. And I still have SOOOO much to get done before we leave. I don't know how much Todd has to do but I am sure it is substantial as well. I have been postponing things for the past 2 months thinking that I will get it all done. Well now I only have a week left and now I don't think I will get it all done. This is what happens when you procrastinate (Dad- wink wink). I will at least get most of it done. If not, whatever! I am not to bothered. Anyhow, I have to run to go do a bunch of things, will write later. CYA ;) Kevin... read more

North America » United States » Alabama » Birmingham January 24th 2009

Hey Everyone, I have finally decided to go to Varanasi/Sarnath/Boyd Gaya directly from Katmandu, Nepal. I will be there from the 16th - the 20th of February. This will give me a good 4 days to spend with Thrangu Rinpoche personally. I don't know why it has taken me so long to decide this. I was tossed up between going there or going straight to Dharamsala from Nepal. But i figured, I will be in Dharamsala for 2 1/2 months. Thats a long time. And I know if I would have done that, then I would have never made it back to Varanasi on this trip. And I HAVE to go see Bodh Gaya. For those that don't know what is so special about Bodh Gaya, it is the place where the Buddha attained his enlightenment. ... read more

North America » United States » Alabama » Birmingham January 14th 2009

Ok, We are still here in the country, but I have a little bit more info for you all. Not much though. Todd and I arrive in Delhi on Feb 10th around 1:30am. From there we will go to our hotel. On the 10th we will see Delhi and go to all the places we can for that one day. Then on the 11th I think we will tr and head to Agra to see the Taj Mahal (and of course everything else there). The we head to Katmandu on the early morning of the 12th. Our plan is to be there for 5 days. We will try and visit with a great Lama named Chatral Sangye Dorje. Who is 96 years old. We will also go and see a bunch of monasteries their and visit ... read more

North America » United States » Alabama » Montgomery January 11th 2009

Hi Y'all (yep Ive picked it up) Installment from Alabama below. Being on course and in Athens Georgia, the weekends have given me a chance to get away. I was caught speeding on the way to Athens which I talked my way out of 75 miles in a 55 mile zone to which I pleaded Aussie... the State Trooper who told me "We Dont Speed in Georgia Maám" gave me a warning so I have been more mindful of my speeding (somewhat).On 9 Jan I headed to Montgomery and Birmingham Alabama in order to begin my Civil rights trail journey of the US. After leaving at 0630 in the morning I headed out on the road and with my faithful GPS and some handy hints from one of my classmates about where to go and stay. ... read more
MLK Jrs Church Montgomery
My car pre security chase
We Dont Speed in Georgia Maám

North America » United States » Alabama » Birmingham December 15th 2008

fun fun bouldering!just 2days.I like it.... read more


North America » United States » Alabama » Montgomery December 7th 2008

Hi all, I am in Montgomery - the capital of Alabama, in one of those quick passing-through transits. We did a highlight tour of some key interests of the city, including the State Capitol and the Civil Rights Museum which is famous for Maya Lin's black granite memorial in front of the building (Maya Lin is the designer of Washington DC's controversial Vietnam Memorial). You know what they say about Alabama - where the skies are blue! Until the next time, - Cy... read more
State Capitol building
Civil Rights Monument

North America » United States » Alabama December 5th 2008

As we got in the truck to drive back to Bob's in Boaz, we heard the lion roaring again. We met Bob at his house and then went to eat breakfast. We had pecan waffles. MMMMM! Then Bob drove us all over the Boaz area. There was corn stubble in the fields. People's vegetable gardens were still growing, especially cabbages. We're still amazed that so many places have vegetable gardens without fences around them. I guess the deer and the rabbits have plenty of other food of their own! We picked up Bob's grandson from pre-school and continued our tour. The outlet mall closed, but there are a few outlet stores in a strip on another street nearby. We went by two chicken processing plants, Tyson and Pilgrim's Pride (the Pilgrim family started it). The towns ... read more
A Raft of Coots
Decorated for Christmas

North America » United States » Alabama » Talladega December 4th 2008

(Shocco Springs Baptist Conference Center) Bob and I have so much to be thankful for, and this lifestyle right up there on our list. We are so privileged to be able to travel and meet people and be serving the Lord at the same time, and we’re always aware of that privilege. I think I mentioned that we’re meeting with the MMAPpers (Mobile Mission Assistance Program). Two of the couples got here in early November because of some special circumstances, so they’ve been working on tasks separate from ours, but have been doing morning devotions and Bible study and our social events with us. It’s hard for us to leave fellow RVICS after we’ve been together for a month, but leaving theses MMAP couples is going to be even tougher, because we can’t pretend like we ... read more
Our lesson on hickory nuts:
The outer shell has opened,
This one kind of shows the stages.

North America » United States » Alabama December 4th 2008

It was still raining lightly in the morning. We got up to tell Terrye good-bye and told her to enjoy Chicago, even though it's supposed to be in the single digits there. Her whole medical office is going for a conference and training. In the house, Phil was playing his guitar with music in the basement, Max was blasting his own music in his room upstairs, Duke and Daisy were being rambunctious, and Boone was sleepily rubbing his eyes. We said our real good-byes and drove off in the rain at about 9:00.We ate breakfast at a Cracker Barrel restaurant down the Interstate. We saw a sign that said "Home Brew Supplies". Does that include moonshine? It's a good road, and very pretty. We could see little farms through the trees that we couldn't see last ... read more
Noccalula Falls
Above the Falls
Creek Below the Falls

North America » United States » Alabama » Talladega November 26th 2008

(Shocco Springs Baptist Conference Center) Happy Thanksgiving, tomorrow! The camp is closed Wednesday through Sunday, so we had a two day work week! When we first got to Talladega I said this is a surprisingly small town; I expected a city, because we’ve heard so much about Talladega Superspeedway~~a famous NASCAR track. The population is a little over 17,000 but the shopping area is small, with way too many empty store fronts, and the residential area is spread over a large area. Many of the residents work in Birmingham. Talladega doesn’t give the appearance of a thriving community. It does have a section of fast food/Walmart-type stores, although that’s small, too. One really fun part of it is the “square”. The downtown stores are built in a square, with the court house in the middle of ... read more
I can't remember this man's name,
Talladega Spuper Speedway
The outside view of the Speedway.

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