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It was a beautiful first official day here in Playa (Mexico) on Thurs. starting with that beautiful sunrise (see previous blog). As expected Rory & Ava found me on my lounger at 8am & we got sun-blocked & hit the pool. No one was around except the gardeners. What fun to have a pool all to yourself. Dad (Allan) got up and took some pictures and then we went to the cafe next door (Fusion) & enjoyed pancakes, French toast & oh lucky day, mimosas were 2for1 (champagne & orange juice). What an amazing start to a day, sitting with loved ones, being catered to, overlooking the ocean! We were thrilled when Tonya offered us her beautiful oceanfront condo, & last time we were here Al took some photos of one of her condos for her ... read more
First night on 5th ave.
Miss Ava posing
Girls in the pool

Another sunrise, another new beginning There is just nothing as beautiful as seeing the sun rise over the ocean, with fingers of light playing through apricot clouds. Soon it will be a searing blue sky and the beach will come alive with music and people. (this is a photo over the Carribean I took, Al's pics will surely be better.) It is quiet right now, a little past 7 am and the gardeners are sweeping the walkways and pruning the plants and cleaning the infinity pool & Jacuzzi. The colors of the plants and flowers here are spectacular; lush, vivid, blooming - makes you want to open your mouth and take a bite into the riches of this place called Playa. They take such loving care of this place and it shows. I wave to them, ... read more

Hola all, summer time's here and the living is easy! Well it will be easy in a little over 48 hours when we hit the beautiful shores of the Caribbean. Yep, we're heading back to Playa del Carmen (Mexico) & visions of cocktail umbrellas are dancing in my head ;) I've been writing a journal of some of our trips now and they are on this site (you can look at them by date and pressing "next entry" to see them in order. Hopefully you'll come along with us on our adventures! YES we are going back Mexico for 15 days. "Why in heaven's sake would anyone visit Mexico in the summer"? (Yes I just heard you ask yourself that out loud, raising the eyebrows of co-workers around you :) Well here goes... Every summer we've ... read more
Playa fun

North America » Mexico » Quintana Roo » Playa del Carmen April 10th 2012

The adventures have begun, we flew out of Gatwick at 9am on Monday April 2nd and arrived at our Hostel in Cancun 19 hours later. We went staright to the shop and grabbed some Coronas and chilled out with fellow travellers, nothing much happened, we were all too tired to function having had no sleep for 26 hours. On Tuesday we went straight to the beach which was about 20 minutes on the bus. Like true English people we were fooled by the clouds and all successfully managed to burn ourselves on various parts of our bodies. I heard that it´s a great look to have at the strart of your holiday. We then boarded the bus back realising we couldn´t really remeber where we got on as it all looked the same and ended up ... read more

North America » Mexico » Quintana Roo » Playa del Carmen March 31st 2012

We arrived in Playa del Carmen around lunch time. It was blisteringly hot. The bus termnal was on 5th ave, the main pedestrianised street full of shops and bars. We dragged ourselves and our stuff around the corner, with no clear idea of where we were going, until we found the taxi rank. It was only a few blocks to the hostel, but with my sunburn, all our bags and with it being the hottest time of day it would have been tortuous. The hostel was bright blue, with a large open space in the middle of it with double height ceilings. The walls and floors were brightly painted and decorated with flags from around the world. The reception had a thatched roof and the balconies which surrounded the communal area were made of wooden logs. ... read more
Night out in CBs
Crystal clear cenote water


North America » Mexico » Quintana Roo » Playa del Carmen February 24th 2012

How inappropriate to call this planet earth when it is quite clearly Ocean. Anyone that has spent any time at the ocean seems to have the same feeling I do about it - they love it. The ocean is calming, healing, soothing, invigorating and draws you back time after time. (I now have ocean sounds on my iPod to fall asleep to and let me say, it actually works.) For all that the ocean gives, she sure takes a beating from humans. In my daily walks along the beach in Playa del Carmen (MX), specifically first thing in the morning I would watch the beach workers rake up and thoroughly clean the beach from the day & night before. It's a grandiose effort when you think of the miles of beach in Playa. One of the ... read more
Beach signs
Litter signs

North America » Mexico » Quintana Roo » Playa del Carmen February 20th 2012

Hello everyone... missed me??? (heh heh) NOT! Our first full week back had its challenges to say the least. However, "one" can't complain can "one' when "one" gets almost 3 weeks away in paradise. I had intended to send a last blog which I still have yet to send but I have been sick with a bad cold. Normally I scare those "things" off but this one gave me a really good shake this time. In the meantime, a little update. During our stay at Luna Encantada, Tonya (Playa Beach Condos) asked if we could take photos of the condo we were staying in, as the pictures she has of the condo doesn't do it justice. So Al took out his super-duper camera and spent a lot of time staging these great shots of the condo ... read more

North America » Mexico » Quintana Roo » Playa del Carmen February 11th 2012

"Home is where your heart is, but happiness is where your family and friends are". Truer words were never spoken. Glad to be home & hear the voices of friends and family after being away. Back to the familiar comforts of home. Do you remember that old saying, "Be careful what you wish for, it might just come true".. Well Rory & Ava kept wishing to get their hair braided & it's not cheap & it's tedious & takes a long time to get done. We finally relented, and in the end, they both looked so cute but they also ended up with a sunburn on their scalp. Ouch. While we really enjoyed our extra days in Playa "Be careful for what you wish for" was on my mind too. It was FABULOUS, but our last ... read more
Ava with hot chocolate
Beach view Luna
From roof

North America » Mexico » Quintana Roo » Playa del Carmen February 10th 2012

We're sitting by the ocean having our last breakfast in Playa. It is the most marvelous day, ocean is sparkling, waves are crashing and it's very humid and warm. Last check it was 25 with a humidex of 34. Trust me, we are sliding off our chairs this morning! We have already packed our bags, and reserved our pool-side chair. The girls got a lot of sun yesterday despite the tons of sunblock we put on them. We'll have to watch them closer today. We will do a bit of final shopping and are meeting Louis one of our favorite beach servers for a drink by noon. It's his day off and he's going fishing first. (Marth he's going fishing with the lads that took you out; I'm trying to network for you for next time) ... read more

North America » Mexico » Quintana Roo » Playa del Carmen February 9th 2012

"Me mind on fire, me soul on fire, feeling hot hot hot" Who doesn't love that song? It's the the appropriate day here in Playa to be singing that song. Mother nature is in a great mood. Another sunny hot day with clear skies and the ocean is so calm that even the locals can't believe how serene it is. We woke startled early this morning by Ava who said "mom we've got to get our towels down to the pool so we get the best loungers". Lounge chair wars; get your towel out on a day bed or you are sweet out of luck chuck. We have a nice day bed with a mattress and cover and the pool server brought us an umbrella. Umbrellas are like gold around here. I really do enjoy kids ... read more
The pool today
Our little day bed

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