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North America » Mexico » Quintana Roo » Cancun March 23rd 2014

Hola again. We arrived back in Mexico city late and had to get the metro back to the hotel to pick up our main packs. The metro is so easy to use and mega cheap and there is always people on each carriage selling what is quite literally crap but they need to make a buck. This trip a shirtless guy got on put down a sheet of broken glass bottles then did a backwards body slam into the glass, the most most bizzare type of busking I have ever seen. He was covered in scars so obviously been doing it for a while. Had booked another place to stay so headed over there knackered to find our private room at the hostel (we have either got old or snobby) had the smallest single bed. There ... read more
Neighbours fancy hotel

North America » Mexico » Quintana Roo » Cancun February 24th 2014

After a full day touring at Uxmal and nearby Kabah, Saturday and Sunday were days of rest and relaxation in Merida. Besides simply wandering and exploring the old historic centro district of Merida we had one specific “sight” to visit and that was to be Paseo Montejo. Long ago as the Spanish hacienda owners prospered and grew rich on the labours of the conquered Mayan and Mexican peoples they would send their sons and daughters back to Europe for their education. The children were usually sent to institutions in France or Spain for their further education. In time the children would return to the family haciendas in Mexico and eventually take over the operations of the ranch / farm and continue to prosper and accumulate weatlth. The children turned wealthy hacienda owners began talking among themselves ... read more
a grand entrance
more wealth
palatial  old residences

North America » Mexico » Quintana Roo » Cancun February 18th 2014

So after a number of years of thinking we should take a winter break to get away from the rain, wind, and chilly temperatures we boarded Westjest Flight 2056 on Saturday morning and ended up in sunshine at the Cancun International Airport shortly after 5:00PM. By the time we cleared customs it was just after 6:00PM and dark. We made our way out of the terminal through the taxi hawkers and time share offers and we were out of the building making a quick right turn to the ADO bus stop, about a 5 minute walk from the terminal doors. Instead of the three or 400 peso offers of transportation to Cancun by taxi or shuttle the bus was a mere 52 pesos each, about $4.50 /$5.00Cdn. It was about a 20 minute bus ride to ... read more

North America » Mexico » Quintana Roo » Cancun December 22nd 2013

Some vodka, fruit juice combination is thrust into your hand by a smiling Mexican when stepping into the Coco Bong queue. Following the path route round and up two flights of escalators sipping on this sweet beverage I had no idea what to expect from here. When you reach the club entrance, it's a boutique/bar (although you may aswell skip this part - they make you pay at this bar, but the one just through the door is part of your all inc - reasons for which I do not know) From here we stepped through to the main dance hall. My God We had just stepped into the biggest club venue I have ever been in, right from the back entrance.I was greeted by thousands of balloons being pumped into the air by party revellers, ... read more

North America » Mexico » Quintana Roo » Cancun December 13th 2013

It’s raining. Can’t say much more really, it’s only day two and we haven’t yet spent a full day in Cancun, I was hoping to begin our trip with a few days relaxing on a beach and yet I find myself writing this first entry in the confines of our room because of torrential rain. Still, it’s not all bad, saw my first iguana today! We arrived late last night as our departure from Gatwick was delayed due to fog in London. Only by 2 hours or so but enough to lengthen an already long journey more than we would have liked. As soon as we checked into our little hotel in downtown Cancun we headed straight out in search of food. By now it was already dark but the busy streets were lit well with ... read more


North America » Mexico » Quintana Roo » Cancun December 5th 2013

November 30th – December 5th2013 Live Aqua Resort, Cancun, Quintana Roo, Mexico Fine and sunny – 28c -30c Our flight to Cancun from Miami was quick, thankfully! The AA 757 was very run down and very full. There were a few grizzly kids and we were glad to land in Cancun after an hour 45 minutes. We chose Yellow Taxis for the ride into the Hotel Zone. They offer a deal at the airport giving 50% discount on the return trip if you book at the same time. It was US $16 per person. After a short wait we piled into a minivan with a few others and left for Live Aqua. The hotel is gorgeous. On arrival we were shown past the pair of gleaming white Rolls Royce limousines (hotel courtesy cars) into the impressive ... read more
Lobby entrance out to the ocean
Live Aqua's shuttle transportation
Loving the bar swing

North America » Mexico » Quintana Roo » Cancun August 28th 2013

When the time finally came for Tian and I to leave Belize we headed for the ADO bus that would take us from Belize City all the way through to Tulum in Mexico. Unfortunately however, the the bus was fully booked and Tian and I started the long, late night trek over the border. After a highly annoying local bus ride (due to a few American sisters who had also missed the bus arguing with each other every loudly for three hours straight) and a quick taxi ride we arrived at the Belize border. When we were paying our departure tax (and getting absolutely molested by mosquitoes) the immigration officer asked us if we had enjoyed our time in Belize. When we reponded that we had and wished that we could stay longer he replied "I ... read more
The sports pool
Summer dreaming

North America » Mexico » Quintana Roo » Cancun May 31st 2013

Bye Bye Cancun, hello Playa Del Carmen... read more

North America » Mexico » Quintana Roo » Cancun May 29th 2013

Hola! We're in meh-ico. After a confusing which taxi owns who or what or what, we're in a taxi enjoying a semi english semi spanish chat with our driver. Megan thinks his cute, but the excessive hair gel on every man in Mexico is more than I can take. It's 6pm, we dump our stuff, shower, etc, and are out the door for some dinner. $1 bus ride later we're in Senor Frogs expecting a decent meal and a drink or 2 but NO! we get so much more for a Wednesday night in Cancun. Guacomole. balloon hats. name tags of 'sexy,sexy' 'dat ass' and 'mmmm hot'. held a horny sign. watched some crazy guy on a pipe, water, jet, flying thingy. Ate some taco, drank some margherita, then got the hell out there!!! stabs - ... read more

North America » Mexico » Quintana Roo » Cancun April 12th 2013

On our third day in cancun we woke to cloudy skies, though still hot we decided to take it easy today and head to plaza las Americas, a large local mall. So after another large fruit based breakfast we caught another bus to the mall. We were surprised at just how large the mall is when you start to explore it, and were pleased to find that it was aimed more at locals rather than tourists like the ones the previous day. We found the everyday shops the most interesting such as 'Chedraui' . Almost like a mexican version of wallmart it was ginormous! it included a fresh food section, bakery, groceries, furniture, electronics and clothes. Pretty much anything you wanted. I found the fresh cactus being despiked and cut into cubes for sale interesting. We ... read more

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