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North America » Mexico » Querétaro August 1st 2013

Dear travelers This morning I went to a magical place in Queretaro I went to the plaza and the most vintage of the city with my family I want to dedicate this blogg for July that was a great month for summer paradise in this beautiful city of guadalajara hope you guys still having a great time with your families and remember iF you ever came to Mexico im so glad to give you some tipS so good night its kind of late right there so see you later ! ... read more

North America » Mexico » Querétaro » Tequisquiapan July 31st 2013

Dear travelers Dear travelers in my third day in the beautiful city of Queretaro i am having so much fun So a friend of my aunt call and say that we have to know this beautiful place so sthephanie take her camera and took us a lot of photos so sorry travelers i cant post photos because i dont have my camera with me so when i have one i really going to post a lor like that so stay alarm when i buy my camara im going to post a lot of photos for you guys ! You should came here is magical and rustical but the food was expensive and not that good at all but its ok they are plenty of restaurants out there so just having fun so yes you should come ... read more

North America » Mexico » Querétaro July 29th 2013

Dear travelers travelers i just got here yesterday and it was pretty good I Came to this beautiful city with my family and i have known this city for years, when i was a little girl my mom took us here because of my aunt. The summers spents here was awesome really awesome is a little city in mexico soo in a little time i am going to post a bit of my summer here , remember still summer hope you guys enjoy this pretty much i love you and keep up traveling Xo... read more

What a full day! The Tec de Monterrey Campus Querétaro had a packed schedule for us today. After Sarah, Aly, Erin, Ulysses, Louis and I had an awesome breakfast in the hotel, Diego picked us up and we headed over to the Tec campus, where we met up with the other students and the rest of the Tec team. After a couple welcome speeches and lots of coffee, a woman from the international office led us in an icebreaker game. We stood in a circle and tossed a ball of string from person to person. Whoever had the ball introduced themselves and talked about why he/she wanted to come to Mexico. Each held on to their segment of the string, so by the end of the game it made a net, which she said represented the ... read more
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Today was my first day in México! My flight left MIA at 6:20am, and I slept all the way to Dallas. Once there, I met up with Erin, who works with DRCLAS at Harvard and will be helping us during our first few weeks in México, and Juan, another Harvard student on the SIPSD program. Juan lived in northern México until he was 10, then moved to Texas. We boarded the tiny plane to Querétaro together and were met by our guides from Tec. de Monterrey upon arrival. Our guides, Diego and Arturo, are students at Tec. who work in the international office. We all waited in the Querétaro airport until the rest of the students arrived: Sarah, Louis, Francisco, and Sofia. Sarah is my girlfriend from club swimming, and we will be together for the ... read more
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North America » Mexico » Querétaro March 17th 2012

Hoy, Jueves, (today, Thursday), we caught the bus to Queretaro (pronounced keh-REH-tah-roh) for the day. It is nice when Ray can enjoy the scenery too. Mexican buses are clean, comfortable, efficient, cheap and have on-board bathrooms. (I can’t vouch for them.) We loved Queretaro. It is a big city with just under a million residents but all of the attractions are within walking distance of “el centro”. Although Queretaro is one the historical colonial cities, they have replaced their cobblestone sidewalks and streets with pedestrian/vehicle friendly stone slabs. Unlike many Mexican cities, the sidewalks are wide enough for two couples to meet and pass without one couple stepping off the curb. Traffic seemed relaxed and drivers politely allowed pedestrians to cross the street. At lunch, we chatted with Mario who told us, in excellent English, that ... read more
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North America » Mexico » Querétaro January 29th 2012

Hola, We went to San Miguel for the day yesterday! It's a little town about 100km from Queretaro. Best way to describe it.. a tiny version of Queretaro (in terms of the colonial style buildings and obsession with fountains), only even more emphasis on the rainbow coloured walls, doors and window frames of the houses! It's very, very pretty. We walked around and had a look at the shops and churches for an hour or two before heading to Mama Mia, a pizza place/bar in the heart of the town. You walk into a courtyard with a bar in the middle, and live music down the back (Mexican guitarists). We chose to eat upstairs on the roof though which was gorgeous! Every table has an awesome view of the town and being in the state of ... read more

North America » Mexico » Querétaro January 11th 2012

Whoopsies! Been a whole week since my last entry! It's been a busy, busy week. I started uni yesterday, the first class (Marketing) seems quite easy which is good, but the Spanish Language class was NUTS! I'll definitely need to invest in a tutor to have a chance at keeping up! Heading to Mexico City this weekend. We are busing down there on Friday lunch time and staying until Sunday night. Right in time for my birthday! Kaitlyn (USA), Helene (France) and I are planning a shopping trip while we are there. Can't wait, I barely packed anything to come here! The girl that used to live with my host family, Gael, is staying here again for a few days which is fun. Finally someone that speaks English! It's cool. I'm off to bed now, I ... read more

North America » Mexico » Querétaro January 4th 2012

First day of school... the uni is really nice and the facilities are awesome! Free gym, beach volley courts, tennis, outdoor pool, dance classes, guitar lessons, you name it! It's pretty exciting! I caught a bus this morning with Martha. They don't run on a schedule (very Mexican) so you just show up and hope that it comes at an okay time, and then have to hollar it down. They do have a few set bus stops but most of the time you just see a bus, wave at it, and it will stop anywhere any time! The same goes for hopping off, wherever you want to stop, you just say the word (Baja), and you're off! Crazy Mexicanos! Pretty nervous to do it by myself tomorrow! I met a german boy on the bus called ... read more

North America » Mexico » Querétaro January 3rd 2012

After my flight to Houston, Texas, I took a itsy bitsy little plane to Queretaro Airport (which is just a single room shed filled with scary Mexican customs officials by the way). As I came through the security screen a lady ran up and hugged me with a little love heart balloon that read "Anastacia" and was excitedly chatting to me in Spanish. It took a while to explain to her that I wasn't in fact Anastacia but Natasha... wrong host kid sorry! Anyway... MY host mum wasn't there, so I took a taxi to their house which was probably a half hour drive. The taxi driver obviously realised I didn't speak ANY spanish and was a little disoriented and scared, so called the family on the way there and had them all wait outside to ... read more

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