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Saturday, February 25th, 2012 Sometimes people say things and give me no time to rearrange my face. Take last week, for example. I was at a literary event and a woman came up and asked me to sign her book. "Really?" I said. "You can do better than me." "Don't be silly, she insisted. "I'm thoroughly enjoying your story. It's a real page turner." "Oh," I replied, and just out of curiousity asked her, "what page are you on?" "Two," she said brightly, handing me her pen. A similar thing happened at a neighbourhood get-together. A woman I had known for a long time confided that she and her husband were getting a divorce. This came as a surprise since, over the years, I had repeatedly heard her boast about having the "best damn marriage". "We ... read more
san miguel/interesting doorway
san miguel/favourite cafe

Lunes (Monday), 27 Febrero, we left our hilltop home above Guanajuato and headed east to the city that is considered by many to be the crown jewel of colonial Mexican villages - San Miguel de Allende (pronounced ah-YEHN-day). San Miguel is second only in popularity with former American and Canadian residents to the Guadalajara/Lake Chapala area. The population of San Miguel is about 80,000. Expatriate norteamericanos make up about ten percent of the population. We are settled into the small San Miguel RV Park, otherwise known as Weber’s. Our landlord Han’s German grandfather settled here years ago. Han’s dad was an American – born in Nebraska - his mother is Mexican. Dad passed away a few years ago. Mom helps around the park. Hans speaks excellent English. His tiled bathrooms are immaculate, the water is hot ... read more
The church’s impressive facelift was added two hundred years later.  Its original bell was cast in 1732.
There was a quinceaneria just beginning when we stopped by to take pictures. You may be able to see the honoree in the red dress in front of the altar.
Ignacio Allende, from this town, is considered to be the “Father of Mexico”.  He, along with Father Miguel Hidalgo planned the original uprising that led to Mexico’s War of Independence.

This post will be pictorial. It is the only way to share the incredible beauty of the ceremony that we witnessed in San Miguel de Allende. As you heard the drummers , the Concheros (dancers) dressed in prehispanic costumes filled the streets surrounding the Jardin in front of the Parroquia (church). The traditional dancers are honoring the El Señor de La Conquista, a statueof Christ that is housed in the Parroquia that was carried into battle by the friars who came into San Miguel to convert the Chichmeca. The statue is made of corn husks and orchid bulbs. People who enter the Parroqia on this day say 33 prayers, one for each year of Jesus Christs´ life. The groups would enter the square from side streets and several would be performing at the same time. The ... read more
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San Miguel 076
San Miguel 090

I managed to throw out my back just as we arrived in San Miguel De Allende. Luckily we were at arguably the nicest RV Park in Mexico. It is a small park located at the Tennis Club. The park is located between the clay courts and just to the south of the center of town. Another tight fit, but careful guidance (and a shoehorn), we just made it in. The park is small with space for only 12 units and is very popular. Luckily, Marsha had made reservations for us. Best of all, there was a chiropractor just around the corner. I laid low for the first few days. Between the cobblestone streets, high curbs, uneven sidewalks, and steep hills it was torture to walk. Ed says “you never walk and look and the same time”, ... read more
Paper flowers for sale
Templo de San Fransisco
Thermal Hot Springs

North America » Mexico » Guanajuato » San Miguel de Allende November 3rd 2011

As blog readers, you expect to read all about our adventures in San Miguel de Allende. The town is surprisingly perfect, bearing little resemblance to beachside Mexico and the resort towns that have been attracting tourists for decades. Its scenery is as multi-layered as its inhabitants: a pleasing blend of Mesoamerican, Spanish Colonial and Contemporary. As far as us gringos are concerned, it's a place of endless holidays and fiestas, art and artists everywhere, pure sunny indulgence. But again, there is little I can say that will explain it better than what you are about to see… ... read more
el jardin/san miguel
natalie makes friends easily


North America » Mexico » Guanajuato » San Miguel de Allende October 30th 2011

On the plane down to Mexico, Natalie brought up the subject of mice. The day before, she had found one streaking across her kitchen floor. This led to an exchange of mouse stories - recent sightings, methods of eradication, the amount and extent of their droppings - each of us determined to out-poo the other. Ron was unusually quiet but he had a lot to contribute, and I knew it. What could he be hiding? Over the next few days, I tried to get it out of him but he refused to share. I prodded and prodded and finally he broke. And now that he has, I wish that he hadn't. You see, like most people, I pride myself on being healthy. Country life promotes it and - some might say - demands it. The air ... read more

North America » Mexico » Guanajuato » San Miguel de Allende January 27th 2011

We arrived in San Miguel de Allende 6 days ago and are staying at the beautiful "Casa Young". Muchas gracias Gordon & Carol for the use of your house -- and right now it is well-filled. My brother Allin, his wife Alice, and my cousins Barb & Bing have come to visit. We have spent long lazy days exploring the town, drinking cappuccino, visiting the Cathedral, checking out the museum (dedicated to Ignacio Allende, hero of the Mexican revolution, shot by Spanish firing squad, and whose decapitated head was impaled on a spike and left in front of the main square for 6 months as a warning to those scandalous separatists who might want to shrug off colonial rule.). We have been shopping for pretty jewelry, drinking lots of beer and Margaritas, and eating way too ... read more
Dry but beautiful country surrounding San Miguel de Allende
Katy meeting cousin Barbara in San Miguel
Al and Alice from Alberta chatting with fellow ranchero

North America » Mexico » Guanajuato » San Miguel de Allende January 20th 2011

Yesterday I was going on a day trip to San Miguel de Allende. Breakfast at Hostel Guanajuato was from 9am, so I left a bit before 9.30 and headed for the bus station on the local city bus. I was there before 10 and had the option of the economy bus for 73 pesos or luxury for 90 pesos, so I went for the economy option. Unfortunately, the next bus wasn't until about 11 so I had an hour's wait on my hands. I went outside and sat in the sun for a bit, starting to get used to the waiting times. As the time for the coach approached, I spotted a non-Mexican looking couple so I went and let on. They were Canadians from Vancouver Island and were, like me, off to San Miguel for ... read more
San Miguel de Allende
San Miguel de Allende
San Miguel de Allende

Hapy New Year Everyone! Took a break yesterday after staying out very late on New Years Eve. Spent the evening sitting in the Jardin people watching, there were some crazy hats out there. Lucky for us it wasn't as cold as it had been although were bundled up. Bought a small botlle of Tequilia I mean everyone else was so figured why not. That certainly took off the chill.LOL They had live music until the countdown and then things went nuts. The fireworks were really good and people had these crazy long Sparklers. All in all everyone looked to be haing fun even if they may find little brns inthe coats after getting home. Took some videos will post later on Youtube and send linkthis site only holds small ones. Yesterday didn't do to much just ... read more
My Loot
Ricks Party Favors
Outside a  Bar

North America » Mexico » Guanajuato » San Miguel de Allende December 30th 2010

Hey everyone was hoping to get this up yesterday but wireless is a bit sketchy! As usual we walked our feet off in fact even Rick was exhausted. We were going to take a tourist trolley around for a tour but we figured we have walked as much as they would have showed us around. To day Rick and I got up and headed for the El Charco del Ingengio Jardin Botatanico. Lucky for us not to far out of town as we ended up walking back to town after walking all over the gardens. Straight down the mountain on cobblestone. Very interesting to see it but certainly different than our lush gardens. We did have a great time being out in the countryside where it was nice a quiet which when you are traveling Mexico ... read more
Inside the Church on the main Jardin

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