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For this entry, I thought it would be a nice break to just be visually stimulated. Feel free to read the captions along with the photos or just view the photos. ENJOY...we sure did!!!... read more
San Miguel de Allende
One Never Knows What is Behind a Closed Door!
Our Hotel in San Miguel de Allende

Mexico Trip 2007 Elizabeth MeekerSo, you're probably wondering why I wrote an entry more than two weeks before I left for Mexico. I'm just that excited!!! Apparently San Miguel de Allende is a hot spot right now. I've mentioned my trip to a couple of people and it's amazing all the connections I've found to SMA. My friend Doctor Wes told me about the program and I went with it. Never been there. Don't know anybody. It looks beautiful from the pictures I've seen on the internet. I really can't figure out where I got the courage to do this. I have to thank my brother. And Tia, for her absolute enthusiasm and encouragement. Everyone has been supportive, and I'm very grateful. I almost feel crazy for leaving all you wonderful family and friends behind! So ... read more

Hola All, For me to get out of my daily routine has been a wonderful experience. It really makes you pay attention to every detail when every street is new and every chance meeting an opportunity for a new friend. Finding a favorite bakery and restaurant was a lot of hard work but I persevered! I love La Grotta a lovely little Italian restaurant that plays live Jazz. It has the best pizza I’ve ever tasted. Gerard the owner makes a wonderful cheese cake too. He can speak very good English and often has a story to share with me. His wife owns a clothes boutique and they both teach the Tango on Friday night. I´ve also gone over the moon for the Mexican hot chocolate & fresh baked churros at a wonderful little café. The ... read more

Semana Santa (holy week) On Good Friday locals and visitors crowded the streets of the procession route to watch the reenactment of the solemn occasion of the Holy Burial. 2000 people participated in the processional. An 18th century life size figure of the Virgin of Solitude and the figure of Jesus of Nazarene were the main but certainly not only old statues and figures from principal churches. The crowd was absolutely quite throughout the three hours it was spectacular. Uniformed Roman soldiers, young girls dressed in white as angels, women with black lace mantillas and black suited pallbearers…accompany carved statues of archangels. On Sunday they had a paper Mache live size Judas which they ceremoniously exploded! I hope to down load some pictures. In San Miquel de Allende (SMA) they boast 300 churches. This means at ... read more

We headed out of Mexico City and took a 5 hour bus journey to San Miguel De Allende. It’s a very, very pretty little town with cobblestone streets, glorious tree lined plazas and Spanish architectural styled buildings…. It reminded me of Totnes in a way due to its quaint streets and its full with artistically inclined culture vultures (painting classes in the square and Mariachi’s playing when the sun goes down). My stomach finally calmed down here and we found a very reasonable hotel to stay in… Not got much to report about this place. Very pretty but not a great deal to do - the main draw is in the evening when afore mentioned Mariachi’s play in the main town plaza and all the locals come out and people watch or walk around and around ... read more
Churchio - San Miguel De Allende
Paradise - Puerto Vallarta
View From Hotel Bathroom - Puerto Vallarta


The sun was fading fast when I finally arrived at my 17th century colonial apartment. The lady that I’ve come to know as Vera the housekeeper answered the door. She immediately starting speaking to me in Spanish - I told her I didn’t understand but this did not deter her. She went on and on showing me where I had access to and how things worked. Some of it I understood. She then summoned the senorita of the house Georgia. I was taken into a room at the back of the house to wait. Apparently electricity is expensive as it was completely dark in the house. I was surrounded by heads. Many paintings filled the walls. They were paintings of heads both male and female - portraits of a type that were popular in Paris in ... read more

San Miguel De Allende North America » Mexico » San Miguel Allende By Traveller1 March 28th 2007 Here we are in San Miguel de Allende, that icon of norte americano, european, gringo cosmapolitan ambiance or so the rumer has it. Actually, the town is quite small with only about 70,000 inhabitantes, according to the Lonely Planet guide. Perhaps its a town you like because has more europeans or dislike for the same reason. The town was established as a Spanish garrison in 1555 after the Spanish pacified, as they säy, the local Otomi and Chichimecs. Its importance was to protect the new road from Mexico City to the silver town of Zacatecas, which we plan to vist la... read more
Parroquia De San Miguel Arcangel
Street Scene
Postres at only $.30 each!

We got on the bus, which was an amazing effort on my part. I could not eat the free ham sandwich proving how sick I feel right now. We left our lonely planet in the cab, I had every faith the cabbie would bring it back, San Miguel is only a small place, just in case anyone finds it, it was left in the front seat of a green and white cab the driver had a moustache and a beer belly. San Miguel is an old Spanish colonial wonderment, famous for its silver mining and natural spas, steeped in history. The wobbly cobbled streets gave me blisters that hurt like hell, thing is I did invest in some good walking boots for this trip which were worn in well before I came away, however they are ... read more
roof tops in San Miguel
A church

North America » Mexico » Guanajuato » San Miguel de Allende February 5th 2007

Our last month in San Miguel went by fast. We developed a rythym and adjusted to living here a bit more. We made some new friends with common interests which made it fun. In January, we also had guests from Oregon to share our experience in San Miguel. On Thursday of last week, we made the 9 hour drive to the Texas border at Nuevo Laredo. The roads were good and we made good time with another 4 hours drive up to Austin. We'll stay with our friend Joan while I fly to Tampa to visit my parents and we wait through February in Austin before heading north.... read more
Great Colors
Great Sky
Short Term Parking

Greetings from San Miguel de Allende! We’ve spent the last two weeks here with Mom. We picked her up from the airport in Mexico City at 6:00 am on Christmas Day and then hopped on the first bus to San Miguel. We had a nice little Christmas during the five hour bus ride, exchanging gifts and such - truly a Christmas to remember! Before we left San Miguel we did a few things in Mexico City that weren’t covered by the last blog. We got sick for one thing… That was after flying too close to the sun with the street tacos. Also, we went to this neighbourhood in the South of the city, called Xochimilco, where people farm in a manner reminiscent of Aztecs agriculture in pre-Hispanic Mexico City. Mexico City is built in the ... read more
Tiny Dancer
Happy New Year
My future car

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