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April 2nd 2010
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This morning, I went with Eduardo (the volunteer coordinator - main person I work with) and his family to the community where his mom lives to participate in the way of the cross for Good Friday. There were men dressed as soldiers, Jesus, the other two men who were crucified, women and men following Jesus. We walked from one church to another about 6 blocks away stopping periodically for each of the stations of the cross.

Afterwards we went to a seafood restaurant for shrimp/fish tacos! I got to meet Eduardo's mom, brothers and sister, and get to know his wife (Sulemma) and kids (Brian and Andrea) better. After lunch, we returned to his mom's house and hung out a bit and then went to Sulemma's parent's house. There were sooo many cute kids to play with - I had a blast! One of the cousins is 2 and he is blond and really white so everyone calls him guerro (which is what they call white people; it's not offensive), but the poor kid is going to grow up thinking that's his name. He and I threw a soccer ball back and forth over a fence for the longest time and he just thought it was hilarious.

Unfortunately, I forgot my camera so no pictures


3rd April 2010

Good Friday
Hi Monica, Sounds like an awesome Way of the Cross. Fr. Bryon's homily today was like he was reading a eulogy at Jesus's funeral, spoken from viewpoint of someone from his hometown. It was quite moving. I'm glad you got to spend more time with Eduardo's family-I'm sure all the kids loved paying with you, too. Hopefully we can skype on Easter. Love, Mom

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