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North America » Canada » Alberta February 24th 2014

This is Joni all revved up and ready to go this morning... read more

North America » Canada » Alberta February 23rd 2014

R: Greetings from rural east-central Alberta, where the temperature is currently -28 (feels like -35 with humidity and wind chill). Could there be a better time to escape this place? Not likely. As much as we love our rural homes, this winter has been brutal, especially the last couple of weeks. A 1 ft.+ snow dump, temperatures of -40 plus wind chill... snow drifts, snow shovelling, bundling up in multiple layers of clothing just to face the great outdoors... Thank goodness for sunshine or we probably wouldn't survive! After slogging through another brutally cold day, I looked up the forecast for Kona for the next 7 days... 27 and sunny, 27 and sunny, 27 and sunny, 27 and sunny, 27 and sunny, 27 and sunny, 27 and sunny, need I say more?? One more sleep and ... read more

North America » Canada » Ontario » Ottawa February 22nd 2014

G'Day mates Well next it was off to Hobart for the last two days in Tassie... We headed along the East Coast of Tasmania, which has an ever changing landscape. Have to say I believe there is more sheep then people in Tasmania as we passed field after field with sheep with lots of cows as well. As we headed along Coles Bay Road towards Freycinest National Park I've seen some of the most beautiful coast line. There was the rugged Hazards Mountain Range with golden fields below. One of the first lookouts was Great Oyster Bay which had a mountain range inthe distance, beautiful water, fields then Devils Corner Vineyard... Our next stop was the park and our 1.5 hr return hike up to the lookout for Wineglass Bay... which was worth the climb it ... read more
Great Oyster Bay
Tasmanian Devil
Wineglass Bay-2

North America » Canada » Ontario » Brantford February 21st 2014

The last few days I spent in Ecuador were really good but also sad because it was hard to say goodbye to some amazing people I have met and spent a lot of time with over the past 3 and a half months but hopefully not for the last time! The feeling of leaving was very strange after a long time in the same place that felt like home. I packed my backpack and left Montañita for Guayaquil where I spent my last night with Taty ahead of my flight to Vancouver via New York and Toronto. The staff at Guayaquil airport assured me that all was fine in New York so the flight would get there fine and they could see I was travelling through to Canada and said my bag would be checked all ... read more
La Guardia airport - New York
The Blazina's house
Hotel balcony view - Blue Mountain

North America » Canada » Ontario » Ottawa February 20th 2014

G'Day mates February 15: Well our day started out cloudy but humid as we headed to our next stop north towards our Newcastle marina. We travelled with the wind and tide working against us... After six hours of sailing in rain at times heavy, we headed into Refusage Bay in the Hawkesbury River for a rest before we headed out for our all night sail back to Anchorage Marina. We didn't go ashore because it was raining and the bay so calm and beautiful we just enjoyed the view. After a great steak dinner we headed out at mid-night for our long sail home. Again the winds were coming from the north... we needed them to come from the south to help push a long. Sailing at night is a very different kind of sail... though ... read more
last time on Free at Last
Refusage Bay


North America » Canada » Ontario » Ottawa February 20th 2014

G'Day mates February 18: Our morning started with a 3:45am wakeup to catch our 6am flight to Melbourne then on to Launceston, Tasmania. The view flying into Tasminia was beautiful with teal water and white sand then to rolling mountain ranges then flat farm land. Arriving at 10:30am we picked up our rental car then off to our Inn. Our home for the next two nights is The Old Bakery Inn built in 1883 it is full of antiques and lots of history really amazing place. Our first sight seeing stop was the Cataract Gorge Reserve...after a 20 minute climb up the Zig Zag Track, we came to the gorge with a waterfall. Then we headed to the Alexandra swinging suspension bridge and continued walking through forest with some of the largest trees I've ever seen. ... read more

North America » Canada » Ontario » Ottawa February 20th 2014

G'Day mates February 19: Today we headed out by car to the Tamar Valley and Mole Creek about an hour outside Launceston. Our first stop was a Tasmania Devil Research reserve for a quick stop and a little history on the Tasmanian Devil. Then it was off theMarakoopa Caves oneof 300 caves and sink holes in the Mole Creek area. We saw some of the most beautiful cave formation we've ever seen. This cave also has glow worms which are very cool a small larvra that clings to the ceiing of the cave and lights up when they are looking for food and a mate. This cave was one of three places inthe wolrd that glow worms can be found. They stay in this cocoon state for 15 months then turn into a fly and only ... read more
Caves-highest pt
Sheffield murals

North America » Canada » Quebec » Gatineau February 20th 2014

Gatineau Park boasts snowy trails, pristine pistes, abundant sunshine and an impressive winter sports season between November and April. It certainly lived up to its reputation on our first day, as we parked the car, strapped on our snowshoes, and simply clambered over two feet of snow at the side of the road onto deep, undisturbed snow on route 60. Terry and I had joined a group of outdoor enthusiasts for a walk on the wild side, in provided snowshoes, as part of the Winterlude Festivities. Our English-speaking guide gave our group a 15-minute presentation on the ecology of winter, how to look for wildlife and their signs, and gain insights into how the animals in the park cope with cold temperatures and deep snow. The first point of interest was a tree pecked out in ... read more
Nature Trek
Black Bear Claws
Sun Sets Over the Park

North America » Canada » Ontario » Ottawa February 16th 2014

G'Day mates February 13: Our morning started off sunny and humid and the plan was to take the tender into Sydney for a few hours. Now was Don's turn to be off his game when he woke up with what appeared to be a stuffed sinus ... not good if the Captain is sick. Maybe more Bundy the night before may have scared his sinus straight. Anyway it didn't stop him as we jumped into the tender and after checking out a few spots to try and tie up ended up at the Sydney Fish Market area. After a short walk we made it to Paddy's Market for a quick shop, where we bought a few things... Fred decided buying a winter hat was in order. Then we headed to Darling Harbour for a cold drink- ... read more
Collins Beach rocks
heading out (1)
Quarantine Island

North America » Canada » Quebec » Longueuil February 15th 2014

Bonjour tout le monde! Voici notre première et seule entrée de la saison… Hé oui, nous avons décidé, cette saison de rester au Québec pour la saison hivernale. La raison de cette décision est la nécessité de renflouer le portefeuille. Comme vous l’avez vu, l’an dernier, notre cher Absaroque a nécessité de grands soins. Notre budget étant juste, ces dépenses « supplémentaires » ont vidé le fond de réserve pour l’entretien du bateau. Oui mais, me direz-vous, ça ne coûte rien de vivre sur un bateau! Pas tout à fait. En vérité, la plus grande partie du budget d’une année de navigation passe sur le bateau lui-même. Oui, nous avions une réserve annuelle pour ces éventualités, cependant il est toujours difficile d’en évaluer la juste grandeur. Heureusement, avec le domaine dans lequel nous avons fait carrière, ... read more
Les pistes très bien entretenues nous emmènent dans la forêt…
Et au bord des lacs.
Nous initions nos petits-fils au plaisir du ski de fond

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