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North America » Canada » Saskatchewan » Regina January 24th 2010

First our flight was delayed and then it was cancelled. This weather it not supposed to let up until around midnight. We have re-booked for tomorrow morning @ 6:35 and it will depend if the corresponding flight from Toronto can land in Regina when it is supposed to. If all goes well, Larry C will pick me up @ 4:30 am and we will start the entire process again. We are both looking at this experience as practice for delays that can happen while travelling in Ghana. I will try to relax and get a good night's sleep tonight as I will have a VERY early morning tomorrow.... read more

North America » Canada » Saskatchewan » Carnduff January 23rd 2010

The radio tells me that this area of the country (Southeast Saskatchewan) is expecting heavy snowfall and high winds. It's been like walking on a skating rink today just to get around on the sidewalks. We plan to drive to Regina tomorrow and stay overnight so I can be at the airport 90 minutes before my flight which is around 11:00 am Sunday. I will do an update tomorrow night once we get to Regina.... read more

North America » Canada » Saskatchewan » Carnduff January 17th 2010

It may seem like a small thing to most people however this is the day I try to finalize what I am going to take with me on my trip. I need to make sure all my health/travel documents and credit union reference material is accounted for. I'll decide what I will take on my carry on bags on the flight to Toronto. This week will be a string of "lasts". This morning was the last Sunday morning breakfast at home before my trip. I want tomake sure I send links to my blog to people that I think might want to follow my experience. The weather forcast for travelling to Regina on Saturday in not good. Rain/snow and temperatures around the freezing mark. Perhaps it will change in the next few days. I hope so... ... read more

North America » Canada » Saskatchewan » Carnduff January 10th 2010

So... Two weeks from today I will fly to Toronto to begin my exciting journey. I have had all my immunizations updated, applied for my travel visa, received information on where I will be going while in Ghana and been told who my coaching parter will be. Over the next two weeks, I will continue to do research on the area that I will be travelling through and the credit unions I will be visiting. I will be travelling to the Central Region of Ghana, the cities of Cape Coast and Winneba to be specific. My coaching partner is to be Barry Treacy and he is from the resort coastal (Ireland) town of Youghal (pronounced "Yawl"). We will be visiting the following credit unions: University of Education, Winneba Co-operative C.U., OGUAA Teachers Co-operative C.U. and the ... read more

North America » Canada » Saskatchewan » Carnduff November 25th 2009

So, I have visited my family doctor to see what immunizations I will need updated. My last trip to Ghana was in 2007 so most of my shots are up to date. Once I receive my contract, I will send all the information to Ottawa to get my VISA. I'm debating whether or not to get new luggage. International travel can be really tough on luggage and the new styles are lighter and stronger. We'll see. I came across a luggage company that is Canadian that looks interesting. I think the company is Heys. Nothing more to report today...... read more


North America » Canada » Saskatchewan » Carnduff November 15th 2009

I'm so excited! I found out on Tuesday, November 10th that I was chosen as one of the returning credit union employees going back to Ghana as part of the CCA Coaching Program. I first went to Ghana in January of 2006. The following year I was asked to keep a blog while in Ghana. This time around I wanted to include some notes that lead up to my trip. I know how fast January 25th will come up. The first thing I did when my trip was confirmed was to purchase a little netbook. My first trip, I took a laptop which was quite heavy to carry around. Because of this, I didn't take one the second time around. These little net books are very light and I thought if I got one now, I ... read more

North America » Canada » Saskatchewan » Regina October 31st 2009

The snow is now here and it's time to do arm exercises every day... (plus a WHOLE LOT MORE) .... getting ready for the long "snowbird" flight south. ... read more

North America » Canada » Saskatchewan October 25th 2009

... I can do breakfast, lunch and dinner for the next two days no problem, but then there's the forty-eight hour return journey and I'm assuming resources will be limited up there. A bit worried because it's costing so much (SO MUCH) just to get up there in the first place. So happy to have met Charmaine. This journey alone would be really tough. She's intelligent, articulate and beautiful in an endearingly geeky way. Hardcore enough and self-aware enough to vow to forego make-up for her entire five week trip, which is braver than I am. She's had maids all her life in Pakistan, and a rock star dad, and a personal chauffeur for school, and a bodyguard... it's crazy. But she's smart and strong enough to make it by herself in Canada at ninieteen, alone, ... read more

North America » Canada » Saskatchewan October 25th 2009

Imagine the length of that list by Vancouver! All true though. Well, Satan is arguable. :) So, I've got a travel buddy since Winnipeg (to be referred to as 'The 'Peg' forthwith!)! The awesome Ms. Charmaine Hyatt. So glad to have company. Just the fact that she set out to do this trip (across the country, alone, for a month) makes me like her already. Last night was lots of fun, just drinking cans of horrendous Danish 8% beer in our dorm, starting as we mean to go on, being HARDCORE. The 'Peg is a dismal, unsettling city, the murder capital of Canada and conversely the artistic and cultural capital of Manitoba. So many sad cases here, just people everywhere who have fallen on the thorns of life. The HI hostel is populated by a ... read more

North America » Canada » Saskatchewan » Saskatoon October 24th 2009

Yesterday marked the last bit of lengthy driving for a while - it was another 9 hour haul from Winnipeg into Saskatoon. But what a drive it was! Starting out around the Peg the skies were overcast. It threatened rain for the longest time before the skies finally did open for a bit. However, on the horizon we could see a clearing in the cloud cover, and without having to wait too long we got some of the first blue sky of our trip. The pictures have a difficult time portraying just how big the skies are out here - it's something that you have to see for yourself to appreciate. Still, the whole backdrop does make for some great photos. We got settled in at Saskatoon, and then after a quick stop in at the ... read more
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