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North America » Canada » Ontario » Toronto February 14th 2012

De winter voelden we al een tijd aankomen. We hadden immers al een hoop sneeuw gehad. Echter toen we in Niagara Falls aankwamen, wat voor Canadese begrippen best zuidelijk ligt. Was het boven de tien graden en superregenachtig. We hadden een motel gevonden dat goedkoper was dan elk hostel wat we tot nu toe hadden gezien in Canada. Het zat alleen wel een eindje lopen van de watervallen af. Tijdens onze wandeling naar de watervallen liepen we langs de rivier. Aan de overkant lagen wederom de Verenigde Staten. De enorme bruggen over de rivier waren dan ook goed beveiligd. Vanuit mijn ooghoek zag ik een grote vogel in een tuin aan de overkant van de weg landen. Ik dacht in eerste instantie aan een raaf, maar toen ik mijn hoofd draaide zag ik dat het een ... read more
Meer Horseshoe Falls bij nacht
Bevers staan op de munt in Canada
De houten ruimte van de A.G.O.

North America » Canada » Ontario » Toronto February 11th 2012

We had a great night out last night in the city at a hockey game.... read more
cheering home the Marlies
Marlies getting ready for action
game on

North America » Canada » Ontario » Toronto January 20th 2012

Waiting... Just getting everything ready for our departure! The bags are packed, and waiting in the front hall, all our electronics are charged and packed, the lights are on timers, and now I'm waiting. I'll try to post at least every couple of days, but the goal is to post at least one picture and one short paragraph per day for our trip. The first leg of the trip is a 7.5h flight to Paris, France. We're going to hang out there for about 8 hours, then head back to the airport for the flight to Bangkok! Wish us nice weather! cheers, Paul... read more

North America » Canada » Ontario » Toronto January 15th 2012

Hows it going fellow bloggers? Haven't been on this since my last trip in Ghana. I was dismal at keeping up blog posts. That won't be the case this time! I wanted to let you all know of a new journey I am about to begin - my trip as a Project Manager in Kenya! I get to faciliate the construction process of two health clinics in Rural Kenya and I am uber excited! I had my first training yesterday! Awesome - seems like a great group of people going on board!... read more

North America » Canada » Ontario » Toronto January 7th 2012

Well, after more than a year of mulling over the idea, I have finally decided to take the plunge and create an on-line travelogue. I am not the most travelled person by any stretch, but I think that makes a travelogue all the more essential - to capture those venturing moments whenever the opportunity arises. As I've said, more than a year has transpired while I've been lackadaisically tossing over the idea of starting a TravelBlog account. It would be a shame to have to omit some of the travels that have occurred over that I am, a bit awkwardly commencing this blog retroactively to cover the travels taken from early 2010 and onward. Hopefully, I will be able to get caught up to stem the backlog as soon as possible.... read more


North America » Canada » Ontario » Toronto January 7th 2012

Dear All Greetings from… London – not quite as exciting as the places I’ve just come back from (for me at least!), but since I was sightseeing and doing stuff pretty much up to the last minute of this trip, I thought I’d update on the last week of it once I’d flown back. This last week has just been great, superb even. What has made this trip so special and different from most others has been not only the sightseeing and travelling, which is usually on my travel agenda, but the people I have met and who have welcomed me into their homes along the way. Without going too soppy on y’all, it has truly been a trip about love, friendship and family, and I feel honoured to have spent time with such great people ... read more
Da Bruvs in da Hood!
The CN Tower
Ice-Skating in Chicago

North America » Canada » Ontario » Toronto December 31st 2011

We jetted off out of Australia on Christmas day, and landed in Seoul for a night of rest - it was cold and snowy in Korea! Then off to the airport again on Boxing Day morning, leaving Korea at 10.30am and arriving in Toronto on the same day at 9.30am on Boxing Day - this time difference is weird - we arrived an hour before we left! Exhausted, we make our way to our beautiful Toronto hotel (Hotel Victoria) and try to push on until night-time, but we all finally crash at 3pm. It takes the kids a whole week to get their little body clocks sorted. For a few nights they wake at 2am and want to play, so we stay awake for a few hours then finally go back to sleep until 10am. It's ... read more
Hotel Victoria
Kids shopping in Toronto
Joe at Marche restaurant

North America » Canada » Ontario » Toronto December 27th 2011

We made it to the airport! The entire Statham family drove in the slush to get us here. Thanks!... read more

North America » Canada » Ontario » Toronto December 10th 2011

I'm taking a course Baking Arts at George Brown College and I'm quite enjoying it ... see why ... :)... read more
Fruit flans or tarts
Swiss roll
Schwarzwald Kirschtorte

North America » Canada » Ontario » Toronto December 7th 2011

The Toronto Christmas Market runs from Dec 2nd to the 18th every year, and is filled with seasonal attractions including live reindeer, troops of singing Christmas carolers, elves making toys and over one hundred vendors and food merchants and mulled wine dispensaries. Santa is here and a tall Christmas tree, there is also a merry-go-round and a Ferris wheel attraction too. But more, the magic happens in the air. There is soft gentle holiday music coming from audio speakers and the sounds and smells of the season echo about the red brick courtyard and Victorian age buildings. Christmas is in the air here. Some backstory on the venue- this historic place has been preserved like a museum and that alone is worthy of a travelblog post. The Christmas Market is now permanently fixed at the url=http://www.thedistillerydistric ... read more

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