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North America » Canada » Ontario » Ottawa December 4th 2012

After a year of planning and research, the trip is only 5 days away. Apparently more of my effort and planning should have gone into how to pack everything efficiently, as I'm having some difficulties fitting one month's worth of equipment into my 'supposedly' large enough backpack. The logistical challenges created by attempting Kilimanjaro in the middle of an African trek may have been a little over-zealous - or maybe I need to learn to pack/bring less stuff. Also, cutting it a little closer than Anne would have liked, we finally received confirmation of our Rwandan visas and finalized our remaining hotel/shuttle. The visas for Kenya and Tanzania will be acquired on arrival which should present some interesting learning opportunities regarding my haggling skills. Below is a map of the major travel legs for the trip: ... read more

North America » Canada » Ontario » Ottawa October 13th 2012

We've been neglecting the blog since getting to Ottawa! Blame it on a nasty cold I started to come down with on Tuesday. I've spent much of the last three days sleeping, trying to get on top of it. And today Roberta reports a scratchy throat, dashing our hopes that she might escape catching this from me. We stayed with good friends John and Maggie until Thursday morning. It was hard to leave their comfortable digs and cosy friendship! However, I managed to leave my knitting bag behind there (horrors!) so we'll be scheduling a rematch before we leave Ottawa. Thursday afternoon we spent with Nora Hammell at her new lake home on White Lake -- gorgeous! We are still amid the most beautiful fall folliage here. Then back to our hostel at friends' Carmen and ... read more
And more leaves
Green door
Same as ever

North America » Canada » Ontario » Ottawa October 7th 2012

We were up at the crack of dawn this morning (actually the dawn had not yet cracked) to cach the train from Quebec City to Ottawa. This actually consisted of two trains. The first, from Quebec City to Montreal was very impressive! Instead of the usual four seats across, it had only three, two on one side and one on the other. The overhead baggage compartments were smaller than normal, but faced the rear of the car so they were accessible without having to stand up and get into the aisle. There was a large table with each seat, so I was able to work on my computer the whole trip, which naturally went very fast since I was so busily occupied! We had just enough time in Montreal between trains to grab some breakfast. The ... read more

North America » Canada » Ontario » Ottawa September 6th 2012

My first post. Its more of a trial really, just to see that I can figure out how to work blog technology... Anyway, I am down to my last few errands: get yellow fever vaccination photocopy, photocopy passports and what-not, flip flops, traveller's checks, hiking pants and myabe one last stick of deoderant? Still working on downloading music but it sure can take a while to get and entire discography! Hopefully this sends Soph and Dad a notification.... read more

North America » Canada » Ontario » Ottawa August 8th 2012

Without a doubt our nations capital is opulent. The Ottawa Valley is very pretty with the Ottawa River and Rideau Rivers. We parked the fifth wheel and bought day passes for the bus, which was a very good way to travel and see the city. We started with standing in line for tickets to tour the parliment building and the historic parliment building, then watched the changing of the guard at 10 am with all its pomp and padgetry and the band was very enjoyable. After that the 2 tours. We had excellent tour guides and learned alot of facts we did not know including the soon to be addition of nunivit to our provinces. Our first Prime Minister Sir John A Macdonald had an incredible foresite in brining Canada together and did you know New ... read more
Statute Queen Victoria


North America » Canada » Ontario » Ottawa August 2nd 2012

Well a little back dating is in order here. First we spent a great weekend visiting Eldon and Ann and it was really nice to be able to spend some time with them, even got to see my cousin Sandy whom I have not seen in about 25 years. Then Monday morning we left the London region for Niagara Falls, the falls are everything I expected, an amazing amount of water comes from Lake Erie down the Niagara River over the falls and into Lake Ontario. At night Niagara Falls (the city) is lit up like a mini Los Vegas. Monday night we spent at the campground there so had a nice evening stroll along the falls. Tuesday morning we left for St. Catharine wine country and stopped at a couple of places for sampling and ... read more
St Lawerence River
Black Squirrel

North America » Canada » Ontario » Ottawa May 28th 2012

Monday, May 28th, 2012 Just made this travel blog at Margret's house! It's two days 'til take off, and nobody has packed, the hostels/hotels/habitations/basements/dingy sketchy bedrooms are half-booked, and everyone's exhausted. I'm going with two of my best friends, Emilie and Christine, and it's gonna be craycray :O So first, we're gonna take the good ol' Greyhound bus from Ottawa to Toronto. Then, we're gonna fly our butts to Amsterdam, hide there for 4 nights, zip to Paris by train, sleep 8 nights beside the Tour Eiffel (pour les vrais francais!), and finally maybe catch a gondola in Venice, before heading back to Montreal, which is a tiny, obscure, unknown city in my 'mere patrie' (pour les vrais francais). Tuesday, May 29th, 2012 We're leaving tomorrow! I don't believe it! I personally have to get up ... read more

North America » Canada » Ontario » Ottawa May 20th 2012

On aurait aimé partir plus tôt mais on avait tellement de choses à terminer! Faire le ménage, arroser les plantes, et rentrer les bagages de dernière minute dans le RV... Dès le début, nous avons dût faire des détours! Il y avait une course à Chelsea! Finalement, on a retrouvé notre chemin et tout le monde est occupé. On s’est arrêté à Renfrew pour des informations. Il faisait vraiment chaud dehors. Une chance que les fenêtres du RV étaient ouvertes car on serait mort de chaleur! On s’est assis à l’ombre pour discuter. Ce fut reposant. Maman était un peu moins stressée. Nous sommes maintenant rendus dans le parc Algonquin en Ontario dans le terrain de camping de Mew Lake. En arrivant, nous sommes allés nous baigner dans le lac. Maman et daddy sont allés à ... read more
Liam Antoine
Lac Mew

North America » Canada » Ontario » Ottawa May 5th 2012

I cannot wait to leave on my trip. I woke up this morning extremely hung over and I am not looking forward to trying to keep the second dose of dukoral down until my flight at 10 a.m. Thanks to my mom, dad, and everyone else who helped me prepare for the internship in India this summer- I am going to miss you guys. I fly out from Ottawa to Toronto at 10 am and then from Toronto to Delhi at 2:45p.m. See you in India, Brianne... read more

North America » Canada » Ontario » Ottawa May 4th 2012

Last sleep at home. :( Pretty excited and scared all at the same time. I am happy to have seen lots of friends today. I'm almost all packed and ready to go, and weirded out that George keeps taking pictures of me blogging. Oh well! I'll miss him all the same.... read more

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