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North America » Canada » Ontario » Ottawa July 30th 2013

We have returned to Ottawa and the very gracious hosts of Louise and now Gary is home. It is once again extremely soothing to have a home with a bed off the ground, easy showers and a renewal of technology. But the best part is the great company. We have lots of spirited, laughter filled conversations. Gary and Louise are superb cooks, so we have incredible meals with good wine and warm fellowship. Jacob has stayed in his pjs for two days, his favourite state of being. We have explored some of the local shopping neighbourhood. Just few blocks from their home are funky shops, great restaurants, exquisite delis and tons of outdoor gear shops. My favourite corner of town to be in. It's very sweet to recharge, and now we are ready to get out ... read more

North America » Canada » Ontario » Ottawa July 30th 2013

The drive to Ottawa was spectacular; good company (Andrea, Chekesha, Henrietta, Quita and her husband Joe), great conversation, games, music, stopping to eat, potty breaks and gas tank refills. I had an insight into a distinction regarding transformation and regeneration. Having shed 35 lbs. within 3 months (Feb through May) and seeing my body take on a new shape and appearance, I wondered if what I went through was a transformation. I also noticed I had been watching a lot of Dr. Who, specifically the current and 10th regeneration of the Doctor. I began to wonder about the difference between regeneration and transformation and during the drive, shared my thoughts about each wi... read more

North America » Canada » Ontario » Ottawa July 28th 2013

July 18th-19th We packed up and headed off to Ottawa. Louise is a lovely host. We arrived to a stocked fridge and blessed coolness. It was wonderful to not have to set up a tent, build a fire and avoid mosquitos. Louise cooked us supper and we got to sleep in a bed. The next day we did little, but we did go to the consulate offices and found that we should get our visas when in Paris. Out for supper at a cool little Italian place, very good wine.... read more

North America » Canada » Ontario » Ottawa July 22nd 2013

We decided that given all of the capital cities in the world we've been to, it was a bit strange that we had never been to our own. So on our way back from Montreal we stopped in Ottawa for three nights and had a great mini holiday being proper tourists for the first time so far on this trip. We stayed at the Albert at Bay Hotel right downtown, booked through Ottawa Tourism in a promo they had where if you book two nights in a hotel, the third night is free (thanks to Mr. Munn for the tip!). Perfect! Best part was the full kitchen, which meant we got to make our own yummy breakfasts every morning. Shane and I wandered around all of the main sights in town and managed to get in ... read more
Supreme Court Room
Finally made it to Ottawa!

North America » Canada » Ontario » Ottawa May 17th 2013

The Plan With eight consecutive weeks off in the summer, I finally have a perfect opportunity to do a little travelling. After much debate, a little (lot?) verbal sparring and some major compromise (mostly Caroline.. REAL MEN don't compromise!) we solidified plans to tour Central and Eastern Europe for four consecutive weeks. In 2010 I was able to visit some of Europe's largest and most toured cities (Paris, London, Rome, Barcelona, Amsterdam) as part of a business trip. For the Caroline, this will be her first trip to the continent. Over the course of the past six months travel plans have been scrapped, adapted, optimizied and changed (many times) due to various factors (thanks for nothing Hungarian train system). As of today, the trip has been booked (planes, trains and automobiles), accomodations have been reserved and ... read more


North America » Canada » Ontario » Ottawa May 11th 2013

I don't think Ian mentioned in his blog yesterday that the Capital Hill Hotel & Suites felt so sorry for us drowned rats that they gave us a complimentary upgrade to a king suite with soaker tub. Did we ever make use of that tub. Baths, laundry, more baths. Thank you Capital Hill ! We love Ottawa! Why haven't we been here before now. Truly a beautiful city, apparently the 3rd cleanest in the world,1 million people, 100,000 civil servants, 75% working in Ottawa, 25% across the river in Gatineau QC. Learned all this on the hop on hop off double decker bus tour this morning! This is such a great way to see any city, especially for the first time there. The one and a half tour took us past 24 Sussex Drive where we ... read more
My new office
BC Crest
War Memorial

North America » Canada » Ontario » Ottawa May 10th 2013

Today we are leaving North Bay traveling to Ottawa. Its time again to tell you about what I have learned on this trip. First I have learned that in Ontario just because it was hot yesterday does not mean anything today. I have also been told that it is always windy here. They say that in western Ontario it always blows from the west. In northern Ontario it always blows from the north. In eastern Ontario it always blows from the east. What that tells me is Toronto really sucks. We are not going there. Mostly because we have already been to the geographical centre of North America in Rugby North Dakota. We woke up to rain and cold this morning. They are saying it is minus two with the wind chill. It is about 350 ... read more

North America » Canada » Ontario » Ottawa January 31st 2013

When I look at the picturesque views below, the enchanted forest, the townships, municipalities and villages along the Ottawa River, I see more than buildings and streets and bridges. I see the varying competence of the geology below, heart-stopping, once-in-a-lifetime wildlife in action and the glories of civilization. You too can feel your heart soar while you take to the skies and capture the capital city, Ottawa on camera like no other... Terry and I journeyed back in time to the 1930s, an unforgettable era, when Charles Lindbergh and Amelia Earhart made headlines with their world famous voyages that changed the course of history. We flew across Quebec and Ontario in an open cockpit WACO biplane. It was an incredible experience as we bounced across the clouds and watched the propeller spin into action. Dressed in ... read more

North America » Canada » Ontario » Ottawa January 7th 2013

Leave tomorrow from Ottawa at 9 am to Chicago, lil lay over then on to Hong Kong, then a pit stop, and finally a flight to Singapore. 27hr flight day with a 15 route to Hong Kong. Going 11 hours into future, wish me luck Mcfly...... read more

North America » Canada » Ontario » Ottawa December 26th 2012

Preparing for that flight on March 17th means getting fit and also bringing weight down to a minimum. With so many kilometers to do each day keeping pack weight down is well worth the effort. I have started by listing absolutly everything i will have with me and targetted for a skin out weight of 8Kgs excluding footwear. So far I have only come down to 8,476 gms but that is getting close. Every gram off my back willmake walking easier and more fun. With an included tent, sleeping bac and tiny cookset it is a tight squeeze. The next big thing will be to walk more each day plus some long walks each week. What with Canadian weather and going off to Mexico for a month it will be a challenge but can be done. ... read more

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