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North America » Canada » New Brunswick » Fundy National Park September 28th 2012

WE woke to a brilliant pink sky. Sunrise wasn’t for a while yet but the sky was anticipating it’s arrival. Marg and I both showered in the exceptional showers and were home for the sun rise . We didn’t have the Oh God sunrise of yesterday but it was wonderful. We broke camp, had breakfast and headed out for Alma by 8:55 am. Yesterday we met a woman from St.John’s who said how wonderful it was so we had to see it. Well, it was a full fledged city! We drove around a little then decided to head for Alma. An hour later we were there and marveling at the small, quaint, sea town. We checked into the rv park, left the van and headed for Cape Enrage. It was a beautiful drive over a mt ... read more
Photo 3
Cape Enrage Lighthouse

North America » Canada » New Brunswick » Saint John September 27th 2012

What a night! Marg woke with a start thinking there was a bear right outside her window. Then she thought someone was stealing our chairs. It turned out to be her pesky bunk mate trying to get a chair to star gaze. I woke early and just glanced out the window and saw sparkling diamonds everywhere. The moon had set and the clouds had parted leaving the stars in an incredibly dark sky. How could you just go back to bed! I was just about to get Marg when she came out saying “I want to experience it all”. We sat there for ½ an hour or so trying to identify some constellations, even seeing 4 shooting stars one of which lasted a long time and had a red firey tail. Both of us gasped at ... read more
Our beach high tide
Our beach low tide
view for breakfast

North America » Canada » New Brunswick » Saint John September 26th 2012

Travel day I slept in! Can’t believe it but when I woke it was after 8am. It was very windy out but warm. Marg jumped up and went right to the showers because she had a cold one yesterday. Thought if she got there early it would be warm. It was great so she came back energized and ready to lend a hand. We prepared some things then decided to have our 2nd coffee/tea watching the wind and water and the seagulls fly by. Our last hoorah for this great Bar Harbor experience. We were off by 10:45. We traveled north and then east ending up on highway 9. The terrain changed to rolling hills then more elevation and the trees were changing more and some places were outstanding. We reached the border to Canada at ... read more
Inn on Water St.note weather vane
B&B porch
Low tide

We had a wonderful 59 days in Canada, but it was great to cross the border and be back in the good old USA. Our first stop in Calais, Maine (rhymes with Dallas) was at a gas station to fill up the RV. After spending almost 2 months paying over $5 a gallon in Canada, the price of $3.95 seemed like a great deal! Then we headed to the credit union ATM as we hadn’t had access to an appropriate ATM during our time in Canada. Last but not least we stopped at a Wal-Mart and a supermarket. It felt good to have cash in our pockets, a full gas tank and cupboards restocked with familiar brands. Our goal was to spend a couple nights in Lubec, Maine. So yes we are back in the US, ... read more
The neighbor's house
The room where we had tea
Dining room window

North America » Canada » New Brunswick September 23rd 2012

Tides fascinate me. Ocean tides amaze me. The Bay of Fundy tides were mind blowing! We spent 5 nights camped near the water so I could see the tides several times. Our first 2 nights were near Hopewell Cape. The river here is referred to as the chocolate river due to the color. At this point it looks muddy but closer to the ocean it is clear. While here we visited Flower Pot Rocks Provincial Park and took both the low tide and high tide guided walk. We timed our visit right as the high tide was at its highest for the year and it was 45.3 feet. We then camped at St Martins and had a great view of the bay from our RV. I’m keeping this blog short as the photos can say better ... read more
High tide at Flower Pot Rocks PP
Daniels Flat low tide


North America » Canada » New Brunswick » Shediac September 6th 2012

Well my lobster feast was finally realized in the lobster capital of the world and we cooked it ourselves a pound of shelled lobster - claw and knuckle meat- for 18.95 and it was wonderful. But, I am getting ahead of myself. After leaving Caroquet we travelled south through Miramishi arriving at Shediac, which is close to Moncton. Shediac is home to the largest lobster in the world. Unfortunately it is a tourist trap for the most part and they wanted money to go on the beach or the warf and since we have been on both didn't see the need to pay for it. We had fun touring the town and area. The town was established in the 1700's so it goes back aways. Sunday we went to the farmers market which was more like ... read more
Largest Lobster
Same lobster
Same Lobster

North America » Canada » New Brunswick » Caraquet August 31st 2012

We camped for 4 nights in Black Point which was a camp ground right on the bay. We had hot temperatures but a beautiful brezze off the water most of this time was just relaxing and I met a wonderful Acadien lady who camped at this spot seasonally (meaning all spring and summer). She gave us 8 mackeral they had gone out and caught alot, we cooked them and I discovered I do not like mackeral. However, she also gave us a feed of clams which were great Caraquet, camp grounds were huge but 80 per cent is taken up with seasonal RV's, still there was lots of room for us. Actually we have not had any trouble getting into campgrounds with just 1 or 2 days notice. I suspect the price of fuel is the ... read more
Also house
acadien fencing

North America » Canada » New Brunswick » Caraquet August 10th 2012

We wanted to time our visit to Caraquet to coincide with the Festival Acadien de Caraquet. It is their 50thyear for having the festival. Even though we don’t understand French enough to comprehend the lyrics to songs, we hoped to still enjoy the experience. We did stop at the local visitor’s center and asked for some guidance. They were helpful in showing us some free events and one that had some reggae English music. The other thing we wanted to do while in Caraquet was to tour the Village Historique Acadien. This year they are celebrating their 35th anniversary. The Village is huge! Fortunately the admission is good for 2 days. We toured about 2/3 on the first day and then the remainder on the second day with time for revisiting some of the buildings from ... read more
Information sign at The Village
1852 Mazerolle Farm
1840 Blackhall House

Door busstakingen die nu al maanden duurden waren onze reisplannen een beetje in de war geschopt. We waren hierdoor 'gedwongen' om de trein te nemen (die veel duurder is dan de bus). Uiteindelijk waren we ergens wel blij dat we niet weer de bus hoefden te nemen. Een nacht in de trein was een stuk comfortabeler dan een nacht in de bus. Het probleem was alleen dat we met de trein niet konden komen waar we wilden, Saint John. Op goed geluk namen we dus maar de trein naar de dichtstbijzijnste plaats (152km verderop): Moncton. We vonden het te koud om van daar naar Saint John te liften maar besloten om via een 'rideshare' website toch te proberen een lift te krijgen. We waren nog maar net Moncton aan het verkennen toen we een berichtje kregen ... read more
Vos op de rivier houdt ons in de gaten
Free School Saint John!
Wad bij lage zon

North America » Canada » New Brunswick » Fredericton January 8th 2012

It all started at 10:30am. I logged in to my Google Homepage and discovered that the first Saturday in a new year is... INTERNATIONAL BACON DAY!!!! "OMG Craig, we get a second chance!" I cried. "At what?" asked my confused husband. "At the Bacon Hat Trick" I replied. Game on. First, a quick explanation. Last summer, my brother David and his wife Laura visited us here in NB. It started by accident... we had omelets for breakfast, I had some bacon in the meat drawer. Bacon for breakfast... no big whoop. We were headed to Hopewell Rocks that day, departing at lunch. So I picked up some Turkey Clubs at the Great Canadian Bagel. We polish them off and suddenly realize... we were two thirds of the way there... the new Holy Grail... the Bacon Hat ... read more
Tony's offers 1 lb of bacon
Peameal BLT
Craig is having a good day

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