The first week!

Published: March 20th 2012EDIT THIS ENTRY

In a strange new place, far from home,

Fran began her adventure cold and alone.

The first few days were scary and hard

And she constantly found herself on guard,

But she started to make friends and find her way,

One step at a time, living each day.

Looking for a job and finding somewhere to stay,

came second to finding a footy team to play (in)

Week one, a busy one, Vancouvers a big place!

So ready for week two and any more obstacles to face.

Hahaha had to start with a poem! bet everyone at home is missing that! Sooooooooooo where do i begin?

I think usually i'm a stress head but for some reason i was very calm about the whole leaving MY WORLD! MY LIFE! ALL THE MANY MANY PEOPLE I LOVE! But anyway i managed to get on the plane. People at the airport looked at me strangely cause i was sitting, crying, on my chair. I thought you got a free pass for crying at the airport???

So i flew from Auckland to Tahiti, where the airport was freaking muggy and hot, but flight was ok, air Tahiti's an average airline. I've had better. Had a two or three hour stop and while there met a couple of American guys who were sooooo nice! One in particular, a navy boy and rather hot, was very chatty and helpful with info on LAX airport which was my next stop. LAX is rather scary. Customs take forever and they are really rude and if you snooze, you lose if you have a connecting flight and not alot of time. RUN.

Then of course Vancouver. It was so easy getting off there and collecting my work visa and catching the Canada Line train (kind of like a subway) into Down Town. Met the nicest Canadian Lady. Really walked into some luck with meeting her. She was so helpful and gave me her number etc so that if i needed help or anything i could call her. Anyway, found my Hostel ok and really conked that 1st night. i think i had been traveling for like 20 hours. might have slept a couple???

Friday i just went to my SWAP (the work exchange company that i went through) office and started to sort what i needed to do. Social insurance number so i can work, bank acct, ph and started looking for a footy team straight away haha. oh, Soccer here. People get so confused when i call it footy. I also called the Canadian lady, Anita, and asked her if she wanted to meet for coffee and she drove me round Kits, an area near the Uni where she thought i might like to live. She was brilliant.

Saturday was st paddys. Crazy here. Streets were closed and green irish everything everywhere! From like early sat morn to late sun night. Totes Crazy. i started to meet people that day but didnt do a hell of alot cause i didn't know the area that well. Just went for a drink down at the water front with a german guy (who doesnt sound German at all haha its funny) i had met at the hostel. Hes a good dude and his mate Seb from sweden. both chefs. Both have worked out im not as quiet as i first appear haha. Seb called me crazy. I stold them, 'its ok guys, we are all freaking nuts in NZ, im quite normal there'. They are never going to come visit our beautiful country, i cant understand why...

Anyway went rock climbing with them Sunday arvo and then they cooked me dinner haha Fab.

Monday and today i have just been on the mega job, house, footy team hunt. I really wana get into a travel and tourism job but untill i can i will just go for hospo because i can. Last night i went to dinner at Earls with Sam (german guy) and they are hirering at the mo. Loved the environment and the girls all wear little black dresses and heels haha, might drop the cv of there. Sounds a bit dodge but it was casual and fun and the girls were really nice.

So yes, week 1. Joined an indoor footy team and going to look at a place tonight in kits and dropping of my cv to a few places so i should probably get going...


21st March 2012

SouNds like you are having a fan time precious!! Proud of you :) Will keep reading your updates X
From Blog: The first week!
23rd March 2012

Found you
Hey Precious one, I finally worked out how to see your blog and had a wee weep as I read it. How many blokes have you met (talk about bees to a honey pot)
From Blog: The first week!

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