The Rules

Published: June 7th 2009EDIT THIS ENTRY

Our Safetypants advisor, who remains unnamed, has encouraged us to come up with a few simple travel rules that are designed to set others at ease as to our whereabouts at any given time and facilitate efficient searching in the event of an emergency:

1) Thou shalt not stray from THE LIST
2) Thou shalt not backtrack
3) Thou shalt update thine blog weekly

In Translation:

1) We will not be traveling in any other country except that which is on our list. The list being (In rough order): Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina)

2) We will not backtrack to any place we have already been. This goes for both cities and Countries. Once we have left a city or country, we will not be returning to that city/country. The exception to this, of course, is Bogota, Colombia, which we will be flying in to (June 10th) and out of (July 22nd).

3) This is fairly self-explanatory. We will be updating this blog once a week. If this doesn't happen, we have likely fallen victim to a very hungry Jaguar.


7th June 2009

Hi Girls!!!!!
Have fun...thanks for the update. Can't wait to see what you experience...lots of pics, please!! Love, Melanie
From Blog: The Rules
7th June 2009

Thanks for the blog. We'll be sure to check it regularly. Dad wants to remind you to take bear spray.
From Blog: The Rules
10th June 2009

your wise advice
Who is the Safetypants advisor you are talking about????? ;) Don't forget to use "the ring"...
From Blog: The Rules

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