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Monday - drove from Osoyoos to Meadow Creek through Grand Forks, Nelson and Kaslo along the Kooteny Lake. Arrive at Grizzly Bear Ranch early evening and meet Julius and Kristin and their two Alsatians, Kuro and Masha. Julius is a Brit but has a Hungarian dad and Kristin is Estonian. Julius was a war correspondent for the Telegraph and has worked in Iraq and Afghanistan. Last winter he was asked by the British government to work as a peace negotiator and spent months again in Afganistan whilst Kristin ran the ranch. He is definitely an adrenaline junkie! Settle into our cabin which is basic but got everything we need bar enough electricity for my hair dryer or straighteners. The ranch is completely off grid so electricity is from solar panels; gas is from cylinders and not ... read more
Me and Masha
Kootenay Lake

Hit the road again on the wrong side, still not accustomed to this! We headed off early towards Lake Louise and Banff travelling through the impressive Rogers pass. It was difficult to comprehend that we were tavelling through a mountain pass with the size of the roads. This stretch of the Rockies is breath taking and as usual the photographs do not do it justice. Besides the stop at the top of Rogers pass our first real stop was in Lake Louise. This is a magnificent blue lake in the heart of the Rockies overhung by several glaciers. Stunning simply falls short as a description. Of course we had to sample the ice-cream at the Lake to appreciate the real beauty, but the food police were in agreement and also had a sample so I was ... read more
Lake Louise
Mama Bear

Adam's Blog: We continued our stay at Invermere...with a trip to Panorama Mountain a ski village and Grey Wolf golf resort...The drive up the valley was very scenic as the snow melt had the river running fast ready for raft adventurers. We had a lunch stop with the locals and a chat with a girl from Melbourne at the pro shop out for a year - apparently there are 3000+ young aussies in Canada mainly Whistler/Rockies so we aren't too much of a novelty. The talk of bears returned as with Spring - they have come out of their dens from hibernation looking for food or showing their cubs the ropes and getting the limited food that is around. This footage shows it well: ( I booked 9 holes for the next day at the acclaimed ... read more
Running Water
Rushing Rapids
Pool at Rec Centre

On the weekend we played at the park and there was lots of people there. We played with bubbles and some went in my mouth and it was yucky. Kit and I went on the flying fox a lot of times. There was a girl named Sophia, we played together. After that we played Tiggy and everybody was taking my shoes. We went to the pool and Kit didn't go down the slide. We had spaghetti for lunch...Kit calls it 'Spallabonase' After that we played in the park and got all dirty. The next day we went to the shops but Mum forgot her purse so we came home and watched TV all morning. After that we went to the pool and played with some boogie boards left behind. I watched an adult movie with Mum ... read more
At the pool
In the pool

or How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Insects The farm was in a fairly remote location called Johnson's Landing, with mountains on one side and picturesque Kootenay Lake on the other, though there was running water and electricity. My hosts were Kate and Harvey, who were lovely, and my home was the 'Roundhouse' cabin. White-tailed deer and wild turkeys would regularly come down to the farm, as would bears apparently, though thankfully I didn't encounter any of the latter during my stay. I have now heard one too many stories of people getting their faces eaten off by hungry bears. Johnson's Landing has a strong sense of community, and my second night here involved attending a 'potluck' where residents all meet at the community lodge, each bringing with them a foodstuff of some ... read more
The Roundhouse Cabin
One of the apple trees in the orchard
The Teepee


Wednesday, August 19 I drove from my campsite, at Kicking Horse in Yoho NP, east over the pass into Banff, which I visited for a mere handful of miles, then west again, down into Kootenay National Park. The next day I left Canada. More to come....... read more
Wild Daisies
Ochre Paint Pot
Ochre Mud

Banff is als een New York in de bergen, al sinds gisterenavond na aankomst werden we dit meer en meer gewaar. Door zijn ligging vlakbij de grootstad Calgary is voor die inwoners een bezoekje aan Banff en de bergen als voor ons een dagje naar zee. Voor 1 keer hadden we onze wekker niet gezet en ontwaakten we naar onze gewoonten veel te laat. Pas om 10h20 aan de dag kunnen beginnen, is best wel laat wetende dat hier in Banff wel wat te zien is. Vlakbij het centrum van Banff bevinden zich de Bow Falls, naar horen zeggen best wel de moeite om er te passeren. Bij aankomst moesten we echter vaststellen dat ze eigenlijk toch niet zo spectaculair waren dan ze deden vermoeden. We vertrokken dan maar snel naar een volgende plaatsje dat ze ... read more
Ink Pools

Hello everyone: This will likely be my last entry before I leave on my big trip to Asia. We've had a wonderful time here at our mountain retreat. Our condo is on the ski hill. Larry skied for a couple of days and the weather was awesome. Temperatures were between +4 and -8 every day. We enjoyed lazy days of long walks, movies, terrific dinners at local restaurants. I've spent way too much time on the computer trying to get everything set up and looking for info. I think I'm about done. I'll leave for Vietnam on Jan 20 via Vancouver and Beijing. I've got a reservation at a small hotel in Saigon (I sure hope I find it!) and apparently there is internet access there. I'll update my blog at that time. Enjoy your day ... read more
our kitchen and dining area
apres ski
view of ski hill from our balcony

Hello everyone: In preparation for my great adventure travelling to Vietnam and China, I'm doing a dry run by having a little vacation at our mountain getaway in Kimberley BC. I have packed my toiletry bag and found I've not missed out on anything, am experimenting with my digital camera, and trying to set up this travel blog. I've set up Skype so I can call home, checked out a whole bunch of travel webpages, made an itinerary and am starting to work on some lesson plans for my teaching assignment. Hope you will enjoy following my travels.... read more

On the way back to Calgary from Fairmont Springs we passed the majestic Castle Mountain and were lucky enough to spot an eagles nest atop a bridge nearby. Usually eagles will have one offspring, sometimes two. This nest had three and the mother in it at once. We watched the squawking children being feed by the mother who was swooping down into the river below to catch fish. It was hard to see the three babies at once, but just before we left I managed to snap a photo with all three. We also made a stop at Kootenay national park. It is a beautiful area with picturesque waterfalls and an array of wildlife. We eyed lots of caterpillars and butterflies. Nic wasn't impressed. She isn't a fan of moths or butterflies, so I have to ... read more
Castle Mountain
Eagles Nest
Kootenay National Park

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