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North America » Canada » Alberta » Lake Louise June 27th 2014

Had a wonderful dinner last night at the Banffshire Club - very old worldly restaurant - typical of the era it was built! Breaky then up the Sulphur Mountain Gondola in Banff and then took the 364 steps up and down the board walk to get the highest view overlooking Banff and the Banff Springs Resort, just amazing - Mark had acclimatised to the altitude and made it all the way - so proud he did it!!! He was too!!! Then back down to Banff for lunch, had picked out a great little place before we left home, Bruno's Bar and Grill, great lunch with a couple of beers then headed through the rockies to Lake Maurine near the Ten Peaks - another amazing site! The lakes are just gorgeous turquoise color and so clear. Mark ... read more

North America » Canada » Alberta » Lake Louise June 4th 2014

Soon after breakfast I made my way to the bus station to catch the greyhound to Lake Louise, it’s located next to the train station so I was lucky enough to be there when the Rocky Mountaineer arrived. I would have loved to catch this train but it is extortionate and just caters for the high-end market not the backpacker type. So instead of the train I boarded a packed Greyhound for the 45 minute ride to Lake Louise. The hostel there is the smartest one I’ve been in, it has a sauna! but also one of the most expensive, I had to bite the bullet as it’s the only one in Lake Louise and there isn’t much else to be honest except for the scenery and wildlife. After checking in I set off for what ... read more
The Rocky Mountaineer
Lake Louise
Lake Louise

North America » Canada » Alberta » Lake Louise May 14th 2014

This year was the 20th anniversary of the Ice Magic Festival. From around the world, ice sculptors compete to grace the foreground of the Chateau Lake Louise. Nature is the greatest competitor!... read more
Pine trees
Pipestone Creek
Wings of Victory

North America » Canada » Alberta » Lake Louise September 17th 2013

Ready to hit the road at 7.30am after having a quick look at Sunwapta Falls. Like all the other falls we have seen over the past few days it was impressive. Today we are driving the Icefield Parkway from Jasper to Lake Louise. It is a stretch of road almost 200km long - but don't expect to be able to drive it in a few hours. The drive is through some pretty spectacular sights and there are photos and hikes to be taken around every corner! The Icefields Parkway (highway 93) traverses high elevation (2,088m) mountain terrain. During the winter months snow chains are required for driving this road. In this blog today I will list the places of interest we stopped along the journey to our destination of Lake Louise: View point to photographs three ... read more

North America » Canada » Alberta » Lake Louise August 15th 2013

After steeping in 104 degree sulphur hot springs (but no odor), we picnicked with the Big Horn sheep. Then hiked the boardwalk trail to the original hot springs (current one opened in 1986). Next day, head to Lake Louise via the Ice Field Parkway across the Columbia ice fields. We are now camped in a lovely national park campground, with 30 amp electric, much appreciated; onboard water, and will have to dump on our way out (but after dry camping for three nights, we feel like we are in high cotton). Heeere's the pics:... read more
Jon, our RV shepherd, with "his other flock"
on hike to original hot springs
Joe and Cindy


North America » Canada » Alberta » Lake Louise August 15th 2013

We felt adventurous today so we all headed up to Lake Louise Mountain. It is the second largest ski resort in Canada with Whistler being number one. In the summer they have chairlifts and gondolas that take you to almost the top of the mountain. From there you can see all of the Lake Louise area below. Unfortunately it was very cloudy this morning so the pictures I took were OK, but could have been better had the sun cooperated. We were just glad it did not rain on us. We ate lunch at the mountain since they had a great deal on chairlift & lunch combo tickets. We are always looking for the good deals. After lunch Ron and Carolyn went to search out for free Wi-Fi while Joe, Jon, Joyce and I headed to ... read more
Beorn the bear 2
Beorn the bear 3
Beorn the bear 4

North America » Canada » Alberta » Lake Louise August 14th 2013

It was a beautiful drive from Jasper to Lake Louise. We passed several icefields along the way. It is simply amazing even in the heat of the summer these icefields barely melt. We could have taken a bus onto one of the icefields and then walked on it, but none of us wanted to take the chance of falling. We all agreed it's the pits getting old. We did see a black bear along the road, but that was all the wildlife on the trip into Lake Louise. Along the way we did see the fireweed in different stages. Some were still in full bloom, others were starting to change their buds into cotton looking buds and some had already fully changed into the cotton buds. The cotton buds then fly away in the wind and ... read more
Cyclists along road - we think they are kind of nuts!
Fairmont Chateau - front
Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise

North America » Canada » Alberta » Lake Louise May 11th 2013

We've moved again!!....We got back from Seattle last Tuesday and ended up back at the Hosteling International Hostel on Jericho Beach about 20 minutes from Downtown Vancouver, where we stayed just before we headed down to the US. Before we got there we imagined the place would be packed.....but we were the only ones in our dorm, aswel as a few others staying elsewhere in the hostel, it was pretty much deserted. Which was a suprise for us as the weather has been geting really good the last 2 weeks, and as the hostel is literally next to the beach, and is only a 20 minute bus ride to Downtown, we thought everyone would be trying to stay there. It makes me think no one actually knows about this place....not that we were complaining! But we ... read more
Grant at Lake Louise
Our hostel at Jericho Beach
Jade at Lake Louise

North America » Canada » Alberta » Lake Louise January 29th 2013

Well, in the end, we didn't go to the Ice Sculpture show.. I've been a couple of times before, though, and I loved it! AND, this year, my friend, Jessica went, and she said I could use her pictures!! Jessica and her family went up in the early afternoon, to Lake Louise, to the Ice Show, and then after that, met a bunch of our friends to go sledding at a ski-hill, on their way back to Calgary. We couldn't go...too bad for us. The Ice Sculpting show ended Sunday, January 27th. The ACTUAL carving competition was from the 18th to the 20th. 24 sculpting teams from around the world compete for 34 hours, at The Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise, Alberta, using With 300 lbs (136 kg) blocks of ice! The theme this year was "Carve ... read more
Sound of an Angel
Run through the jungle
Tube Town

North America » Canada » Alberta » Lake Louise January 24th 2013

Another chance for a been there in the summer now lets see what its like in the winter trip. We were told we must go see the amazing ice sculptures at Lake Louise, and amazing they were. It was really cool to see how much detail they are able to put into the sculptures and the hard work that must go into them. We were unable to go to the sculpting competition but went to see the finished products. You could also skate or walk out onto the lake and go through a sculpture that resembled a castle, it was very neat to be able to get up close and actually touch the sculpture and take photos. It was a fantastic day, the lake and mountains looked amazing, as always. =) Almost forgot to mention... Amanda ... read more

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