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North America » Canada » Alberta » Jasper National Park September 13th 2013

When:13 Sep 2013 Where: hike up Parker Ridge Highlights: Saskatchewan glacier view It has been over 3 years that I had heard about this must-do hike. Superlatives were used and as time would have it, we had crossed by the trailhead several times with no time to stop. We then realized that we had to dedicate one day to come this far. Summer would end anytime soon. We tried to try our luck as little S had day off from school. All of us were tired in the morning. Our decision to leave by 6.00 am faltered(nothing unusual there). We left by 8.00 am. Our destination being 316 km away, we had close to a 4 hr drive. With brief stops at Canmore and Lake Louise for essentials we reached Parker Ridge trail head past 11.00 ... read more
Peyto Lake
how many more photos???

North America » Canada » Alberta » Jasper National Park September 5th 2013

September 3, 2013 Today we leave Patricia Lake Bungalows and the Jasper area and head down the Icefields Parkway to Banff. One last lingering look out over beautiful Patricia Lake and another quick game of badminton with the boys before we leave. (Wherever we go, wherever we stay, there’s always something, apart from the obvious location etc. that stands out, sticks in the memory. It might be a board game played together all week or a rowing boat taken out on the lake a few times with attempts to fish and here in Patricia Lake it might well be the badminton. A few rackets and a net hung between 2 trees is all but we returned to it a few times in the short time we were here, often playing just as it got dark at ... read more
Sunwapta Falls
Athabasca Glacier
Athabasca Falls

North America » Canada » Alberta » Jasper National Park September 3rd 2013

September 2, 2013 We awaken the next day to yet another clear blue sky and hope that we’re not beginning to take it for granted. The scenery is breathtakingly beautiful around here but the glorious weather really accentuates that. When I wander down to the lake in the early morning the mountain opposite has a tint of pink to it and the perfect clear sky means that everything I see above the water line is reflected in perfect symmetry below it. Perfect for pictures, especially with those canoes all wonderfully positioned on the bank! Today we attempt to address the eating/exercise balance and manage 3 good walks, the first being around Pyramid Lake (next to Patricia Lake). A beautiful and quiet hike of about 5km. The crowds haven’t really made it out this far. On the ... read more
Pyramid Lake
Grizzly Bear
Maligne Lake

North America » Canada » Alberta » Jasper National Park September 3rd 2013

Vancouver Island to Whistler (2 Aug – 13 Aug) Friday 2 Aug – Start of the Canadian National Day Long Weekend Joined a big queue of tourists and caught the ferry at Anacortes – beautiful town 3 hours north of Tacoma. The 2 hr 15 min ferry crossing bought back great memories of our 2010 cruise to Vancouver Island. The big difference this time was the islands in the San Juan Strait were sunburnt and brown – not green and misty. Arrived at the port of Sidney and drove into beautiful Victoria City. After the 7 lane freeways of Seattle the driving was so calm, quiet and relaxing – easily located our hotel - just one block back from the waterfront. Found a terrific Thai Restaurant and spent the evening wandering the waterfront with ... read more
Victoria Golf Club
Victoria Golf Club
Capilano Suspension Bridge

North America » Canada » Alberta » Jasper National Park August 13th 2013

Today we traveled about an hour from our campsite to a place called Miette Hot Springs. As the name suggests we soaked in a natural hot springs for a couple of hours. They had two hot water and two cold water pools. The locals say you get in the 100 degree pool, then the 104 degree pool, followed by the 66 degree pool and then relax for a few minutes and repeat. You had me right up to the 66 degree pool. Forget the local traditions, it was too darn cold... We had a picnic lunch outside the hot springs and were greeted by several big horn sheep. They were so tame and didn't mind their pictures being taken at all. On the way back from the hot springs we saw more sheep and a HUGE ... read more
Check out my rack!
Guess what I am
Hi baby sheep.


North America » Canada » Alberta » Jasper National Park August 12th 2013

This morning we got up, cranked up the generator from 8 - 9:30 and then headed out to explore Jasper. We decided to head down town and check out the shopping and have lunch. What a pretty little town Jasper is. The shops are quant and have a nice variety of stuff to buy. We strolled leisurely down the main street and enjoyed the wonderful cool weather. The flowers in town were simply gorgeous as you can see from the pictures. We had lunch at a place called Smitty's and it kind of reminded us of a Denny's style restaurant. I can just see Henry reading this right now and laughing since our son thinks Denny's is where the "old folks" go to eat. This evening we took a drive to Medicine and Maligne Lakes. The ... read more
Big horn sheep all over the road
Big horn sheep baby stopped for a drink from Mom
Big horn sheep laying along road

North America » Canada » Alberta » Jasper National Park June 17th 2013

The next road we took was Icefields Parkway, which parallels the Continental Divide. It goes from Jasper to the turn-offtowards Banff (Highway 1, the Trans-Canada Highway). Just about 30 kms (10 miles) south of Jasper, is Athabasca Falls. It is such a majestic waterfall, you’d think it was higher – but it’s “only” 23 meters (75 feet)… actually, that’s pretty high! I mean, maybe not if you are comparing it to Niagara Falls (which is 51 meters/167 feet), or Kerepakupai Merú (Angel Falls) in Bolívar, Venezuela (which is 979 meters/3,212 feet, and considered the tallest in the world!) img=http://biggestballof... read more
Columbia Icefield
Athabasca Glacier & Columbia Icefields
Athabasca Falls 2

North America » Canada » Alberta » Jasper National Park June 17th 2013

Monday 17th June Packed our suitcases and went down into Calmore to meet friends of Carl and Colleens Lorne and Donna who were camping nearby for breakfast at Craigs Way Station- great omelettes and coffee. First stop was at Bow summit on the Banff/Jasper highway. A walk took us to view Lake Peyto - turquoise! A magnificent journey followed through the mountains where we arrived at the Columbia Icefields. Once the tickets were purchased we were initially transported by coach to the huge specially built Brewster Ice Explorer. We were then transported right up and onto the glacier - yet another mind blowing experience! A stop at the Saskatchewan River Crossing for soup and a muffin and then back on the highway for the long journey to Edberg. Beautiful Countryside. We spotted deer and coyote and ... read more
On the Highway
Brewster Ice Explorer
Athabasca Glacier

North America » Canada » Alberta » Jasper National Park June 16th 2013

The trip back was beautiful. It didn't rain at all! The landscapes were stunning, especially since it wasn't solid cloud cover. We drove back throug the parkway, from Jasper to Banff. You can see what is left of the Columbia Icefield. It's a marked omen of times to come.... read more
Kwesi contemplating life.
Perfect reflection in the water
View from the campground

North America » Canada » Alberta » Jasper National Park June 15th 2013

On Saturday, we slept in a bit and then had a fantastic breakfast. (Food was awesome the whole time!) We headed out by canoe to a nearby valley to see a glacier. Kwesi and I didn't make it to the top (scrambling was a bit much!) but we did see some wonderful views. As we made it down before some of the others, we hid under the canoe and had a nap! It was great because it was POURING rain outside. We lived in our raingear...... read more
Grand poobah.
View from the cooking area

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