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North America » Canada » Alberta » Calgary July 21st 2014

The Rocky Mountaineer – Vancouver to Calgary We get up at 5am to ensure that we are ready and make the trip to the Rocky Mountaineer Railway station which is a 20 min walk from the Pacific Central Station we arrived at a week ago. We leave the Hotel at 6am and get the Sky Train to Main Street station. As we are preparing to walk to the RM train station we notice a RM Van pull up & go to the guy to ask directions and he kindly offers to drop us there for free – awesome! We are met at the station by a host of attendants with luggage trolleys. The deal is that we have baggage allowances of 66lbs each to put in the hold but you don’t get access to this till ... read more
First Nations dance routine at the Village - Calgary
Bits of the Rocky Mountains we did see from the train
Storms by The River - Kamloops

North America » Canada » Alberta » Calgary June 22nd 2014

Dear Friends, Let this be the beginning of my new travel blog! I will be on a motorcycle trip around the United States and would love to have you all join me for the trip! Bookmark this link to see my latest posts: read more

North America » Canada » Alberta » Calgary June 20th 2014

Number 5. When I started thinking about attending World Cups back in 1998, I never thought I’d get to go to so many World Cups, never thought I’d go to 5 straight, never thought I’d get to attend 4 straight Finals. There’s a lot that needs to happen in order for me to be able attend the World Cup, and this time around, it had everything to do with Janel being the saviour and staying back with Owen while I get to go on the adventure I’ve thought about since I was a kid. The first World Cup I ever watched or followed was in 1982. I remember collecting the stickers, watching the games, celebrating Brazil’s goals and also remember one particular song they played over and over again on telecasts. So I always had an ... read more

North America » Canada » Alberta » Calgary June 16th 2014

Hmm - up early, pack bags and down for breakfast. Give book I had just finished to Vince (on Anzac stories). Settle account and off tot the airport heading for Calgary and our next tour (Rocky Mountains). Get the right taxi for our voucher and arrive at the airport in plenty of time. Book in and drop bags (1 almost at limit the other still under). Do some more wifi stuff (all the last 7 or so posts from the ship) and then go through security. Oops - forgot to take the shampoo out of the hand luggage - that has to go - all quite good about it but held the line up a bit - d'oh...... On the flight and into Calgary - after quite a few violent bumps - rock and roll in ... read more

North America » Canada » Alberta » Calgary May 30th 2014

Despite me just getting back from Japan only two months ago I am off on my travels again, I had always wanted to go hike the Rockies in Banff and when I found out that a new chum from Kyoto lived near there I got myself an invite. Despite the train breaking down on the way to the airport I got in there time for a 9 hour flight direct to Vancouver, I stayed at the airport and straight away caught another flight to Calgary and despite my body clock saying it was 04:00 in the morning met up with my chum Josh for a few beers. The next day he took me on a 2 hour trip to Head-smashed-in Buffalo run, this was as gory as it sounds, especially for a veggie!! Up until 2 ... read more
The cliff
Poor buffalos


North America » Canada » Alberta » Calgary April 30th 2014

2 days and a bit and we are off to Morocco. Tests are all finished, marks are in and now we can relax and enjoy ourselves on our great adventure. Our adventure starts when we get to Frankfurt and travel from the airport into head into town by train. We have almost 9 hours here so we have decided to explore this city as best we can in the time we have. Some will go on a walking tour and see the famous sites on foot, while others will take a tram tour; with a sampling of Frankfurt Cider which is now famous around the world. We have a few students who will visit with family and friends who are in the Frankfurt area. Then back to the airport for our second portion of our journey ... read more

North America » Canada » Alberta » Calgary April 13th 2014

Hi All, Tyler and I are leaving this Friday for Morocco. We are really excited to be going away. We will post on our blog whenever we have time, so subscribe to our blog to be updated throughout our journey. We are really lucky to have such great family, friends and great jobs that allow us to be away from home for so long. Until next time. Jill... read more

North America » Canada » Alberta » Calgary April 3rd 2014

I can't believe that it is less than a month and we will be on our way to Morocco. Only a few weeks left of classes and then final exams and off we go. We have looked at a few choices for activities while we have our layover in Frankfurt. There is a walking tour, a tram tour and just shopping. This break will be welcomed after our overnight flight from Calgary. I think we will sleep on the plane from Frankfurt to Casablanca. We are all getting anxious and excited and there has been many long dresses and skirts bought by the girls. Even Steve has a new outfit!!! That's it for now. More to come in the next week. Countdown has begun.... read more

North America » Canada » Alberta » Calgary March 16th 2014

This is a test to upload a photo to our travelblog.... read more

North America » Canada » Alberta » Calgary March 16th 2014

This is gonna be great!!... read more

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