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June 8th 2010
Published: June 8th 2010EDIT THIS ENTRY

Hello everyone!

So, we thought we should revive the ol' blog for our next adventure. Kwesi and I are off to Ecuador on July 5th!

It seems a bit surreal still that we are going to get on a plane soon. The bags aren't packed. I don't even have any pants to wear... My plan to wear shorts, well, not going to happen... Time is going to creep up on us and then 6 weeks of bliss! No work. No cell phones.

Feel free to follow along on our trip or, if you don't want to receive updates, we can take you off the list.

Meghan and Kwesi


8th June 2010

No kids yet, ha?
Lucky you.
8th June 2010

You are right, no kids!
Foot loose and fancy free! Kwesi, Meghan and our plants. ;-)
8th June 2010

What another big trip?!
Hi Meghan, Don't tell me you're off on another trek in the wilderness? How long this time? G

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