Photos from Middle East

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Poppy field, June 2014
Yellow fish, blue fish
Waiting for iftar so we can eat
View of Burj Al Arab from our beach umbrella
The desert
The crew getting ready
Sunset on the dunes
Stunning sand dunes
Souk shopping at Madinat Jumeirah
Small fish
She was super fast!
Sand dune safari, letting the air out of the tyres
Our table for dinner
Murray, sunset, on a dune
Hena on our desert safari
Footprints in the sand
Eel fish
Crazy sand lines
Colourful fish
Camel ride
Burj Khalifa
Burj Khalifa at night
Burj Al Arab at night
Big fish
Aquarium at the Atlantis water park
After our terrifying dune bashing, our driver was insane!
Qajar Bathhouse & Anthropology Museum, Qazvin,July 2014
Behestan rock castle, Mah Neshan city, Zanjan province, june 2014
Soltanieh dome, Zanjan province, June 2014
My turn.
Smoking the traditional Nargile.
With our hosts after dinner.
Food that is simply not available in your average Turkish restaurant.
Sitting for a traditional dinner with a Turkish family.
Good street food.
Bosphorus Strait.
Busy Bosphorus Strait separates Asian and European Turkey.
Underground Roman cistern.
Roman Emperor about to start chariot races.
Egypytian  obelisk brought by the Romans.
View which the Empress had from upstairs when attending church.
Beautiful columns inside the Hagia Sophia.
Icons of Jesus sitting on Mary while Emperor and Empress offer money to the church.
Uncovered for exhibition only, icon of Jeus surrounded by gold mosaic.
Area where the Byzantine Empress worshiped from upstairs.
Inside the Hagia Sophia.
inside the office.
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