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Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Fujairah September 10th 2012

This morning I met Matt, a doctor of geology (or, "Rock Doc" if you will) before heading out to my favorite road cut in Khor Fakkan. I was looking forward to this because I love site visits, and rocks, and I was looking forward to learning about geology in general from a former geology professor. I hadn't been this heavily involved in Geology since college and I miss it. It is starting to come back to me, but it will definitely take lots of practice and research. fortunately, dork that I am, I enjoy reading about geology. We actually missed our freeway exit and since this is the UAE, there was no place to easily turn around so by the time we found the next exit we decided to take the scenic route - back roads. ... read more
inside Al Meshwar restaurant
a rare photo of ME
typical Emirati homes

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Dubai September 8th 2012

The feeling of luxury oozes from every inch of Dubai. Starting right from the airport- where the “duty free shopping area” stocks all luxury brands to lure you into extravaganza to the plush Metro line, almost everything in Dubai is new and luxurious. Our 4 day short trip to Dubai made me realize that there aren’t enough expensive things to buy for people who own more money than they know- and honestly, such people are too many in numbers in Dubai. We went to Dubai during Ramadan. We were staying at Bur Dubai in hotel Admiral Plaza. The hotel was nice and new- had pool and spa and all other necessities like Business centre and travel desk. Rooms were not large (at least the regular double bed rooms) but provided all sorts of comforts like mini ... read more
Dubai Skyline
Burj Khalifa
The entire green area is Dubai Mall- view from 124th floor of Burj Khalifa

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Dubai September 8th 2012

Disclaimer: Eff you travelblog. I'm attempting this blog for the THIRD time, then I'm done. Tired of repeatedly uploading my pictures. Photos are in random order but at least they're there. Not bitter.... :) I woke up fairly early this morning and decided to do what I had been planning for a while: Go to the Souks. It is no easy trip. I had to take the metro and figure out where I wanted to get off. People had recommended that I take the water taxis if I get the chance, so I wound up taking the metro to Al Ghubaiba, which is located on this side of the creek. I also had to change lines for the first time, which was much easier than I thought. When I got off at Al Ghubaiba, which was ... read more
Al Ghubaiba Metro
water taxi
water taxi station

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Dubai September 7th 2012

I was so excited to try my first brunch that I skipped out on the trip with Jamie and co. to Al Ain. My coworkers had been planning this for weeks and I looked forward to trying it and getting to know them better. If I hadn't gone, it would have been at least another month to experience it... Decisions, decisions. Either way, I'm sure I'd have a great time. Anyway, my "american coworker" and I (let's call him Melvin), went out to McG's again the night before. I got to see his apartment beforehand which is much better than my own amazing place.... Oh well - I still live in my dream apartment for the moment. He lent me a couple of books so I can pursue my NPR Tope 100 Sci Fi / Fantasy ... read more
Photo 18
Photo 19
Photo 7

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Dubai September 1st 2012

I am too tired to write much, but last night my american coworker wanted to make sure that I would be up at the crack of dawn to go off roading with him and our boss, along with a couple of their friends. Of course. As long as we were back before the heat. We drove towards Al Awir and went off roading somewhere around there. Camels everywhere! Towards the end, there was also a group of wild donkeys but they were scared of the three big machines coming toward them, so I never got a good photo of them as they ran away. Enjoy the photos.... read more
Photo 12
Photo 18
Photo 13


Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Dubai August 31st 2012

It was kind of a typical week, though busy as Jamie had returned. I finished my two big reports so the next week or so at work should be relatively easy. yay! I was doing very well with going to the gym every day for at least a half hour - burning some calories, climbing some stairs, and reading my book. The women's gym is pretty lame but it is better than nothing and it's free. Wednesday was the busiest. I FINALLY had gotten my national id, so I was looking forward to getting my license. Yay! So, I decided to go Wednesday after lunch and meet Jamie for a massage afterwards. Little did I know that the licensing place keeps ramadan like hours as they close at 2. Such a pain. I got there at ... read more
Map of the Walk at JBR
The Walk
The Walk

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Dubai August 30th 2012

Right, where to start? The plane ride to Dubai was interesting in itself. We had our own entertainment system for the flight over which came with all sorts of games, films and TV to watch on demand. You could also track the progress of the flight, which was a little unnerving when we flew over Bahgdad and Basra! The in-flight entertainment also came with two live cameras, one looking beneath the plane so you could match the features on the map to those on the camera. The other camera looked forward so you could see what the pilot could see. Made for an interesting landing! The food on the flight was also very nice for a change so all this made the time fly by. As we came in to land, the plane flew past the ... read more

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Dubai August 25th 2012

A nice easy weekend ended with a busy day. My maids arrived right on time this morning and while they were here, I headed to the gym. Man, I think reading Chelsea Handler while on the stationary bike is a good plan - I sped through 55 minutes and 374 calories. Wootwoot. I am a little disappointed with the women's gym here - no weights and no privacy. I was there by myself and some maintenance guy probably walked outside the windows about 7 times while I was doing some yoga. Still, I guess a treadmill, bike, and stairmaster is better than nothing. Maybe I'll go to the men's gym when it is empty (Candi - still thinking of you and the "men's section"!!!) I came home and my friend wanted to know if I wanted ... read more
Typical homes
Camel close up
Camels just commuting

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Dubai August 24th 2012

Prepare yourself for a boring entry: Nothing much exciting this week. I had my first sick half/day, but honestly I've never felt better since I've been here. It couldn't be the lack of alcohol.... could it? of course, that was the day the client who had been relatively easy picks to flip out and I don't know if he even tried to call me, but he did call my boss a few hours after I'd left work. I really don't get the mentality here. Jamie warned me. Eric warned me. And I am not regretting coming here by any means, but it is still shocking behavior. I go in the next day after being sick AND stressed the day before, and Thursday was a busy but easy day. After work yesterday, my American coworker and I ... read more
Bonnington Hotel
my movie ticket
Lakeview Tower

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Dubai August 22nd 2012

I arrived in Dubai at a smidgen before midnight, having left the (dis)comfort of sweaty Bologna and headed to Milan. Two buses, two trains, a coach and a shuttle later and I was at the airport ready to depart. I was the only person in the departure lounge not wearing a burkha. Alarm bells were ringing... I had thought that flying Emirates would be the most luxurious way to travel possible. I was quite wrong. Okay, the inflight entertainment system was a nice way to wile away the hours, and yes the staff were all very courteous, but the fundamentals were not there. The arm on my seat was broken so I had nowhere to rest my limbs for 8+ hours. The entertainment screen only worked in darkness (what should have been a screening of The ... read more

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