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Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Dubai July 8th 2013

In Warschau aufgestanden und meine beiden Mitreisenden noch verabschiedet, danach noch alles im Koffer und Rucksack fertig verstaut - so war mein Morgen an diesem Montag, an dem ich noch einige Kilometer machen sollte. Ich bin dann wieder zur bewährten Frühstücksstation, dem Café St. Honoré gegangen und hab mir ein ausgiebiges Frühstück und danach ein Taxi zum Flughafen gegönnt. Nach knapp 15-20 Minuten Fahrt vom Stadtzentrum auf den Flughafen habe ich 36 Zloty bezahlt - umgerechnet 9 Euro. Daran sollten sich die Wiener Taxifahrer mal ein Beispiel nehmen... Am Flughafen war ich relativ früh dran, hab gewartet, bis mein Counter zum Einchecken öffnet und dann gehofft, dass ich nicht zu viel Gepäck mithabe. Die Geschenke für Adelaide sind doch umfangreich... ;-) Hat aber alles wunderbar funktioniert und schon bald bin ich in einem Airbus von Warschau ... read more
Mein Vehikel von Warschau nach Dubai
Dubai Airport - Luxus regiert
auch in Dubai muht die Milka-Kuh

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Dubai June 19th 2013

Sydney Airport – after 15 hours in the air. It is 6am, and we are nearly home. Our last day was a complete contrast to the high tech modern experience of Dubai as we took ourselves down to the old market across the creek. Sadly it was Friday i.e. their Sunday, so most of the shops were closed, and the spice souq was deserted. Never mind, we peered lustfully (or at least I did, I don’t think Davie cared much) into the dozens of windows in the gold souq, many of which were open and the old ‘madam madam madam’ call as the shopkeepers raced out of their shops to see if they could inveigle us inside. Well, I am not that confident about bartering over expensive stuff; so we gave it a miss. We had ... read more
Even the art is big in Dubai
Menu in Lebanese food shop on tour
Cake in the baklava shop

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Dubai June 19th 2013

Salam Alykom = سلامعليكم - I'm hoping this says Hello in Arabic otherwise this could be awkward. Yes folks, it's that time again to start up my blogs as I'm off again! But this time the destination is Dubai and the purpose is work. Since being back in the UK for just over 7 months, it seems my travel bug still hasn't gone away! After several skype interviews for a full time Primary teacher role with the Agency and the school, I managed to bag a job starting in August! I found the job on the TES website pretty easily and the whole process has just happened so fast. One minute I was having my interview over skype, the next I was in Debenhams buying swimwear and a Dubai guidebook! So far, fingers crossed, the process ... read more

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Dubai June 13th 2013

Dubai is a total contrast to everything else we have seen. Up to now we have looked at history and marvelled at how the Moors/Arabs and the Christians could build such wonderful monuments to both their religions and their leaders. Most of those lovely places are pretty old. Some of us were very surprised some years ago when we found that a stately castle we were inspecting in darkest Romania was built in the 1930s and had central heating and lifts! We have also commented that there seem to be a lot of new and gorgeous mosques going in as well throughout the Arab world. I guess in my mind the thought has been that while current western leaders and governments build impressive infrastructure, like roads, ports and airport, along with the occasional town hall, parliament ... read more
Statue leading into the Alcazar in Cordoba
Mezquita Mosque Cordoba
View from the Alhambra

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Dubai June 10th 2013

Our last point of call was Dubai. It was excruciatingly hot. Dubai boasts over fifty five star hotels and one seven star. Here you can receive free of charge a gold plated I pad when you pay your rent for the night. Of course you will be fifteen thousand dollars poorer. Dubai has an indoor ski run with lifts and everything, it boasts the richest horse race, tennis tournaments and all to attract tourists when the oil runs out. The artificial Palm islands are incredible with thousands of homes on each of the branches. The whole area smells of money. We are now at home with the very sad news that Ed Carroll with whom we exchanged homes had a major cerebral haemorrage and is not expected to survive.... read more


Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Dubai June 10th 2013

SATURDAY 8.6.2013 - SUNDAY 9.6.2013 Have had a couple of bouncy days at sea, after starting to cross the Arabian Sea the waves and swell were much larger, laying in bed feeling the ship lurching and creaking was a very weird feeling, thank god for the stabilisers which reduces the movement on board by 75 percent!! Just had to be careful walking the decks on our daily walks - like we had the wobbly boot on. Few people not too well with sea sickness but thank god we were fine. Now up in the Gulf of Oman and much better. Caught a movie in the arvo as it rained quite a bit on Saturday as we moved away from India and their monsoon season, caught up with everyone at our normal bar, Crooners Bar, then dinner ... read more

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Dubai May 24th 2013

Thursday afternoon, I flew into Dubai for the first time in three months. Man, I miss this city! Even the traffic made me feel happy. Today, Jamie and I went for a full spa day and it was FANTASTIC. Jamie had booked the day before at the only place available, so we were not quite sure what to expect. As soon as we walked into the Dubai Marine Beach Resort, we gave each other a high five because we knew it was going to be a great day. Our day started with an hour long massage. I've probably only had about 5 massages in my life; including today, the best one i ever had was at this massage school in Ojai and I'm still looking for a similar experience, but it was not today. The woman ... read more
Before facial
Island bar
Dubai Marine Beach Resort

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Dubai May 16th 2013

jetlag yeah.. & how far does 30 hours travelling by plane get u u ask? well it just so happens that it gets u just to where you want to go which in this instance was heathrow airport which was most convenient cause that’s where we were going. + what a lovely thing it is when ppl drop u off at the airport. u know someone really loves u when they give up their 5am sleep to give u vehicle transportation to the airport + big warm goodbye hugs + on top of that wait around to wave u off just to make sure that u actually have gone. big smiles + on the topic of awesome ppl thanks to the ever present sue + jeff. so how beautiful is it when u ascend from within ... read more
ben dubai

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Dubai May 15th 2013

its the first leg of our new adventure....still another eight hours to go....before we arrive in Scotland.... Airplane was impressive. Flight EK413 Destination Dubai the big cattle carrier was pretty good....I am sure that the upstairs is a palace by the way you are greeted...can't tell you what they are like as plebs are not allowed up there but I am sure they have nice comfortable beds and showers...oh we'll at least we got plenty of leg room. Otherwise own tv with 100 movies is cool and toilets are good. What's with the wooden deco? I found the trip long, I think cause Hawaii was shorter...or could be the fact I didn't sleep enough. Carmen is still not excited....she is holding it on the inside I think... Or waiting to meet Gerard butler.... She even watched ... read more

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Dubai May 1st 2013

Trip to Musadam, Oman. What a beautiful trip. It was the month of december'2012. Picked up the luggage, pushed everything in the boot of my Car and left with the GPS on directed to Musadam. It was difficult to pick the correct way, as the navigator took me for a round trip back home. However, we didn't gave up the idea of hitting the road again. Once crossed the Ras Al Khaimah, the panaromic drive way begins. Preferd time, between 6 to 8 am, or 4 o 6 pm. Please clarify your visa requirements and car insurance coverage.... read more
Pool view, Oman, Khassab hotel
Twin dolphins, spirit of water
Royal boat trip

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