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Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Dubai October 6th 2007

TRICKED YOU The new baby is in fact a new Peugeot 207cc. We finally came to the realisation that we could not survive with a single car and bit the bullet and bought a little sports car for Chelle. ... read more
The license plate getting affixed

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Dubai October 4th 2007

After my Sydney- Christchurch trip I have had 5 days off!! What to do in Dubai??? Me and my friends tend to get a bit bored in Dubai as sometimes everyone is away and you never fancy doing things alone. My friend Kim had never been to the Souks before. There are many types of Souks over here….. Gold, old, spice, textile, you can also pick up fake bags here although they are hidden behind secret walls in the shops or apartments kitted up like a shops as it is very illegal to sell over here………… Souks are basically like little shops that also extend onto the street like stalls. Its just another word for shop really. I took Kim to the Old Souks which sells cushions , traditional gifts and souvenirs. We got a taxi ... read more
The Old Souks- Fabric Stores x
The Old Souks- Inside the shops x
The Old Souks- Seller x

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Dubai September 30th 2007

We are enjoying our time here. We have gotten used to the weather, somewhat. It is something that you have to feel in order to really appreciate it. :) If you turn on your shower and let the bathroom get steamy and then turn on your heater to about 90. Stand in the bathroom for a while that is what it feels like here. It is still Ramadan here so most of the city closes during the day. The malls stay open but the restraunts are closed and do not open until the evening. There is a large grocery store in the malls called CarreFour. It is French, it is like the Fred Meyers with a grocery Store. There are many Europeans and Asian people here. So there is a lot of variety in the store. ... read more
Frosted Flakes

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Dubai September 29th 2007

Heaven on earth is a place called the Assawan Spa at the Burj Al Arab. The usual suspects (Jessie and Leanne) and Chelle started out on their tour of the spas of Dubai with a trip to the Burj Al Arab to take advantage of the summer special age defying facial. For only AED600 we managed to spend four and a half hours in the Burj Al Arab Spa. 80 minutes of that time was spent actually having the facial and the remainder of the time was spent lolling about in the pool area drinking cups of tea. The facial itself was absolutley out of this world. All of us practically fell asleep on the table. Chelle's therapist told her off a little bit and said that she had to start cleaning her skin better and ... read more
The hot tub
The pool
Chelle in the pool

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Dubai September 28th 2007

Some more random shots of this amazing town.... read more
Work party
Dubai from the air
Ski Dubai


Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Dubai September 28th 2007

Time to reflect...Well here I am first leg of my travels successfully underway. A great farewell party, the dreaded emotional farewell from Mum & Dad and a rather restless 7 hour flight to Dubai all accomplished and complete. 2 days on and I have finally caught up on sleep, started to hit the wind down button which actually kicked in like a train wreck and the excitement of exactly what I am doing has slapped across my face like the preverbial wet fish. WOW is all I can muster at the moment. Dubai for those of you who've been already (that I know of) Katie, Abby, Jamie, Hayley, Emma and so on, is still as amazing as ever. Stupidly hot, beautiful blue sky and an abundance of oh so cold beers (remind me why did I ... read more
Building Work

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Dubai September 21st 2007

Dear All, Possibly the highlight of my trip so far. Driving the Porsche. In the desert. very fast. My Dad and I took the voiture out to a lovely desert hotel / spa place to eat some Arabian food in the desert. The hotel was nice, but the road to and from was nicer! Not really that much to say here, except We went pretty fast. Hood down. It was good. Need to find some way of buying one of these. Hmm.... Well thats it for now. I leave for Bangkok tomorrow so this may very well be the last post from Dubai, but the night is young, so who really knows. Bye y'all. ... read more
Desert Road
Desert Road 2
On the Way Up

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Dubai September 20th 2007

Hello joyful readers, Once again I report to you from the desert, but this time, a desert in disguise! In disguise you ask..? That's right, because this desert has snow in it! Oh yeah. SKIING! Not only have they built the world's largest indoor snow park, but they've done it brilliantly - there is no hassle involved at all, its just as easy as going ice-skating or rollerblading! You turn up, pay, get given a locker key and skis/boots/clothing. Take an escalator and BAM - your skiing! I dont really think I need to do much writing on this topic, the pictures kind of speak for themselves. There is one special image included for a certain Mr. Rob Smith. Those who know him will know what I'm talking about! ;) I tried to capture as much ... read more
The French Alps
Indoor chairlift
More Irony

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Dubai September 19th 2007

Hello hello hello. Well 3 days in Dubai and what can I say. Hmm... there is a lot of construction going on out here. I mean A LOT. I knew there would be some, but it's seriously incredible. These guys build Canary Wharf for breakfast and then double it for lunch and build 10 golf courses on it for dinner. I've taken hundreds of pictures of half done buildings to try and capture this fact, but I can't do it justice and so I've only added a few. The Burj Dubai The tallest building in the world. No one knows the final height - its kept top secret because a rival prince is also building one further up Dubai - they're having a little competition to see who can build the tallest building! Its rumoured to ... read more
Yes, its pretty big
Burj vs. Citi
Mall of the Emirates

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