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Middle East » Turkey » Marmara » Istanbul April 23rd 2013

A short 3hr flight from Zurich and we were in Istanbul. Taking the visa on entry was easy. If you have a valid US or Schengen visa / resident card, Indians can get it on the spot by paying a $20 fee. When we arrived, the visa lines were mostly empty and it took us under 30 min to complete the process going from one window to other. We exchanged some currency there, not recommended due to high fee and bad rates. As we will find there are much better places to do this outside near Aksaray. From there we went to the metro station where we were suppose to meet our couchsurfing host. He got busy and was not there, so we bought a 32TL phone card of some unknown company, another mistake. We called ... read more
A busy square
Grand Bazar
Patara ruins

Middle East » Turkey » Marmara » Istanbul » Adalar April 22nd 2013

Español Català Children laughs flood the deck at the stern side of the ferry. Others, teenagers, are feeding gulls throwing bread crumbs to the air. Seagulls skilfully trap it. Devoid of enthusiasm a waiter walks the aisle between the seats, carrying a hot teapot and a huge tray of sugary donuts. Other passengers sink their glances into Adalar Hürriyet local news pages. In the cabin, an outspoken salesman, too well dressed for the place, screams to an audience too sceptical the wonderful properties of a multi screwdriver provided with a flashlight. He sells also a retractable walking stick that fits in any pocket. Surprisingly, after a few minutes of incessant chatter, many passengers have bought any device. Beyond the starboard rail and after crossing the Gol... read more

Middle East » Turkey April 18th 2013

I am a woman and plan to travel solo to Greece, Israel and Turkey in July/August for 5 weeks. Any advice and any tips are welcome. Thanks... read more

Middle East » Turkey » Marmara » Istanbul » Sultanahmet April 11th 2013

We flew into Istanbul from Konya on the 10th. The flight was short but fairly pleasant. The Konya Airport is small. To board the plane you have to walk out to it. I found that I love to do this (especially on a beautiful day!). I actually boarded the plane from the tail end instead of the regular entrance near the cockpit. I was in Group A which fills the back rows. I have never seen an Airport have passengers board from two entrances. It's smart because it cuts down on crowding in the cabin. Anyways, I was absolutely giddy about. You see I have this secret. I love planes. I love flying. I find it exhilarating. I actually wish I knew more about the mechanics involved. I feel kind of bad about this secret, because ... read more
Through the Window
As light as feather
Spring in Istanbul


Middle East » Turkey » Central Anatolia » Cappadocia » Göreme April 6th 2013

Hello Everyone! I am reviving my blog after my stint in India. I had pretty much given up. But lets try this again. Yesterday Mark Soileau left our group to return to Ankara. He is an American Professor married to a Kurdish woman and teaches at a university in Marden, which is on the border of Syria. He is an ordained Bektashi Alevi Baba (maybe I will explain this later) and he taught us about Haji Bektashi (a person, city, and faith) and about the Alevi. He returned to Ankara yesterday to do a ceremony with his disciple. Thus, Mark left and Wendy Wiseman came. Yesterday she gave a three hour lecture on ancient Christianity. It was AMAZING! I have learned a lot. Today she is taking us to different site visits. You know ancient 10th ... read more

Middle East » Turkey » Marmara » Istanbul March 29th 2013

Un saludo de Estambul, Istanbuldan selam.... read more

Middle East » Turkey » Marmara » Istanbul » Sultanahmet March 28th 2013

Hagia Sophia Hagia Sophia has several names and was used in several purposes during its long-long life. Its name grows from the Greek with the same pronunciation, in Turkish it is named Ayasofya, which are translated in English as "Holy Wisdom". Many people think that its name grows from the woman name Sophia - but it’s a mistake! It was a Greek Orthodox Basilica for a long time, later for several centuries it was a mosque, now for 75 years it is a museum. Hagia Sophia or Holy Wisdom is the mother church of all Eastern Christians of the Byzantine liturgical tradition both Orthodox and Greek Catholic. If Istanbul had only one attraction - Hagia Sophia even then it was worth visiting! I’d like Hagia Sophia has its own destination on VT because it’s the real ... read more
Hagia Sophia from outside
photo 015
Hagia Sophia from outside

Middle East » Turkey March 20th 2013

As the summer approaches, I'm beginning to busily put together plans for the family. Of course, it's plunged me into my photos of last summer's holiday. We spent 4 glorious weeks in Istanbul, with a nice stop on Mykonos on the way home. We chose Istanbul as we wanted our American-raised kids to be exposed to more Islamic culture than they find in the US. We stayed in an awesome apartment with a view of the water that we found on, which search all the vacation rental sites. We've stopped staying in hotels and have rented apartments on our holidays recently - it gives everyone more space, we meet more locals, and it's actually less expensive! We kept everyone happy by setting a limit of one tourist attractions per day, and spent the rest of ... read more
Apple Juice
Guitar Shop
Teh Kittehs of Istanbul

Middle East » Turkey » Aegean » Selçuk March 11th 2013

Rano som si polezal, vykonal posledne holenie mimo domova a vybral sa na ranajky. Jedlo bolo fajn, prakticky vsetko to iste ako inde akurat tu boli aj 2 jahody a miesto caju som si dal zaliat coldrex. Pri stole zoznamenie sa s turkom Mustafom, ktory sa zaobera skumanim roznych pozitivnych/negatovnych vln co sa vyskytuju na roznych miestach sveta. Pri Selcuku je akurat take miesto, vcera tu vraj bolo kopa blaznov co si myslia,ze pride vesmirna lod a zoberie ich do raja. No neprisla,fakt prekvapenie :) Jeho vzorom je slovak Nikola Tesla. Si to trochu poplietol so Srbskom ale sak slovan jak slovan. Fajn chlapik inak tento mustafa. Po ranajkach spraveni check out,batoh nechani v penzione a smer efes. Cakal ma konecne dalsi teply, slnecny den (cca 15 stupnov) Cestou som sa zastavil este v blizkom info ... read more

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