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Middle East » Turkey » Aegean June 22nd 2013

At 6 am, we reached the port of Kudasi, Turkey. Buses took us to the House of the Virgin Mary & to the Ruins of Ancient Ephesus. During New Testament times, this was the capital of the Roman province of Asia. Paul, John, Timothy, & Mary all lived & ministered here. In a small valley on Mt. Koressos lies a chapel where many believe that the Virgin Mary spent her last days It is a peaceful place surrounded by pine trees. Our guide told us about the miracle that happened here just a few years ago. The whole mountain was blazing as winds whipped out of control flames up the slopes. Everyone thought that the House of the Virgin Mary would be consumed, but just as the fire reached the perimeter - it stopped.. You can ... read more
Ephesus stage

Middle East » Turkey » Black Sea » Giresun June 21st 2013

I hope I won’t have to pay more than 80 Euros, or that I won’t be stuck in this expensive city for too long. I even imagined myself as Tom Hanks in that true story movie of a guy stuck at an airport for a couple of years. After all, technically, I could pull it off, having everything with me that I needed. I worry that this logistical nightmare will set the tone for my new life of living solely out of a backpack, now that I have left my truck, my trusty home for five years, behind. But one thing I like about large and busy airports like this, such as Heathrow, is the international feel of it. People from many corners of the planet, with their particular form of dress and mannerism, mixed up ... read more

Middle East » Turkey » Mediterranean » Antalya » Çıralı June 18th 2013

We are actually in Ucagiz Turkey on the Mediterranean coast and will be on our way to Antalya later today for our last two days in Turkey. We arrived in Turkey on June 9 in Istanbul and spent four days there mainly to pick up Keely but also to tour the city along with Liz's sister, Mary, and her family. While there we met several of Keely's international friends from countrys all over the world. We also got the tour of her school, Bahcesehir University (sorry, don't know how to add the accents). While there she also got her grades for the semester, which was 3.7 and 3.4 for the year. We are proud of her. Of course the biggest concern from our friends and relatives was for our safety due to the protesting going on ... read more

Middle East » Turkey » Marmara » Canakkale June 17th 2013

Getting out of Istanbul took several hours, partly because traffic was bad (which is saying a lot considering I’m from LA) and because Istanbul is huge. I can’t remember the name of the town where we boarded the ferry. We were only there for an hour or so while our bus driver negotiated the chaos of getting a bunch of buses, semi’s and car’s onto a little ferry. Gabriel had a fried fish sandwich from a vender on the street that let him try a piece first. The sandwich was only 5 Turkish Lira (about $2.75). He liked it so much he said he wished he could take it out of his stomach so that he could eat it again. I feel the same way about Turkish baklava. The ferry ride was beautiful. When we arrived ... read more
Our royal shot
A piece of the ceiling
Troia sign

Middle East » Turkey » Eastern Anatolia » Laleli June 15th 2013

We arrived into the city via the metro/light rail. Public transport is unbelievably easy here. The language however is not. It took a while to get our bearings on the city but once we did (relatively), we were so proud of ourselves. The city is slightly hilly going down towards the water, which is everywhere: The Bosphorous straight on one side and the Marmara Sea on the other. Our first day we took a boat along the Bosphorous between the European and Asian side, as directed to by many traveler friends. The warm breeze combined with the view of the city and all the bridges from the boat made it undeniable that we had arrived in Turkey. The Turkish flag flies everywhere and there are a lot of mosques, towers and minarets. The boat turned around ... read more
Wall of the Old City
Getting lost


Middle East » Turkey » Marmara » Istanbul » Beyoglu June 14th 2013

And so I cycled into Istanbul on Wednesday 12 June 2013, 3.5 months after leaving the UK, my first major milestone on this cycle trip and I have been resting ever since. The past few days have been both physically and mentally challenging with the temperature rising, the mountains getting steeper and the headwind fiercer. For me the mental challenge has however been the greater of the two, with my patience wearing a little thin on occasions. I'm hoping that the next few days away from the bicycle will reinvigorate my mental energy as I commence the next leg of my tour. During the past few weeks I have seen some amazing buildings, encountered plenty of wild animals, received some fantastic hospitality and encountered many hookers (the non rugby types). After leaving Bitola in Macedonia, I ... read more
Beautiful Macedonian countryside
Long empty roads
Gypsies using donkeys and horses

Middle East » Turkey » Marmara » Istanbul » Batiatashir June 12th 2013

It is raining this morning! Bummer. But it does give me a change to start out travel blog and get some photos posted. The plane over, while long, was uneventful. Once at the airport in Amsterdam, Liz could going say, "I can't believe we are finally here." So far, not much on the tourism side as we hleped Keely pack up and say goodbye to her friends. Liz and I met many of them and her flat mates fixed us dinner on our first day here. Of course the big news here are the protest against the government and staying less than 1/2 mile from the center of it all we have felt the affects of the tear gas blowing our way. That is the only direct affect on us and I am sure we are ... read more

Middle East » Turkey » Aegean » Fethiye June 7th 2013

Note: by double-clicking on any of the photos you will be transferred to the photo gallery which provides bigger images of the photos. Tuesday 4th June: time to leave idyllic Cirali and head for Fethiye, our last stop. We left the hotel at 11am and drove back to Kas 80miles/127 kms along the very scenic coast road, which for most of the way is along the base of the mountains and right alongside the sea. We stopped at the Sardunya/Andifli Hotel, where we had stayed previously, for a very pleasant lunch on the terrace overlooking the bay; and it was also good to be warmly welcomed by the very nice staff there. Then back to the car for the second leg of the journey, 67miles/107 kms to Fethiye. This was the same road that we travelled ... read more
Coast Highway
Rest stop
Kas to Fethiye

Middle East » Turkey » Mediterranean » Olympos June 5th 2013

Note: by double-clicking on any of the photos you will be transferred to the photo gallery which provides bigger images of the photos. Saturday 1st June: a leisurely breakfast in the sun looking up at the Tahtali Dag, a mountain that dominates the coastline here. It’s 2,318 meters/7,600 feet high and is just 10K/6 miles from Cirali. Later we headed off to Phaselis, an ancient port city just along the coast from Cirali that we had previously visited in 2008 and had good memories of it (Alexander the Great also rated Phaselis quite highly having wintered there in 334/333 BC; but he rated it more for its wine than it’s tranquility). Driving there only took 25 minutes and it hadn’t changed at all except that there were a lot more visitors this time, mostly ... read more
Cerali North
Cerali Central
Cerali South

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